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Victoria Jane Chisholm

Shah Fazli
Victoria Jane Chisholm, Let me welcome you to this event, and also welcome the rest of our guests who kindly follow this live interview, can you please tell us about yourself as a person, and also as an author, what was your main problems in becoming a published author, did you worry like any other writer that you might not get published, you may want to tell us about the people who helped you along the way, please?— with Victoria Jane Chisholm and Olagunju Peter.

Victoria Jane Chisholm Thank you for having me Shah Fazli, Ok well not sure what to say about myself . I was born and raised in Aberdeen in Scotland - i just recently relocated to the countryside in Perthshire area. Apart from writing , my other passions in life are music, animals and studying new age healing topics.

Shah Fazli Thank you, can you tell us about your writing a little please, what made you become a writer?

Helen Simpson what type of music do you love

Victoria Jane Chisholm I think there was a great deal of luck in me becoming author and getting published , i use to post of my very very very rough work on a site called Webook and i got chatting to a women called known to many as Riley Steel we were amazing to find out welived in the same city and she liked the samples of a novel i had been working on and posting on webook. We stayed in touch , then i think it was 2 years later she started a publishing company and she asked me if i want to join and i jumped at the chance before that yea i was very worried that none of my works would ever see the light of day

Victoria Jane Chisholm Honestly i was a scribbler from a young age mainly with poetry etc and that was defo a talent i got from my nana

Helen Simpson do u have a preferred genre u like to write. am sorry i havent read any of your books yet i am new to the release party scene and i am looking to write my first novel

Victoria Jane Chisholm i never started on working on my 1st novel until i smashed up my leg very badly about 6-7 years ago now and that got me thinking about novels, novella etc

Victoria Jane Chisholm Hi Helen Cba Simpson - i love all music , but i have a weak spot for jazz , blues ,swing and indie music

Shah Fazli Tell us about one scene from your book, what happens, and who is there?

Keira Downie Hi Victoria. Can I ask whether we're going to see more from Alexia and Lance, and what we can expect if so?

Victoria Jane Chisholm Ok basically Magick Weaved on a a Samhain eve is a paranormal romance - the two main characters in the tale are Alexia and Lance . This teaser i picked to share with you all is from a scene - where at coven witchy meeting with her sister witchs - alexia is wait her turn in the circle about a very embarrassing question --- Alexia was dreading having to voice how long it had been for her when her turn came around. It was not like she hadn’t received plenty of offers or anything. She was just . . . well . . . fussy, for one thing. She was very picky about the men she wanted to take to bed and have her way with them or them with her. (Now that was a very big turn on, if you know what I mean. All S & M aside, mind you.)
Another thing that was important to her was the fact that she had to feel safe with the man in question before even allowing him to get near enough to touch her in an innocent way, never mind a sexual way. Most of the guys she met were on the hunt, looking for a bit of fun, or someone to warm their bed up for the night.
Alexia, being a well-seasoned hunter herself, didn’t mind playing that game with those guys. She loved the look on their faces when she got them so turned on without even touching them or anything more than the briefest of looks in their direction. A whispered compliment or two to feed their ego, and they were so sure they were onto a winner for the night. Then ohhhhhh, oops! Suddenly, she would get a phone call, see someone just across the room she had to speak too right away, and then slip right back into the darkness of the night, and head home alone with a smile on her face.

Rebecka Vigus Sounds interesting. Why Magick?

Victoria Jane Chisholm Yes Miss Keira Downie - there will indeed be more from Alexia and Lance - i'm working on the follow up along with 3 other projects right now for you all - the working title i have for the follow up in called The Turn of The Wheel - it be in keeping with the wiccan theme i have in the books so far x

Victoria Jane Chisholm ok Rebecka Vigus - why Magick ! well when i was asked to consider starting this project which became magick weaved - its was of a party that was being held on Halloween and it was to be aimed as a sizzler book- but i think it's too sweet to be a reallysizzler - so i see it as more a paranormal romance . So Halloween , called for witches and witches equal magick . Why to i spell Magick ending in a K and not a C - well wiccan's when talking about real spells and magick's spelt it with a K i wanted to keep that as a theme in my books

Shah Fazli What do you like the most about your book, and if that is what your readers happen to like as well?

Victoria Jane Chisholm I personally like that Alexia is not your easy going , easy sweep off her feet kinda of a women when it comes to men- she lives in the modern world and know all the games /tricks from dating , so she will play all the same games right back at the men. Yea as the book goes on - you get the sense it's more all for show cause you get the feeling she been hurt back in the past . I think maybe alot of women can relate to this feeling - but you would have to ask my fans want they like about the book not myself

Helen Simpson i have ideas i want to write for a novel how do you usually start begining middle end?

Rebecka Vigus Do you outline?

Victoria Jane Chisholm Hi Helen Cba Simpson - honestly no i don't work like that but i should do. I tend to get the idea , scribble down everything single detail that comes to my mind and run with it . I let the characters take over . For example i have a series i'm working on called the Pack - i have two chapters of the first one to finish up , i have book 2 sitting a 4 chapters - book 5 with a fab event chapter that will be around the middle of the plot , and the wild start of book 7 but that still along way off yet cause all there is to that one is a page lol

Rebecka Vigus I knew why the K not c in Magick. I have studied some wiccan.

Victoria Jane Chisholm hmm yes and no Rebecka Vigus - i know the plot I'm aiming for and then i break it out to the main events and all the minor details of the characters and then i tend to blend it together and then it really comes alive of me and I'm in that world with my characters - but that just what works for me .

