Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Interpreter: Author Interview With Susan Goodsell

Shah Sight
Susan Goodsell, Thanks for your interest in our interview, do you want to say something to our members, before I ask you a few questions?

Susan Goodsell Thank you for accepting me in your group, it is good to meet everybody.

Shah Sight Thanks Susan, we are also very pleased to have you with us as a member. Susan, are you a writer, do you have any book published, tell us how this literary group interests you?

Susan Goodsell I am a new author. I am co-author with Peter Hindley of 'The Perfect Crime: A Story Of Truth Or Fantasy'. This is our first book and is true crime. I am interested in meeting other authors - we are both on a huge learning curve.

Shah Sight Thanks, so you are in the right place, we are all authors, and we love to know about the rest of our members. Susan, how was the experience of writing the book with another writer, for both of you, was it difficult in certain ways?

Susan Goodsell We work well together and I think, complimented eachother's style. We live in different countries and worked using the telephone and electronically, it worked well for us, except that is, for the neck ache caused from balancing the phone on one's shoulder while typing with two hands! Didn't walk upright for a while! lol I can honestly say it has been an enjoyable experience working with my uncle, Peter.

Shah Sight We know a little bit about the story as Peter was kind enough to give a few minutes of his time and talk to us. Do you want to put a bit more light into the real story, as you said it is a true crime, what actually happened in the story?

Susan Goodsell When faced with an unsuspected death of a close family member and every formality that should have been followed after such a death is ignored, one has to wonder if there is an alternative play of events, these and others are presented in an unique format whereby the reader takes on the role of detective, judge and jury.

Susan Goodsell With hindsight we can all make a difference.

Shah Sight Yes, of course, so tell us what made you both write this story, although you said it in a way in your answer, above, you may want to tell us a little more?

Susan Goodsell Thankfully we had recorded all events, times, places, letters etc as they happened over many years and they were to prove to be invaluable in producing this true account which takes many twists along the way. I think I can say that there will be some element of this story that the reader will be able to relate to, if not in their own lives, in somebody elses close to them.

Shah Sight We are truly enjoying this interview, it is as if we are actually reading the book itself. What are people saying about this book, Susan, are you satisfied with the feedback you are getting?

Susan Goodsell We have had very positive comments and it certainly seems to generate a mix of shock, surprise, and a topic of conversation. I have been quite fascinated by the reaction to the look and feel of the book when it is placed in somebodies hands. Although I say it myself, I really am quite proud of the finished product.

Shah Sight Susan, the way you both managed to do this job is quite impressive, let alone getting it published. What is your next project, although this book has come out recently, you are not going to work with your uncle again , are you?

Susan Goodsell We have at least one more book to write, a sequel to The Perfect Crime..., which has been started and hopefully will be ready in about a year. Having said that, I really hope to gain the time to be able to explore other ideas I have flying around in this head of mine.

Shah Sight Thank you so much, we wish this interview to reach as many people as possible, will you please provide us with one or two links where people can buy this book?

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Shah Sight It was lovely to have you on our show, Susan, you are welcome to say anything that you think we should know, be it about yourself, your book, your job, where you live, anything you may want us to know?

Susan Goodsell Thank you very much, this is the first live interview I have done and I have really enjoyed it. I am a teacher in an all boys secondary school and will have to have my wits about me tomorrow so I will thank you for your time spent talking to me and wish you best wishes and goodnight.

Shah Sight Thank you, hope to see you again soon, it was a pleasure for us. Goodnight


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