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Talun Thomas

Shah Fazli
10 hrs

Talun Thomas, Welcome to Spotlight live day event, and thanks for being our guest today, how would you like to start the day, what would you like to say to those who have attended and those who would follow this throughout the day? — with Talun Thomas.

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Talun Thomas Good morning it is 3 am here in the states. Welcome to the day of enlightenment. I would like to start by asking all that wish to grasp the meaning of my new book, The Definitive Gray to see how most everything in life is in two's or how nearly everything has its counter part. Examples are,up and down, in and out right and wrong ect... ect.
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Talun Thomas During the day feel free to ask any question no matter how random any question you have may seem.

Ryan Jerzey Maroldi

Do you have any book signings planned?

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Talun Thomas The new book is in the final editing process.It is also being considered by three different producers and different publishing companies. What they have in mind for signings varies.

Shah Fazli
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Thanks, tell us a little about the Definitive Gray please, what is this book about, what do we read in this book and what do we take with us after reading it? — with Talun Thomas.

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Talun Thomas This new book is filled with what was left out of the bible. It is the actual words of God and His Angels. It is the only book ever written that is more of what was meant to be read. The Romans had other plans and that is why the bible today is so flawed and misguiding.
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Talun Thomas In reading any book we have to determine is this pure entertainment, are we learning something, are we going to be frightened, sad, happy, angry? And so it goes with many questions. The book Definitive Gray has all those emotions but different from all books it holds answers to questions that will not just change our life but those who will listen to you after you read it and are compelled to talk to others about what you have read.
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Talun Thomas It is a roller-coaster of a ride through time. It will take you into heaven and let you be privy to conversations between God and His angels. It will let you know what His thought process was in creating the earth. It will let you know why mankind was created and what is in our near future. It will change the very understanding of religion and who is truly behind it.
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Talun Thomas The God of our bedtime stories and what so many have learned about from church and the temples is not the God that actually exists. The so called fallen angels are not really who God has painted them to be. The book is historically correct and gives examples how angels and the so called Demons affect the governments of this world and try to manipulate much to their advantage. There is so much more than just good and evil. There is the Definitive Gray and I bring that to you in over 400 pages of heaven on earth in the form of a book. God speaks in the bible but it is rarely understood when He say's; "I will blind them and keep them from seeing the truth."
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Talun Thomas What is the truth is the question? How would one person know more than another? The answer is hard for some to swallow. We have less trouble believing that Christ, the disciples, Moses, Noah and prophets in general from the past existed than we do accepting that we could have a prophets among us today. Now we must know why it was so hard for those people living in those times to follow or believe at all that some of these men were influenced by God.
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Talun Thomas Is it not fair to say that if God is the author of any book that it may show a biased view ?
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Talun Thomas The answer is of course it would. So one would have to except what is said based on what? The answer so many will disagree with is fear. The Christians will have you believe that is is love not fear. But is that true? No, and here is why. From the beginning of the perfect mans existence God has punished. Well you might say, that is because mankind deserved it. Did we? Did mankind deserve a flood that wiped out almost all living things so early on ? Again I say no and here is why: God is in control of all things we are taught. Fair enough. The heavens I would think He is mainly in control right? Wrong again. The angels it is said in the bible left their home to come to ours. If you were a father and did not have control of your children you would be considered a bad Dad. Yet not only did these angels leave heaven they had sexual relations with women. That's a real bad Dad. Then those woman had children they were called the Nephilim.
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Talun Thomas Some of the Nephilim were giants standing over ten feet tall. Some were highly intelligent; all were gifted in one form or another. Most were insubordinate and listened to no one. They lived to impose their will upon all that bent a knee before them. They created new laws and killed anything that stood in their way. Even purebred Angels were fearful to cross their path, because even though Angels can live forever, they can also die.
In the days of Noah, unprecedented significant challenges befell human society. This called for The Alpha/Omega’s immediate attention if man was to survive. The sixteenth Ji Legion, led by the mighty Jebix and Judarius, was in a never-ending state of war trying to maintain any form of Equipoise but was overwhelmed; blood ran deep. There seemed to be no end to this madness.
A group of thirteen gifted daughters were born of a Nephilim/ Femora Hybrid and angelic sexual relations.
Angel and human relations produced only males until a mutated woman named Barnoniea was born. She was the granddaughter of Ben JA Min’s son Cain and his wife Enina from their daughter Trilimay.

