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The Interpreter: Author Interview: Frank A. Ruffolo

Shah Sight
Frank A. Ruffolo, Welcome on our live show and thank you so much for being our guest today. Can you please introduce yourself to our members before we start asking questions about your books?Like · ·

Frank A. Ruffolo Good Morning and Good Evening. I am Frank A. Ruffolo an Indie Author. I have been writing for five years now have one book released and three more in the works. Thank you for having me here.

Shah Sight Frank, thank you so much, tell us something about Gabriel's Chalice, what is this book about, when did you publish it, and you may also want to tell us in what genre this book is?

Frank A. Ruffolo Gabriel's Chalice was released in October of 2011. Its a faith based science fiction born from the New Testament Luke 21:11. It takes place in the year 2028. Plagues, pestilence and vast global disasters suddenly erupt. As spewing volcanoes cover the earth with a dense cloud of ash, God sends the Archangel Gabriel with a message for mankind.

Shah Sight Yes, I should have guessed from the title, but thanks for that, what happens in the story, tell us a bit more please, without giving away a lot of your story, we are certainly interested to know about your characters, male, female, and their individual roles I mean who is there apart from Gabriel, as your your characters?

Sky Citizen Barak Shah, I am reading your book it is just Unique man, thanks for this gift to humanity

Frank A. Ruffolo It foretells the tribulation the World will go through before the second coming. Two main characters Dr. Raphael Matteo a geologist and volcanologist working for NASA( National Aeronautical Space Agency), and Dr. Stanley Simons of the CDC( center of disease control). Dr. Matteo on a mission to the moon base Challenger during a moonquake is drawn to a light in a cave created in the Appenine mountain range on the Moon where Archangel Gabriel has set up an altar, gives his message and leaves a chalice for mankind. We then follow Dr. Matteo deliver the chalice to the Vatican and then monitor the world wide outbreak of volcanoes. Dr. Simon is tasked with investigating the plagues that have erupted through out the world. The conflict between their jobs and their lives are foretold. As Luke 21:11 describes. This is the statement that Jesus gave to his apostles of how they will discern his second coming. There will be plagues and famine in various places with terrors in the sky and great signs.

Shah Sight Thanks, now please read a few lines of your book to our audience, we would certainly love to enjoy reading those few lines from your book?

Frank A. Ruffolo Most of Europe, except for a section of central Italy, is now under perpetual dusk as a result of the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano. As September wanes, temperatures begin to drop 10 to 15 degrees below normal. Each day becomes a little darker. Each day becomes a little cooler. Identical conditions are developing over Japan, Indonesia, parts of southeast Asia and Australia, as well as southern Italy and the Mediterranean. Antarctica is also being covered by the cloud, which is spreading northward toward Australia and the southern tip of South America. The new eruption in western Russia is sending another ash cloud west and south over mainland China.
The ash in the atmosphere is also affecting air traffic. As it gets into jet engines it acts like sandpaper and makes all aircraft un-airworthy. Air traffic is now shutting down across the globe.
The planet is slowly cooling down. Early snows have been reported in northern Europe, and winter temperatures are reported in London and Paris. However, the United States, as well as most of the Southern Hemisphere, has so far been unaffected. This will soon change.

Shah Sight It's fascinating, thank you so much, Frank, what is the main message behind this book, what do you expect your readers to get out of reading your book, is it something religious or what, tell us something please, or is it just like any other fantasy book that you want people to enjoy reading it?

Frank A. Ruffolo I tried to establish how God will manifest his power in showing us what will happen before his Son returns as foretold. Since no one knows how this will happen or when, this is my interpretation to tell all who believe, that the World will not end but go through a rebirth. That is the most I want to reveal without telling the ending. Yes it is also fantasy science fiction mixed with faith based reality. I try to take current events and seed them through the storyline.

Shah Sight Thanks, Frank, how do people take on such stories in America, I mean how has it been for you in terms of peoples' reactions from around the world, what do people say about your book, you may want to tell us something, please?

Frank A. Ruffolo Very good response...all 4 and five star reviews here is oney
Chris LoParco Author - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Gabriel's Chalice (Kindle Edition)
In a world full of books that are published just to make a quick buck, it is refreshing to see one that actually has an important message - Faith in God. Gabriel's Chalice is a gripping and very real approach to our world and the direction we are heading in with a healthy dose of the fantastic thrown in for good measure. The characters are easy to relate to and identify with, and the injection of everyday life keeps the story grounded. This is definitely a page turner and I just could not put it down. Whether you are a believer or not, this is a must read. Honestly, if you're not, by the end you just might be (a believer that is!) Frank A. Ruffolo, thanks so much for sharing this amazing story with us all. Looking forward to what you are cooking up next!

Shah Sight Thank you Frank, I have the link of your book for Amazon, which I will post later, tell us please where else can we buy your book, is it also available on Smashwords and other such sites?

Frank A. Ruffolo available at Barnes and Noble both print and e book and various other sites like Powell books. There are some book sites in India as well amazon international sites France,Italy Uk etc. Even locally in the US at Sears on line of all places. my links to Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


Shah Sight Thanks, Frank there is only a couple more questions left for this interview, tell us please a little bit in details about your next projects, and also tell us what books do you love to read yourself, and if you are intending to write in any other genre in the future?

Frank A. Ruffolo I have other genres in the works. The first to come out will be a trilogy titled The Trihedral of Chaos. It will be released as three separate e book novellas then all three combined in print. The books in the series are titled "The Trihedral of Chaos-Crescent Star, then- Falcon's Canticle, finally Yellowcake. It follows Steve Ciccone an ex sniper for the Vietnam war as he is thrust into three separate terror attacks on the United States and how, and if his team can stop them while he balances his love of family for love of country. This would be an action love story, a trilogy of love and hate. The other works are murder mysteries. The main Character is Jack Stenhouse a Detective with the Fort Lauderdale police. The first book is titled The Shadow of Death and a sequel to that I am currently writing is called 'The Saturnalian Affect. Jack must first determine how a young women buried on Fort Lauderdale beach was killed my the bite of a Black Mamba which is only found in Africa. This leads him to a pornography exporting ring in Fort Lauderdale. The sequel takes place in New York City where he moves with his "Stripper"girlfriend and is tasked with stopping a serial killer. Quite different the Gabreil's Chalice. Still in my head as I try to distiguish all of the voices is a prequell to "Gabriel's Chalice" involving Dr. Matteo and the halting of the flow of the Gulfstream in the Atlantic Ocean.

Shah Sight Thank you so much, if we asked you to give us a message for the end of this interview, what would that be, please feel free to tell us anything that you want us to know from you?

Frank A. Ruffolo I would first like to thank you for this opportunity and exposure of my works and myself. My message would be this: Would I like to be a financial success...sure. But I would rather be a literary success and have people across the world escape their reality and enter mine and enjoy their adventure.My you all never want for what you need and need for what you want. Thank you again. Note: currently reading "Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert A. Heinlein

Shah Sight Thanks Frank, it was a pleasure to have you with us today, hope to have you on our show once again soon. If you want to buy Frank's book please visit:

ShahSight Literary Book Shop: Gabriel's Chalice Frank Ruffoloshah

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