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Brooklyn Hudson

Shah Fazli
Brooklyn Hudson, Welcome back to our live show, this was the night that everyone was waiting for, to repeat one more night of what we had experienced before, believe me it has been an extraordinary experience for me and for the rest our team, may I ask you how can you bring so much positivity even to the point of love to those who know you, most of us don't even understand it, what is it that you carry with yourself, personality, character, words, sympathy, success, or simply your books, tell us about it please?

Brooklyn Hudson Fun stuff! Thank you for having me back so soon!
To answer your question...Gratitude. I wake up every day and thank my lucky stars for each and every opportunity I've had and all of the many generous readers who have gone so far as to reach out to me.

Ann Bresnan I've read numerous interviews you've done. Tell me something about yourself that I don't already know.

Brooklyn Hudson Ann...don't you know it ALL by now? LOL Ummm...I really hate anything sweet! Does that count?

Fay Wray Have you ever written something you hated?

Ann Bresnan I'll accept that, I didn't know it!

Debby Pence How "emotionally attached" are you to your characters?

Brooklyn Hudson Usually, they're characters...I try not to obsess. WISHBONE...that's a different story. I am extremely emotionally attached to the character of Julien Grenier.

Brooklyn Hudson By the way...anyone who asks a question automatically receives a bookmark! We'll raffle the other prizes off later.

Fay Wray Have you ever written something you hated?

Faith Reaves Godwin Brooklyn I love that something so benign, like chicken, was turned into something I honestly think twice about eating. Are there other every day, "normal" things that spark you creatively? Make you think outside the norm?

Brooklyn Hudson Hmmm...Fay...well. No...not hated. However, I have gone back a decade later and thought...WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Fay Wray LOL I ask myself that daily!

David Surrett Stephen King has said many of his books arise out of "what if" questions that come to his mind. Was Wishbone the result of a 'what if'?

Brooklyn Hudson Faith...all the time! Everything. I can find inspiration in something as silly as chewing gum!

Brooklyn Hudson David...EXACTLY THAT! I'm a What If'er too. That question constantly runs through my mind. WHAT IF a wishbone actually worked???

Fay Wray What is your favorite wishbone quote?

Mary Chasin Have you ever written something so scary you creeped yourself out while writing it? (Of course, if yes, will you tell us about it?)

Lief Jensen III Like most in the know of what we call truth and Reality,-- When young , did you expearince a little insanity, Trauma, ect ect. and learned to live with it by CAPPING the insanity.

Faith Reaves Godwin That's one I'd like to read

Brooklyn Hudson Fay..."Parents are toxic to children and children are poison to the parents" or "Apple Box, Apple Cart...whatever the apples is in!"

Apple Ardent Scott Are you a pantser, plotter, basher... how would you describe your writing rituals?

Brooklyn Hudson Yes Mary...I don't scare easy, yet...deep in thought, writing one of the Jerome scenes when he appeared from the shadows in the barn...creeped me out so bad I had to shut all the doors and windows in my house. It was 4am and my yard was pitch dark and I had been writing with the French doors open. LOL

Faith Reaves Godwin I am especially drawn to Sara (forgive if it's got an h in there) where did you find her character inspiration?

Mary Chasin Oh my! Thanks for sharing that, Brooklyn! Now you can only imagine how your readers are affected

Brooklyn Hudson Lief...I think we've all experienced traumas in childhood. I lost my entire 7 people in 18 mos time. I was a child and had to grow up very fast.

Dea Lenihan Hi!! Can you describe what it feels like when you get into the flow of writing??

Fay Wray

Brooklyn Hudson Apple...I am very much a seat of the pants writer. A thought comes to mind or a character and suddenly I'm at the chapter three, the characters are merely dictating to me...I'm no longer in charge. They often do things I don't want them to do, but I go with the flow and let the story become much a surprise to me as I type as to the reader flipping pages.

Mary Chasin When you procrastinate (which I'm sure is hardly ever), what are you most likely to be avoiding?