Cain felt that a female offspring was undesirable, so he discarded Trilimay into the care of Lilith, the former leader of the Femora. Trilimay was Lilith’s replacement, making her the 333rd. She raised Trilimay as her own and when Trilimay was sixteen, she fell in love with an angelic Brendginot named Qi-Sodom, who served in the legion of Qi-Balyk.

Qi-Sodom was a lover of Belial but found himself to be fascinated by the human female’s ability to procreate. He desired to have a male child so that it would grow under his and Belial’s influence to become a mighty warrior.

Qi-Sodom lay with Trilimay and in a short period of time, she became pregnant and gave birth to a female child, as her mother had done before her.

When Qi-Sodom saw that his only offspring was not only female but an anomaly, he shunned her and refused to have any interactions with her. Lilith, upon hearing of Qi-Sodom’s actions, recalled how she was displaced by The Alpha/Omega for being Femora. She went into a rage and impaled Qi-Sodom with a collector spear.
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Talun Thomas My point being, God lost control. God should never lose control. What could be the reason that He did? The answer is found in my book that is inspired.

Shah Fazli
It is certainly interesting and obviously an important book, what do you think who would be your reader, and what do you think any normal man would feel or think after reading your book, you said it is not published yet? — with Talun Thomas.

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Ryan Jerzey Maroldi Open minded people are more his readers, that's my guess. When I met Talun I was completely open minded.
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Talun Thomas You must ask yourself who reads the bible? Who reads the Quran? Are these normal people? The term normal has no reference point. Normal to whom, normal compared to what? How did mankind feel about man being able to fly? How did the so called normal people back in the days of the crusades feel about the average person reading the bible? They burned them at the stake. How did the normal Jews feel about Jesus. They nailed Him to a cross. The world was considered flat at one time. New information frightens people. People feel they are going to heaven when they die. This is a comfort to them. Now tell them this is not true. They are first going to do everything in their power to disprove you, then if wise they will look to find any ways to discredit you. If the words however, show credibility they will listen and seek more information.

Shah Fazli
12 April at 20:05

Thanks, are you concerned about how would your views be taken by others, a lot of people think religion is a big problem in societies, what do you think, and what people say about what you a have written so far? — with Talun Thomas.

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Talun Thomas I am not concerned in a way that would make me shy back from the truth being spoken. In the bible it say's that before the end of days can come all religion must fall. I could not ask that to come fast enough. Religion is the ruination of all mankind. More wars have been fought in the name of God than all other wars combined. Religion are completely influenced by unscrupulous spirits. The problem many times is that people cannot grasp that there are over 63 billion spirit creatures. When someone young or old comes into contact with a spirit that almost always jump and say, 'I was met by Jesus.' Yet they forget that Jesus and God are now one. That being said the bible directly states no man can see God and live. What people think of as Jesus are spirits that have the ability to mimic almost anything in heaven and on earth. They will mold people and get them to follow them because that is how they move up in ranking and power, by the number of followers they have. So when so many sit in church or in temple they are in fact worshiping not God but an angel with ulterior motives. I never base anything I say or do on how others may criticize me. If I did then it would not be the truth I speak.

Shah Fazli
12 April at 20:24

Thank you, can you post only a few lines from your new book please, we want to get a feeling of what you have written as a whole, and what is new there in your book? — with Talun Thomas.

