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Autumn Mumford

Welcome everyone, and welcome to our amazing author, Autumn Mumford!

Autumn Mumford Thank you so much for your time this morning.

Spotlight Glad to have you. Tell us about your newly published novel, "My Four Fathers and Eleanor." How did you come up with the concept for this story?

Autumn Mumford My Four Fathers & Eleanor's concept came from a re-occurring dream I had about a man with Muliple Personality Disorder. I know people always talk about single mothers so much that single fathers are really left out. I put those two together and it grew on its own from there.

Spotlight What feedback are you getting from it so far? Did you have to do any research on personality disorders?

Autumn Mumford I did some research on it and a lot of it was from a paper I did in college about the illness. Feedback has been very positive. Thomas Walling is a strong character and although flawed finds his way into the hearts of readers. He is the flawed hero who does his best to be normal for his daughter and who doesn't face that everyday, through the stress of parenting?

Autumn Mumford We all want our children to see the best part of us and that is what it is really about, he just has it a little tougher.

Spotlight I think you might be one of the more prolific writers I've talked to. How many completed novels do you have finished?

Autumn Mumford I have five complete, two are in print and a third is coming out spring/summer 2013 from Bedroom Books an imprint of John Hunt Publishing.

Autumn Mumford The others are looking for homes at the present time.

Spotlight And how many WIPs do you have going at any one time?

Autumn Mumford I'm currently between 14 active WIPs. Several are close to the end.

Spotlight Wow. How do you keep it all straight? I can't even read more than one book at a time because I get all the characters confused.

Autumn Mumford Lists, lots of lists. The stories are all so different I don't have a hard time keeping up with them all. I am currently writing a horror novel, an 19 century thriller set in the deep south, a series of seven paranormal/police procedurals, a YA fantasy, a YA sci-fi, another romantic comedy, and a Women's fiction novel.

Autumn Mumford I almost forgot the political thriller also two thirds finished.

Spotlight So this is why you had to become a full-time author. You had too many ideas.

Autumn Mumford I would say that is part of it. I am addicted to the art of it. Creating lives and driving them for a little while and then sharing them. There is nothing like it. I have always written and I think I will be buried with my computer just in case I can eek out something else. You never know.

Spotlight Can you give us a snippet of one of your books, so we can all get an idea of your writing style?

Autumn Mumford Sure.

Autumn Mumford From Noble Cross (2013) Sitting silently he looked at the white man, stoically. “Your God has not answered you?”
Noble’s teeth chattered from the cold running through his body. “No, but soon enough, death will take me and every question I have ever wanted answered will be so.”
“You put great faith in a man you cannot see, Noble Lincoln.”
Searching the eyes of his maker, Noble asked, “Do your people not have a God?”
“We have Ngewo. Instead of kneeling to a statue or reading from a book, we ask our ancestors and Nga-fa to help us to speak to him. But I do not think he listens. When I find my infant son in the fire I ask my ancestors why. No answer. When Diallo die to the men with the spears that throw fire, I demand to know why. Still no answer. When Siti tell me to run away, I think in my heart Ngewo must speak through her to me. But then she is also gone from me. After the Asasabonsam put the spirit of the winged beast in my soul, I know Ngewo not there anymore, only Siti. She is my God. She is the only one to tell me why I must live.” He pointed to his temple. “I know in here she is gone to the earth with my sons.” He placed his hand on Noble’s chest. “But I know in here, if I give up looking for her, I will have no God at all.”
Noble looked into the Sassa’s black eyes. “You put your faith in someone you believe already dead.”
Sassa shrugged. “But I also put my faith in a man who wants to die but still tries to find Siti for me.”
Noble tried to smile but it faltered. “Then by definition I’m still a holy man, for I am helping a man find his God.”

Spotlight Can you provide a link to your author page on Amazon for us also?

Autumn Mumford Here you go.

Autumn Rosen
Visit's Autumn Rosen Page and shop for all Autumn Rosen books and oth...See More

Spotlight Anything else you'd like to add/comment on?

Autumn Mumford I also have my website to keep readers up to date on my current works.

Autumn Rosen
Fan Site for author Autumn Rosen and Reviewer for My Novel Opinion.

Autumn Mumford For those still on the journey to getting published I just want to say don't give up and for those who are already doing so on their own kudos. It takes a lot to put yourselves out there. Love writing, love the process and anything you produce will find a reader and a home. My Four Fathers & Eleanor was years of work and it finally happened for me and I can't be happier to see it out for the world to read and enjoy. Thank you Shannon and Spotlight you have made my morning enjoyable. You are fabulous!

Spotlight I think that wraps things up. Looking forward to reading work from you for many years to come. Thanks for being here today, Autumn. And thanks for being here, loyal Spotlight fans!

Autumn Mumford Thank you all for reading!

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