Thursday, 21 February 2013

Matthew Christopher Nelson

Shah Fazli
Matthew Christopher Nelson, Welcome. Let me thank you for being on our show tonight, tell us please how was your day today, and also I must say if I had seen your beautiful work and I hadn't met you, I would have asked myself how could he do it, thanks God you are here and you can answer this question, tell us a little please how do you start and finish this amazing work?

Matthew Christopher Nelson Thanks for having me Shah. All in all, I had a very decent day. I got to see some friendly faces and exchanged some ideas with them. Well, for my art, I visualize what I want in my head, then I usually make a few sketches, then from there I get right down to the piece. I usually have music playing.

Shah Fazli Yeah, art and music go well, now will you please tell us about your personal life, what do you do, and if what you do is anything related to your artwork, please, are you a full time artist?

Matthew Christopher Nelson Well, I wish I was a full-time artist. I think that is what drives my goal of the comic- to fully be established in the community as an artist/comic writer in hopes of finding my niche. I think that my art is unique and like no other, and I think that quality is what will help me establish my name. When I am not doing art or working on artwork for the comic, I also take consignments for people that need/want art done for book covers. For example, I was fortunate enough to do some art for the back cover of the charitable anthology "Angels Cried". When I am not doing that, I work in the customer service field.

Shah Fazli Thank you very much, tell us please how much people know about your art, have you had any exhibition for your artwork, do you have those sort of activities, do you have a collection of your work in a book or anything, or is it totally a new beginning for you?

Matthew Christopher Nelson Well, not as many people know about my art as I'd like, which I am hoping will change. I have exhibited my art a long time ago, though nothing recent. I don't have a collection in a book, but I am thinking about doing one.

Shah Fazli You have said about your ambitions and goals a little, but can you please tell us in details what do you want to achieve, what is your long term ambitions, what can we expect to see your art going to be in five or ten years from now?

Matthew Christopher Nelson Well, I am hoping to be fully in-swing, hitting my 100th issue of The Grove comic. I am also a writer and I have a few stories I am writing as well. My full goal is the get my art out there in national circulation and to work in comics, cinema and film, and cover art

Shah Fazli Thank you, I heard from Catherine Mahoney that you said something about Silvertoe a eternal dragon, can you tell me what is it about, what is it to do with your art please?

Matthew Christopher Nelson Silvertoe is a character for a children's book that I am working on when I have time. It is an art book telling a story by pictures alone, for children.

Shah Fazli Do you have anything else to say about your work?

Matthew Christopher Nelson WhattheFlux, the indie comic company that the comic will be published by, which is ran by a dear friend of mine, Larry Jarrell, told me to tell everyone that preorders of the comic go live March 1st The link for their FB page is

Matthew Christopher Nelson

What The Flux Comics
WTFC is a long time Dream come true for the Creator/Owners of the Comic Book Com...See More
Page: 532 like this

Matthew Christopher Nelson I think my artwork is unique. I think it is filled with emotion that everyone can appreciate and tap into on every level. I hope that people will give me a chance

Matthew Christopher Nelson I told him i'd plug for him He has other comics that he has, and I hope you all will check them out....Red Angel is a very good one

Shah Fazli Thank you very much, do you have any video of your work that can give us an insight into your work please?

Matthew Christopher Nelson

The Grove
Slide show of images from "The Grove"

Matthew Christopher Nelson That is the video of my artwork....check it out and let me know if you like it by emailing me at

Shah Fazli Thanks, how long does it take you to finish a drawing, or does it depend on different kind of your drawings, I know every piece of art is priceless, but if you were to sell, how much would each one cost please?

Matthew Christopher Nelson Well, if it just a character render, it maybe takes me 30 minutes to an hour. When I work on a scene, it takes me about a day or so of preplanning, laying it out in my head, then putting it to paper. Well, I am a very fast artist, and I am very cheap. Art should not be too expensive that people cannot afford it. Art should be in the hands of everyone. I would let pieces go for between 30-50 bucks. The comic is going to be between 2-3 dollars an issue

Shah Fazli Wonderful, as I said I am your fan and I would love to have one of your drawings on the wall of my house, let me ask you why most of your drawings are all dragons, and those kind of creatures, what is behind it please?