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Talun Thomas Sure, this is the story of the wives of Adam. It speaks about what happened before Adam met woman who became Eve. This is what Constantius Chlorus of AD 293 left on the floor from editing the bible.
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Talun Thomas Chapter 20
The Wives of Adam

The earth was strangely magnificent. Lilith felt she had not been completely trusted and questioned the location in which she was placed. She soon became aware of the dangers that lurked all around this island called Eden. She noticed a possible threat from a sub-human race that was large and strong yet seemed to have questionable intelligence. It seemed as if they constantly hunted the great beasts of the field outside her confines. She also became aware that a Cultra host to human likeness will perish in water. The creatures and sub-humans feared the water as well. Lilith began to give credence to her insecurities. The confines of earth were difficult to accept. She felt clumsy and slow compared to her extremely fast movements while in heaven.

While walking within the garden she was met by Ben JA Min. She cried out in anger, “You demented betrayer! You sicken me. Why are you here?”

“Temper, temper, Lilith. I can see why Anariun favors you.” With a death-dealing tone, he spoke with intent. “You have his same bad attitude and uncontrollable anger.”

“Oh, snide Prince, it is not by coincidence that all associate you with your brother Belial. He is a deceiving conspirator. You are as cowardly as he. Males are weak and you are not worthy to be in my presence. Now leave me alone before I tell The Alpha/Omega of your insolence.”

“Foolish Femora, it is He who has put me in charge of the garden. It is He and I who will judge your worthiness. I have made my decision already and you are not worthy!”

“Where is Anariun? Why is he not here? He is the only honorable one amongst you twelve misplaced siblings, the only Presidium who voted to keep us among you within your precious heaven.”

“Yes, that would have been nice for you to have your valiant, hotheaded Anariun. Unfortunately for you, The Alpha/Omega did not choose him to be your protector.”

“Ben JA Min,” a voice cried out. It was Yezu, the firstborn brother.

“Yes, brother, welcome, how can I help you? Are you here to spy upon me?”

“Ben JA Min, I am here to introduce Lilith to Adam, her mate, and to judge their interactions. The Alpha/Omega has asked me to watch over the island, even though He has asked you to watch over Eden as well. You are needed to watch over the beasts of the fields so that they cause no harm to Adam or Lilith. Use your force of will over them to keep them calm and content.”

Ben JA Min became extremely annoyed and insulted by his older brother, who held the most prominent position of the Presidium.

Ben JA Min took this time to test his new ability of polymorphism by taking on different forms of all of the beasts in the garden. He came upon a creature that walked upright like a man and was watching everything that Ben JA Min did.

Ben JA Min approached the creature which stood ten feet tall, muscular and thin. Its eyes changed colors like a kaleidoscope with every movement of its head. Its skin shone as if it was wet, but it was dry to the touch. Its feet were that of a lizard, with short, stubbed legs that made its movements from side to side propel it very quickly. Its ears looked like those of a large bat standing straight and tall, adding to its already ominous height. Its teeth were few and gapped, pointed, long, and sharp. Wherever it would go, a thick odor of myrrh preceded and followed it throughout the garden.

Ben JA Min was amazed when the creature spoke in the sibilant voice of a man. The creature was watching Ben JA Min as Ben JA Min studied it. This creature was more cautious than any creature he had encountered thus far.

“What is it that your heart desires, Ben JA Min?” it asked.

“How is it, creature, that you know my name, yet I do not know yours?”

“I am who you say I am, for it is you who must name me.”

“You are truly a deceiver, for you twist the words of my Father. How is it that you know my name yet have forgotten that The Alpha/Omega has chosen Adam alone to name the beasts of the field?”

“I know who you are because The Alpha/Omega has told me that I am to be in subjection to the mighty Ben JA Min. You are the beautiful one.”

Ben JA Min, feeling he was taking part in a ruse, said, “I am who you claim and you are a wondrous creature. The Alpha/Omega has done well in creating you. However, I do not think He intended for you to speak.”