Debby Pence What is one stereotype about horror authors that's absolutely wrong? What stereotype is dead on?

Ann Bresnan What is the one Twilight Zone episode you still think about?

Brooklyn Hudson Faith...Sarah...good question. I don't know! I'd love to have some deeply fantablous story behind Sarah, but she just appeared for me. Readers often ask if any of the characters are me...the answer is no...I never write myself into a novel, but if there is any character with a little bit of me in it, Sarah is it. Some say Julien (I have a few emotional walls of my own)...perhaps there's a little of me in Jules too.

Brooklyn Hudson Yell at me if I miss anyone!

Apple Ardent Scott Do you have any talismans, totems, good luck charms, or any other supersititions that get you in the groove to write?

Mary Chasin You've said before that Rachael drives you crazy. But I don't remember you ever saying why. What is it about her that you just don't like?

Lief Jensen III Like wise,.....Lost most, then all in a row --last the wife of 22 years,/// When I was real young in village -Alaska,,, a drunk man tried to..... Had o=to protect my little sister,,,(blacked out, but we are alive , and I pray for the drunk man) but then theres after school years,,,but that's my story.

Faith Reaves Godwin I've had to write a LOT for school lately and find myself blocked- til I'm not, and a huge fan of the "synonyms" function. What challenges do you face as you write?

Apple Ardent Scott I have to go - you all have some great questions! I'll check back in and catch up. Thank you Brooklyn - you're great

Brooklyn Hudson Good question Mary...honestly, I don't have a lot of tolerance for whining. Rachael can't get over anything. She just rubs me the wrong way. I do understand WHY she is so traumatized, but I just want Julien to have some damn peace! She's also very perky and I can't stand perky

David Surrett Do you prefer to write in silence, or with music in the background. If so, what kind?

Brooklyn Hudson Faith...I procrastinate a lot. I'm one of those anal people who need everything to be tidy and perfect before allowing the creativity to flow. Well, life is NEVER tidy, so sometimes I just have to buck up and get to work.

Mary Chasin Oh I SO relate to that, Brooklyn! By the way, I think you did miss an earlier question of mine--if you get a chance to breathe you'll see it about (about procrastinating).

Brooklyn Hudson Thanks Apple!

Mary Chasin Haha, Brooklyn! I think by answering Faith's question, you just answered mine

Debby Pence What is one stereotype about horror authors that's absolutely wrong? What stereotype is dead on?

Fay Wray Macedonia, did you expect such A large following there?

Brooklyn Hudson I missed that Mary, sorry! And it kind of goes with Faith's questions too. When I'm procrastinating, I think I am avoiding my "process". When I write it flows well, but I go into a very reclusive, distant phase until the book is complete. It's hard to explain, but it's very isolating and exhausting inside...I live in that world 24/7 until I type THE END. I feel what they feel, live what they live...emotionally, I am difficult to deal with so I avoid EVERYONE when I'm writing.

Brooklyn Hudson Hi Dea! Coincidentally, the answer above (to Mary's question) kind of gives you an idea of that process and what it feels like for me. It's kinda sucky to be honest. So I have to get my head straight before I go in there

Brooklyn Hudson Ooooh...Ann...The Twilight Zone...there are several. The one where the sun is getting closer and the world is about to end. The one with the pig faces in the hospital. The one with the monster on the plane wing. And of course...Into the corn field (I think that's the name of the one with the obnoxious kid that sends the family members away when they don't do what he wants).

Penelope Crowe Brooklyn--do you have a favorite author?? JK You prefer things tidy--but do you write better in a certain state of mind...for instance I know certain actors say they are better when depressed or angry. What is the best state of mind for you?

Brooklyn Hudson David...I create a soundtrack for every book and listen to ONLY those songs while I write. I have to have music playing to write.

Brooklyn Hudson Keep going guys...I'll answer everyone. Be patient with me

Fay Wray Trying to not bombard you

Debby Pence If you gave one of your characters the opportunity to speak for themselves, what would they say?