Rebecka Vigus It's okay, I don't outline.

Shah Fazli Can you describe your book in a few words please?

Victoria Jane Chisholm Sexy, Sassy, Passionate ,unexpected love story

Shah Fazli Why do you call your book Sassy, can you give an example please?

Victoria Jane Chisholm Well for me Alexia is a sassy women , she got alot of sex appeal ,she knows it , she has fun with it but this women as attitude - for example this is a teaser where lance is talking when her and really annoys her and her temper flares up “You little witches have no idea what you’re playing with, do you? What did you all think? That you could use your old little spell for a quickie lust buster from the other side? One night, no strings attached just like you little mortals like it, never to been seen again?
“Well, if that was your own plan for me, little one, I’ll have to decline, because I intend for there to be a next time, and the next, and the next! While I can’t speak for the other boys visiting here tonight, and their long term plans for your friends, I will tell you this, little one, there will be no other lovers for you, my sweet bar me!”
The last line of his little speech snapped Alexia’s brain back into action as pure fury raced through her veins where, mere moments before, passion and lust had been in full control. If there was one thing in her life Alexia hated with a vengeance, it was people trying to tell her what to do.
She caught him unaware by throwing a sharp elbow to his ribs. In his shock, he loosened his hold on her. That was all she needed to jump to her feet, and move away from the bed. She spun around quickly to give him a mouthful. Instead, she felt her words die upon her lips as she drank him in. Oh, Goddess, how could she hurt such a creature!? If she had thought his voice was lush, it didn’t hold a candle to the rest of him.

Shah Fazli Thanks, this is my last question, I leave the conversation open for others if they have more questions, what is your advice to new writers please?

Jeannette Joyal I am gathering that Majick Weave is an introduction to a series?

Victoria Jane Chisholm If your passionate about your work , then grab hold of every opening that comes your week , set up a solid fan base ( social networking is a fab way to do that and help out bloggers and other indie authors where you can - cause they will remember and more often then not will help you out and work with you to get the best out of your projects . As an Aunt of my always said - it's nice to be nice.

Victoria Jane Chisholm Yes Jeannette Joyal it is just an intro - there will defo be one more book to the series - after that i will just go by what the readers for Alexia and Lance

Victoria Jane Chisholm OK ladies and gents - i'm here and all your's - so if you have anymore questions for me i'm happy to answer them as best as i can

Jeannette Joyal There is a lot of ancient Celtic history in your country that I find quite interesting. Did your inspiration come of magic come from this?

Victoria Jane Chisholm Shah Fazli ask a questions at the start of this interview that i want to go back cause - you may want to tell us about the people who helped you along the way, As i already stated i whole a lot to Riley Steel but there are others who i MUST mention that cames along later in the process of this epic part of my life and they are my boss lady SJ Davis The Amazing Rue Volley , Jacquie Talento andCarmilla Voiez to name but a few out of a very BIG publishing family i'm so lucky to have them all and gurading my back there no way i be here without them Sharing these amazing moments with you all

Victoria Jane Chisholm OK back to business

Victoria Jane Chisholm Jeannette Joyal - yes a little are i have a passion for history growing up , i loved learning about Celtic ways, Romans , Greek anything that touched on the Mystic side of life always got my mind questioning things and still does to this day. Really my inspiration for magick came about for this book cause for 15 years of my life i studied wicca and was wiccan for a long long time

Jeannette Joyal I think a lot of people are becoming attracted to books that have a mystical theme to them, I for love it!

Victoria Jane Chisholm For me too - to be very honest .

Victoria Jane Chisholm Any other questions , anyone?

Jeannette Joyal What have been other inspirations in your life that has helped with writing.

Victoria Jane Chisholm If not then i will take this moment - to say thank you to everyone that took part tonight and a huge Thank you to Shah Fazli for having me here tonight . Once i've answer all questions - i will post a few extra links on here for places you can follow me and my work if you so wish xxx

Helen Simpson yes please x

Helen Simpson will put details on my blog for other people to see as well x

Victoria Jane Chisholm Jeannette Joyal - i think for all areas of my life to be honest, from family, FRIENDS , music . even just simple everyday people watching while i'm sitting drink my coffee - they all give me ideas for things to add to my books and changes the way i view things for a charterer's pov

Jeannette Joyal I am looking forward to following your work and I feel honored to part of the street team that supports such a talented Author as yourself.

Victoria Jane Chisholm right back at you Jeannette Joyal - we have an amazing team behind us with our publisher CHBB

Jeannette Joyal Indeed!!

Jeannette Joyal I don't write myself but I do support the wonderful Authors by getting their books out there to the public by posting links review and what ever the need me to do. It really is a privallage that I very much enjoy

Victoria Jane Chisholm Ok everyone that all my linkage up and running for you all - i have to say i've had a great time to with you all and i really hope you enjoyed yourself as much as i have this evening I hope you see you all again soon

Jeannette Joyal thank you!! I enjoyed the conversation it was very interesting hearing about yourself and your writing!! I am looking forward to your future books!

Victoria Jane Chisholm Thank You Jeannette Joyal

Victoria Jane Chisholm Ok well ladies and gents that me calling it a night as it's well past my bedtime and i have a very cheeky doggy that will not allow me to sleep in too late in the morning lol so i best go for the evening . Until next time - it's been a blast thank you all for coming

Jeannette Joyal lol!! okay darling catch you around!

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