Ben JA Min abruptly thrust the Staff of Elibrum into the chest of the creature and found the Cultra of his youngest brother Belial, so he wrenched him out. “What have I to do with you this day, brother, that you have felt it necessary to make me a pawn in your knavery?”

“My dear handsome brother, I have come to tell you that Lilith will fail her test. I am going to put enmity between her and Adam. I will whisper it into her ear with a hiss and it will lodge within her mind; it will settle within her heart that she despises him. She already feels she is above us all in wisdom and strength. Should I not see to it that she embraces those feelings she tries so desperately to suppress?”

“Belial, you are truly a twisted and evil prince, but you accomplish much with your chicanery. I will make you responsible for the name of this beast you possessed. ‘Serpent’ is what I shall tell Adam to name this baronial creature.
After you it shall be named, my brother. Now leave me, for I have grown weary of your antics. Go and return to the Heavens, or I shall tell The Alpha/Omega of all your deception.”

Ben JA Min became infatuated with the serpent. Like his brother, he began mimicking its every movement and characteristics.

Yezu took Lilith to meet her husband, Adam. Lilith knew that the fates of her three hundred and thirty-two Femora spirit sisters were at stake. She acted as she never had before and tried to be what Adam would find appealing. Adam would ask her to explore the island with him and she did just so. Adam asked Lilith to prepare food that a fleshly body needs for sustenance and she did just so.

Ryan Jerzey Maroldi
12 April at 21:01 · Boardman, OH, United States

Were there any parts of the book that affect you emotionally?

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Talun Thomas Everything held within both books moves me emotionally. I care about people deeply and when I see so many cling on to hopes that are based mostly on their will power and then give credit to a God that did not stop a war, stop a sickness, heal or protect a young girl from being rapped or murdered. These are common happenings but the horrific daily tortures of humans is sickening. For me to read that someone say's after mother drowns her children,' I hope God looks after those babies now that they are in heaven.' That infuriates me. No God of our choosing would watch that happen. This God of man is not of our choosing. He is with us because of an even of His making. My book goes on to explain what took place that allows for the mistreatment of mankind. It is shocking and disturbing. Thanks for your question.

Ryan Jerzey Maroldi
12 April at 21:03 · Boardman, OH, United States

And to add-on, are there any plans for a third book?

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Talun Thomas This second book is my favorite for many reasons. Here are just a few: This book has much of the first book weaved into it. This new book is not so encyclopedia-ish. It is on a timeline and has a story that you can follow easily. You get to know the characters personally. You feel for them, love some hate some but you get the sense that you are with them. You get the feeling of walking in heaven as a secret observer. This book makes you feel like you have found a hidden treasure. To do a third would be like finding treasure twice. Its never quite the same. The first book is more of a study guide. I would rather people not even read the first book and just be absorbed in the second. I could not be more proud and pleased with what I was able to accomplish in this second book.
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Ryan Jerzey Maroldi I can't wait to read it then!

Darren Worrow
12 April at 21:20

Hi Talun, this all sounds like a fascinating concept and well thought out. Personally i have little faith in the exact word of the bible but refuse to convert directly to atheism as there is so much we do not understand about our existence. Anyway that aside what concerns me is that you are quoted here saying this book is a "second bible" which is a very bold claim, are you certain that this is right niche to market as to proclaim such a feat would surely make people skeptical as to both your ability to pull this off and perhaps the quality of your sanity? Please do not take this question negatively, i do not mean to offend merely to question why you would seem to label it with such a high acclaim as people may not believe the fact. Perhaps you should leave a quote like this to the reviewers?