Mary Chasin I love the soundtrack idea! What are some of the songs on your Wishbone soundtrack?

Ann Bresnan Same sound track for WB II as WB?

David Surrett Do you picture your characters looking like specific people, whether celebrities or not, to better visualize them and see them as you write?

Brooklyn Hudson Debby...probably that horror authors are creepy people who had some horrendously horrific thing happen to them as a child. Some people just plain enjoy the thrill ride and adrenalin rush of horror. I'm not really a classic horror author...I personally believe I can be better categorized as a mind-bender or suspense thriller author. In the UK and Europe in general, they slip me into the thriller genre, here in the US, I seem to always turn up in horror. As for what stereotype fits? Hmmm...I would say youthfulness. Horror authors tend to cultivate their love of the genre in their youth and we tend to retain a youthful, playful side.

Lief Jensen III " You are very damb GOOD at your ART,,,people ALWAYs Need this.---------BEAUTIFUL"

Brooklyn Hudson Fay...I would have NEVER expected to be so popular in Macedonia! LOL The UK was a huge surprise for me too! WISHBONE has consistently jumped in and out of the #1 THRILLER spot in the UK too. Wake up USA!!! Y'all missin' out! LOL Nah, the US has been great too. WB was #1 here for a few month last year in Horror.

Brooklyn Hudson Penelope...Hmmm...I would say I write best when my mind is clear. Nothing major going on and in a decent mood. It's AFTER I enter the creative process that the mood changes.

Debby Pence So you don't think "horror" authors are any more twisted than the rest of us? I think readers of the genre, including mind-bending and suspense thriller, are in it for the rush, edge of your seat, thrill ride, too.

Brooklyn Hudson And answer the second part of your question...any music prior to 1993 can turn up in my soundtrack. Anything after 92 does nothing for me.

Brooklyn Hudson Debby...not at all! I have never met a horror author who seemed tweaky or twisted at all. I think that's a huge misconception.

Brooklyn Hudson least not a GOOD ONE!

Penelope Crowe Better than therapy...

Debby Pence I agree. But you have to admit, there's one hell of an imagination there.

Brooklyn Hudson Ann and Mary...WB I has different songs than WB II. And Mary, some of the songs are the ones mentioned in the book like AC/DC BACK IN BLACK, Poison TALK DIRTY TO ME, Bobby Darin BEYOND THE SEA, and the theme, Pilot's Oh, Oh, Oh it's Magic. A few others too.

Brooklyn Hudson Debby...Julien would probably say...I don't want to talk about it.

Mary Chasin Do you have a favorite non-horror/thriller/supernatural movie?

Brooklyn Hudson David...when the characters are born in my mind they usually have a look of their own. I'm sure parts of them come from celebs or people I've met. I never use celebrities unless I know them personally...if you do that, you can become too attached and unwilling to hand over your work to a director later.

Debby Pence What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Brooklyn Hudson Mary...if it has to be NON horror/thriller...emmm...Unfaithful or Fatal Attraction...I'm obsessed with Adrian Lyne as a director!

Brooklyn Hudson I guess those can be considered thrillers though, huh?

Mary Chasin That's ok; you can cheat a wee bit

Brooklyn Hudson Debby, have I missed anyone?

Mary Chasin Do you like comedy?

Debby Pence Let me look..brb

Ann Bresnan Debby's last question....

Mary Chasin You actually missed Debby's last question.

Debby Pence You're good

Brooklyn Hudson Debby...I sent out my first query when I was 11 y/o and was blessed to have the publishing agent take the time to respond to me personally. he said my story telling and creating was amazing for my age, but he said my PROSE needed work desperately. I never forgot that and while I took it as an amazing complement, I am now obsessive about my this day!

Brooklyn Hudson When you say DO COMEDY, you mean actual stand up, or have I written comedy?

Mary Chasin Do you LIKE comedy? LOL

Debby Pence Did you see this one from Apple? Apple Ardent Scott Do you have any talismans, totems, good luck charms, or any other supersititions that get you in the groove to write?