Matthew Christopher Nelson I am a child of the 70's. My 1st book that I read was JRR Tolkein's The Hobbit, then The Lord of the Rings. I am a lover of fantasy, that which treads the dreams and secrets of us all. I am also pagan, and I think my connection with the pagan traditions unite and bind me with spiritual things....things of dreams and dragon figurine collection is pretty decent

Shah Fazli Thank you very much, while our interest in having you on the show and with us is there, but unfortunately our time is over, so we will hope Catherine Mahoney will post a few more of your artwork here, and we say goodbye to you. It was very nice to meet you. Have a wonderful evening.

Matthew Christopher Nelson It was fun. Thanks for having me. I hope you all enjoyed my interview...

Catherine Mahoney

ghost, dragon, poet 1
Video of Artist and Author Matthew C. Nelson works

Catherine Mahoney thank you Matthew and Shah for taking time out of your busy schedules and on behalf all who attended thank you all who attended. Go to the preparty or soiree and see more of this amazing artist and his works.

Stephen L. Wilson I am a fan of Matthew's work, as well. I would like to know what hobbies you have other than art. Have you ever been in a band or played an instrument? Thanks, and good luck to you,Matthew Christopher Nelson!

Matthew Christopher Nelson Well, I love camping, I love hiking, mountain biking, a HUGE role-playing game freak....I played the violin for 13 years, and never in a band....and thanks Stephen L. Wilson

Catherine Mahoney Please like the pages Artist Matthew Christopher Nelson promotes and of course to Be in the Spotlight. Good night, and contact Matthew if interested in a custom made print or digital artwork.


  1. It’s a shame to have to do this, but this artist is not an artist – he’s a thief. His Facebook and Deviant art pages are filled with stolen photographs from other artists, which he modified using heavy Photoshop filters and has claimed to paint them himself.

    You can see side by side comparison photos of the stolen artwork here:

    Additional links:

  2. Yes, sadly this is true. We have been sending links of his theft to the artists all afternoon. This man is a fraud and a thief.

  3. It is really disgusting how this man can talk so shamelessly about "his" art. I bet it can take only 30min to add a photoshop filter to a picture when the original artista has been working already for 50 hours.

  4. We didn't know him before the interview, but what we realised was that he was not a pleasant person to be interviewed at all, but we had to do the interview. But now we know that he is a fraud.

  5. he's a thief artist who steals art from people and plays around on photoshop and calls it his own!! shame on !!!

  6. He's no artist. He'd have to actually create his own work to qualify for that title. Instead he steals images from others and manipulates them in a graphics program. He doesn't ask for their permission or give them credit. He's beyond despicable! #no talent hack #copyright infringement #low life #art thief

  7. What makes you think it is ok to steal people's art dude?? Really?? It is just so wrong of you. And all you are doing is taking images and putting a quick photoshop filter on it...I know this b/c I went to school for this shit. You have no talent at all .Shame on you!!!

  8. Yes I agree he does steel peoples pictures and puts a filter on them and says its his art.

  9. Images from "The Grove" are prior art and stolen.

    It's apparently a screenshot from the game Infamous.

    Art from in the comic:
    The original is a copyrighted digital painting by Tony Hayes.

    MCN has already profited off of the work of others. It's very depressing.

  10. Matthew Christoper Nelson is an art thief. All of the images he uses for his books are stolen photographs, manipulated by a photo image program. There are many disputes going as he has angered the Ball Joint Doll community. I am one of the victims. For more information, see:

    His Deviant Art page was disabled, his Facebook page has had many photos removed after complaints and his Kickstarter project for a book he intends to publish using the stolen art is now pending due to copyright issues.