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Talun Thomas Darren, I have no objection to the question at all and I thank you for your honesty. I will answer your question like this: If I hold a piece of gold in my hand and I found this gold in a silver mine. Do I for the sake of all those that will certainly say, what you have is not gold, it cannot be because you found it in a silver mine Do I shrink back from what I know to be true. Or do I agree with the masses and appease them by saying, because most of you feel that this is silver perhaps I am mistaken. It must be silver and recant my claim? Gold and silver are easy to distinguish from one another truth from deception is not so easy for if it were there would up until now there would only be one path to truth and one faith in hopes of finding it. I never wrote one word of either book with the thought of how much money I could make or forsake by the content held within. I have spent thousands of dollars of my own money and hundreds of hours writing to get this information out. Not in any way was or am I trying to benefit myself. In the book I talk of sessions I have had doing regression therapy, lie detector tests and meeting with psychologists. I passed every test with statements such as, “No matter how unreal or how fantastical what has leaping from his lips I can find no fault with what his proclamations electronically or professionally.” There will always be skeptics and you cannot control the thoughts of others. The tools I use are reason, logic, and what peace finds its home into the hearts of those who grasp the truth in that which I speak. Thanks Darren.
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Darren Worrow Good answer! I never thought for a second that you were writing with pure profit in mind, I can tell your honesty from the outset and that this is your drive to motivation. Fair play on you sir, myself I write comedy; I find that easy but if I can spin some narrative to make someone think an alternative view then I would like to do that, and I am trying that with fictional satire, but; well, its not easy. I leave it at that then to wish you all the best on this mission and every success with the book.
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Ryan Jerzey Maroldi Wow, awesome response Talun Thomas

Shah Fazli
12 April at 21:59

What is your usual discussion with the people you meet, strangers or not, what do they tell you when it comes to what you tell them, do you discuss your ideas with the people you meet, or not at all? — with Talun Thomas.

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Talun Thomas Whenever I start speaking about the book be it in a store or as a restaurant I always have people start to gather around. The listen as if they are hungry and the information I have is food. Contrary to what you may think I do not get the thoughts of are you insane or not. I get those that think I am evil because they feel I do not believe in God which nothing can be further from the truth. I speak of God often. There is a huge difference between believing in a god's existence and believing that His actions have proven to be in our best interest. I can definitively say they have not. As far as how often do I find myself speaking of the book and what knowledge I posses it is brought up everyday in one form or another I never shrink back from talking to those who are seeking answers in this temporary world.
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Ryan Jerzey Maroldi I can concur with this. When I first met you I was hungry for information and immersed in every word you said.

Shah Fazli
12 April at 22:50

Thanks Talun, you are an interesting person yourself to meet in person, certainly a warm - hearted man, tell us a little more about yourself please, something that we dont know about you, do you hate someone in your life, who do you love the most, who would you like to meet in your life that haven't yet?

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JoAnne Cramer For us Catholics what will we learn that is different from what we grew up believing?
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Talun Thomas A little about me: I am one of three children. I was never taught by my parents anything of which I speak. In fact they have opposed my beliefs every since I was 9. I started writing everything that is found in my books from that age. I have never wavered in my teachings and beliefs. My sister disowned me because of them so followed my brother and mother. She would speak badly of my beliefs and often called me possessed or demonized. No matter the good I would accomplish the thought of anyone knowing hidden truths was too much for her to take. We all want to feel as if we are on a the train that actually will take us to our destination. To be told that your in fact heading the wrong way upsets people into a rage. I spent my youth going on train rides, bus rides and plane trips to various places out west to meet with those that found what I had to say fascinating. I would have people often randomly approach me on the street and say I know who you are and hug me. My life and its strange happenings were not cultivated by me. They would happen as natural as rain falling from the sky. I excelled in physical fitness and to this day hold the record and my school for Chin Ups, and the presidential fitness test. I was a semi pro bodybuilder, a drummer, a carpenter, an auxiliary police officer, I can cook almost any meal very well, I sang and wrote music in a bang since I was thirteen. I am the former owner of four health clubs. I have had long conversations with one President Nixon's secretaries. I buy old homes and condo's remodel them myself and re-sell. I have been on TV , radio, in the newspapers and internet magazines. I could have done so much to earn a living but I chose to teach what I have been honored to learn. I never sought attention for what I have written. In fact in becomes a point of ridicule and I leave myself wide open to criticism. The motivation is that I speak the truth about who I am and what I have written. As humans we are all imperfect. I am a man no question but I am also for better or for worse one who has been given a very special gift of spirit sight. What I love the most will stay my secret because their are those that prey on that weakness. When it comes to whom I would like to meet I think that would be President Truman we will never see a man more honest with his thoughts than he in the White House. As far as who I hate I would have to make that a what. I hate when people ask for help and say, Please tell help me in this fashion or that and when you do they say , Can you help me?" You say, I have and if you use discernment you will benefit from what I have done or showed you and they say, but I have not heard what I wanted to hear. That I do hate, the response, the actions not the person.
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Rebecka Vigus Wow