Brooklyn Hudson I wrote comedy for TV years ago and I tend to include some one liners here and there even in my thrillers, but I very particular about watching comedy. I like stuff like SNL or Adam Sandler films, but I don't watch sitcoms.

Debby Pence If you could leave your readers with one legacy, what would you want it to be?

Brooklyn Hudson Apple, I have a wishbone taped to my laptop (the corner of the monitor) and I have squirrel...he sits on my shoulder while I write (or attacks my hands and won't allow me to write )

Brooklyn Hudson Oh...I also create a vision board for each project and hand it, framed on my wall until the project is done.

Fay Wray That's a good idea

Brooklyn Hudson Here Maria!

Brooklyn Hudson gives me something to stare at when I need a little help "going there".

Fay Wray Ever consider writing childrens stories about Willow?

Brooklyn Hudson Debby...I just want readers to remember my books/films the way we remember JAWS or CUJO. That would be a great legacy. If I can create entertainment that sticks for generations I can go to my grave content.

Debby Pence I know I will.

Brooklyn Hudson Fay...I wrote an animated film about discarded pets...that is sort of a kids thing, but I'm not a children's writer. I've given Willow as a character over to Penelope Crowe.

Brooklyn Hudson Actually...not exactly true...Willow as a character for CHILDREN to Penelope Crowe...He's turning up in a book I have coming out shortly called GNAW - not for kids! LOL

Fay Wray hehe

Brooklyn Hudson Did I get everyone?

Mary Chasin Willow has a question. Where's my dinner??

Debby Pence I think you're caught up.

Nakia Anderson If it is not too late to ask, when a storyline comes to mind to you, do you sometimes create pieces of it (plot, structure, characters, etc.) as you are also creating pieces of another story?

Tricia Drammeh Wow, Brooklyn, you have so many fans here today. I think this is one of Shah's most popular interviews yet!

Brooklyn Hudson Willow finally scampered off to bed during this event...LOL

Debby Pence What novel, regardless of genre, do you wish you'd written?

Fay Wray Tricia, That's How Brooklyns fans roll!

Brooklyn Hudson all happens so fast. I don't think so. Perhaps the entire idea might come to me in a scene (sometimes just a character). If it comes to me in a scene then I know I'm working toward THAT SCENE, but I never map anything out or plot or plan. It works better (for me...everyone has their own process) just to type by the seat of my pants. If I try to plan or plot, it feels too structured for me and I become obsessive about reaching those milestones in the book and lose the flow and creative process.

Brooklyn Hudson Tricia...I always say...I have the most incredible, time generous, dedicated, PATIENT readers IN THE WORLD! I'm beyond blessed! There is a special PRIVATE WISHBONE group for those who have read the book. It's always active. A great group of peeps!

Tricia Drammeh Awesome!

Brooklyn Hudson Oh boy Debby...Misery, Cujo, Pet Sematary, JAWS, many...too many!

Nakia Anderson "to type by the seat of my pants." I like that. Thank you Brooklyn for your answer and for taking the time to speak with you fans!

Tricia Drammeh Who here wants to compete for the title of Number One Fan?

Fay Wray ME!!!

Ann Bresnan There are too many of us for that!

Debby Pence Tricia, we all do!

Brooklyn Hudson always, YOU ROCK! Thank you for taking the time to join in! xx

Penelope Crowe Uh oh!! Let the gaaaaames begin!

Faith Reaves Godwin Lol

Brooklyn Hudson Uh...number one fan...there are no Annie Wilkes here

Brooklyn Hudson Where's Lily, Faith?

Debby Pence No Misery?

Tricia Drammeh Does anyone have any more questions for Brooklyn?

Brooklyn Hudson Sadly, we're missing so many people who couldn't make it today.

Brooklyn Hudson Debby...I'm a terrible patient, believe me! LOL

Debby Pence I can only begin to imagine!

Brooklyn Hudson We'll be adding all of your names into the raffle for the bracelet and signed book. The new SCREEN ADAPTION EDITION of WISHBONE (part I) will be released next week. That is the book we're raffling today.