Shah Fazli
12 April at 20:54

Tell us a little about the research you have done to complete this book, what books have you read and what places have you met? — with Talun Thomas.

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Talun Thomas After my lake experience and what transpired there. I knew what was placed in my mind. I also knew what I needed to do. These books are the first steps in conveying a message of real hope and what is tangible. I spent four years visiting with different religions and congregations of people. I read the bible itself about 15 times cover to cover but spent many more hours then days on certain aspects of the book. The apocryphal scriptures are also very enlightening. I have been to places that so many feel only exist in fiction. The book itself refers to those places.
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Kevin Kato Are these places real or spiritual?
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Talun Thomas Both. I go into full detail within the over 400 pages of material.Thanks for the question.

JoAnne Cramer
12 April at 23:00

As a Catholic what will I
learn differently from your book that i grew believing?

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Talun Thomas I know the faith very well. It has many connections to the early Romans and what they injected into the Christ like teachings. The Catholics tend to put a lot of emphasis on idols and saints repetitive prayers and what power the church has over its people. There is good and incorrect beliefs in every religion. Not based at all on my opinion but as if you used a point of reference in this case the christian foundation of that being Christ. If you truly adhere to his words you will see much of what is taught in his name has no or little correlation to the actual teachings. My book does not tell you what or what not to believe at all in fact it lets the reader decide for him or herself what rings true to logic, wisdom, and knowledge. Religions need money to survive we all do. But faith has little to do with income or fellowship size. remember only seven were chosen to survive the flood of Noah's day. Because God has a great influence over information tart He wants you to know no information is given that God had an equal a female type likeness.God known as the Alpha/ Omega aka White Essentia cannot produce anything that is Black Essentia and yet it is found all around us. That is because God The Father had an Equal just as the Yin and Yang description so perfectly represents. The Omega / Alpha is the down to His up the Black to His White. In short the big bang theory represents the start of the Universe to mankind. To the one named Ben JA Min wrongly considered AKA the devil knew her as the Mother God. That is what started a war in heaven. My book goes on to explain how and why. This all differs from what you would be taught in any religion.
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Kevin Kato Yes this is certainly different. To put JoAnn's question another way, how does your fundamental message for people differ from Jesus's teachings?
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Talun Thomas Jesus became God's first medeator between He and man. Jesus came to earth not to die to forgive mans sins he came so that he could become one with God making him immortal. Jesus gives a message to believe that he is the other half of God. Jesus was asked by God to take his mothers place at the throne of God. The message within my book is that the She God is not dead and She guides humans everyday. God needs to be held accoutable for His actions.
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Guy Estergall Talun, where do you get your information? Because what you've said about the Roman Catholic Church is dead wrong.... First, they do NOT worship idols nor "put any emphasis on idols." Second, if you believe prayers like the Rosary are "repetitive," then you don't understand the Rosary or how it's prayed. Third, where did you come up with the fallacy the Catholic church has "power" over its congregation? Only God has any power over them.