Mary Chasin Thanks for answering a million questions today, Brooklyn. It's always fun to pummel you with our curiosity. You really are an open book (groan)

Brooklyn Hudson Well, you all know where to find me on FB or in the WB group...anytime you have questions, I'm yours. Thank youShah, Tricia, Catherine, for having me again. Too fun! And thanks everyone for taking time from your Sunday evening to join us and ask questions. I am seriously so humbled by your support and interest. You all ROCK!!! xx

Debby Pence Thank you Brooklyn. YOU ROCK!!!!

Brooklyn Hudson If you only knew Mary...LOL

Fay Wray Thank You Brooklyn, for taking the time to answer our questions and spending time with us!!!

Robin Smetana Brooklyn, i raced home from work at least catch the tale end!!

Brooklyn Hudson Robin, I'm still here if you have any questions. No racing needed!!!

Penelope Crowe It was great! Thanks Brooklyn! Thanks Shah, Tricia and Catherine!

Penelope Crowe

Ann Bresnan

Tricia Drammeh Thank you, Brooklyn. It's always a blast talking to you.

Brooklyn Hudson Robin, by the way, is the incredible artist and designer of the WISHBONE bracelet being raffled off today.

Debby Pence And I can tell you, from personal experience, the bracelet is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Nakia Anderson

Ann Bresnan Would you like us to send you a SSAE for the bookmark?

Robin Smetana Thank-you so much Brooklyn!! Your WB is so fantastic!! I am so honored to make this bracelet.

Debby Pence Brooklyn?

Brooklyn Hudson No prob, Ann...this one's on me.

Ann Bresnan

Mary Chasin Thank you again, Brooklyn. I must take off; it's been great to be here!

Brooklyn Hudson Thank you, Robin...that bracelet gets so many complements! It really was such a surprise and honor for me...meaning...for you to even think to make it.

Brooklyn Hudson Thanks Mary! Enjoy your evening!

Apple Ardent Scott I'm really happy you did this - It's been fun getting to know you, and I'm looking forward to more of your work

Brooklyn Hudson Also...a little heads up! Debby Pence's blog...Debby will be doing an interview with Julien, coming up in the next few weeks. Be watching for that!

Brooklyn Hudson Thanks Apple! So glad you were able to come!

Ann Bresnan Night all... I have to get ready for "The Donald"!

Brooklyn Hudson I'll see ya there Ann!

Faith Reaves Godwin Lily was talking to her father...

Brooklyn Hudson Awwww...well say hi to her for me, Faith!

Faith Reaves Godwin I will! She was sorry to miss it!

Brooklyn Hudson We'll make sure she gets a bookmark.

Faith Reaves Godwin Thank you Brooklyn!! She says she will frame it!

November Rain Looks like I missed a good conversation. I am glad to hear that the structured approach stifles your creative flowBrooklyn, there are so many that are pushing me to finish (yeah I have several started) and each of them has a structured approach they would like for me to use. I feel that too much of it is almost akin to strangling the creativity. Characters speak to me, and I like to listen.

Brooklyn Hudson Just let it flow, November. No method works for all in writing.

November Rain I appreciate that, it helps me relax with it a bit.

November Rain Sorry I missed so much, I appreciate the heads upNakia. Back to the graphic sandbox I go!

Brooklyn Hudson Thanks for stopping by November Rain! Best of luck with your books!

November Rain Thank you Brooklyn To you too!

Shah Fazli Thanks Brooklyn Hudson and each one of our guests for making this a memorable event for everybody, hope to see you all again in our future shows.

Debby Pence Apple Ardent Scott, Leif Lief Jensen III, Nakia Anderson and Penelope Crowe, I still need addresses for you please. Thank you!!

Brooklyn Hudson Did you get November Rain?

Debby Pence Oops, no. Sorry November Rain, could you send me yours too, please.

Debby Pence You can send them to me here, on FB, or to: Thank you!

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