It sounds like you're attempting to lace man made philosophies on God - yin/yang, alpha/omega, black/white. God is incomprehensible, He is beyond our ability to understand. One cannot hamstring God into fitting into some kind of manmade philosophy of Him.
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Talun Thomas God made man in His image. Man only makes God incomprehensible when they want to justify His actions. If you feel that the Catholic church has no Idols than no conversation can be had because they use more forms of idolatry than most faiths. As to where I get my information where did Paul,Moses,Christ,Peter,Job,John,and Noah get there information? You may say God but where is your proof found? It is found in a book edited by man. Yet if I speak you may think it must be of my own thoughts or that of a demon so what vaidity can they hold? Wisdom and logic are envied by God and spirit creatures. You think little of our abilities yet God placed 144,000 above angels.
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Talun Thomas God has little to do with religion. There is little I do not understand about many forms of religion. I spent four years of my life living and mingling with as many as possible. God is very understandable because we are made from Him we are all a portion of Him. He is White Essentia. There is no question of this. He Himself calls Himself this in many different forms. The Universe itself is made up of Black Essentia. The greatest minds of our time agree on this point as well. One form of energy cannot produce the other form, God or not. Through out the bible God shows himself to be just as I say. He regretted making man. That does not sound like an all knowing infallible God. God say's over and over that He is a jealous God. That is a mans comprehension. I am an angry God again a human emotion. Did you know that the Roman Catholic Church have their own version of the Ten Commandments, and not only changed the fourth Commandment, which is why most Churches now worship on Sunday, but they also deleted the second Commandment on idolatry? The Pope is of great authority and power, that he is able to modify, declare, or interpret even divine laws. The Pope can modify divine law, since his power is not of man, but of God, and he acts as vicegerent of God upon earth...” Exodus 20:4-5
“Thou shalt not MAKE unto thee ANY graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not BOW DOWN thyself to them Nor SERVE them.” Every Catholic institution has images of Mary, Jesus and male and female figures. An example of this are two statues at the French Papal Palace of Avignon, one of Jesus about 20 meters above ground level, and the other is an enormous statue of Mary, much larger, grander and higher up than that of Jesus. This gives the greater honor to Mary than Jesus. It also breaks the second Commandment forbidding making images of things in heaven.
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Talun Thomas OUR FATHER
Our father, who art in heaven; hallowed by Thy name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. Amen. Jesus warned against saying the same prayer over and over and likened it to a sin.
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Talun Thomas I say this with all respect to anyone who was involved with today's interview. My book was written to be water to those who thirst. I cannot make anyone drink. I cannot and will never force what I know to be truth upon anyone who does not wish to get on an ark of truth. If you wish to stay your course may peace be what guides your life. I am not one to argue. I will not throw as the God influenced saying goes my pearls before swine and I am not calling anyone swine. It just means an animal has no use for pearls as a person who is stubborn and had necked has no use for wisdom for it is wasted. I will continue to give the the other two thirds of the bible to those who long to read it. I will give the examples of angels and reiterate their words. What I speak is inspired and good for teaching and setting matters straight. My Equipoise be found in your lives. May the memories of the third born son of God bring you peace. May Equinanipei be found in heaven once again. Amen...Amen
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Guy Estergall There is no need to "justify God's actions," they are self justifying. God is not who He is because of "us;" we are who we are, because of Him.

You are making a common mistake if you believe the statues in churches and homes, along with pictures and prayer cards are "worshiped" as some form of idol. They are nothing more than symbols to remind us of the individual represented. We pray, asking these people to intercede on our behalf, to the Lord. It's no different than asking a friend to "please pray for me."

Your sources appear to come from the bible. Do you know where the bible came from? It was compiled from writings over centuries by the Catholic Church. Catholics/Christians believe these writings were influenced by the Holy Spirit, they were not simply "opinions." Also, many of the people that wrote the books of the bible had no knowledge of one another, yet, their stories all coincide. This would be impossible without some kind of outside (spiritual) influence.

FYI.... The protestant version of he bible is nothing but a bastardized version of the Catholic bible. Marten Luther was a Roman Catholic priest that believed he knew more about religion than did the Vicars of Christ (Peter and his successors.) So he decided to take the Catholic bible, throw out what he didn't like, and form his own religion - a schism of the Catholic Church. He, and other protestant reformers, built the foundation for what we have today with moral relativism - where you decide for yourself what is right/wrong because morality is subjective (which is logically impossible.)

As for "repetitive prayer," you must be referring to Matthew 6:7, "but when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking." He was using the example of the repetitious vain prayers of the Pharisees. Any person with reasonable intelligence should realize that Matthew is not condemning one from repeating a prayer as He was fully aware of Jesus' teaching of the "Our Father" or "Lord's Prayer" as surely this was meant to be repeated. You are focusing on repetition rather than the spirit of the condemnation which is praying vainly. Catholics never pray vainly and are therefore praying correctly. Repetitive prayer is found a number of times in the bible.

I'm not exactly sure what to make of your statement, "wisdom and logic are envied by God." All wisdom and logic comes from God. God has no reason to envy anything, that is a human trait.
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Talun Thomas If God were logic than you would think he creations would be logical you and many humans prove that God and logic have little to nothing in common. Words ca be spoken back and forth and one will feel to counter the othet. Like a rock firmly affixed to a mountain you are firm that what you say is accurate. Like a bird I fly over your rock and I admire your steadfastness. But I firmly and with conviction disagree with what you say. You defend the weakest link in all religion you defend the most corrupt institution in the world and expect me or anyone else to find you or anyone who defends that faith reasonale? That will never happen. God should be associated with religion for both speak lies and have hurt people.badly. Religion is corrupt,God is corrupt, if the bible be called the word of God and is whst guides the church than it stands to reason why it is corrupt as well. May the third born son of God show those blinded how to see and may his love be enough for some to find Equipoise. When you are in water it is easy to forget how much hou truly weigh. The church religion in general will have you think you are light.while in their organization though you be so weighed down with false teachings.
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Guy Estergall Why would you believe humans would be logical just because God created them? God gave us "free will," which allows each individual to make his own choices - including mistakes. He also gave us a format to follow to help us make the proper choices - the bible and the life and teachings of Christ. If everything were absolute "logical," free will could not exist, we would be drones.

The Catholic Church is anything but corrupt. There are corrupt individuals in the Church, just like any other organization, but the Church itself, is not corrupt. I don't need to defend it, it's actions/history speak for themselves.

I will gladly match you statement for statement in a debate but I am more interested in WHY you believe what you believe. What is your rational? You claim God has "hurt people?" What do you base this statement on? What has God "lied" about? I have a funny feeling you have either received some bad information or have grossly misinterpreted something you have read.

I am genuinely curious how/why you have come to the conclusions you have.
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Talun Thomas "Saying you have a good religion is like saying you have a good leaky roof." If you were truly interested in what I have to say you would have heard what I have said in answers throughout this interview but like the scribes and Pharisees you seek to find fault not answers. The proof of religion is in it's works. They are many and few have helped more than a traveling salesman. If I build you a home and you trust me to do just so, should it not be safe secure and a representation of not only my skills but my mental state of mind? If you trust my abilities and you indeed move into a home I have built for you and the roof caves in. It was prone to starting fires. It was built in a flood zone and shakes and rumbles and those who lived within that house died due to my bad construction and irresponsibility. Someone would hold the builder accountable and make him pay for his lack of ability to be a builder. Yet God gets overlooked as the creator when it comes to fault. We do not hold God to any standards and say, "He is God who are we?"It is because we feel the more we praise him the better chance we have of him showing us favor. God is directly responsible for the deaths of billions He is spoken of as being responsible for Death, and Murder over 324 times in the bible. The one wrongly accused as the devil is not even responsible for one death without Gods approval. God tells us to fear this Devil with no connection to the smallest of percentage of Gods rage yet He points the finger at Him to cover His own mistakes. The Catholic Church from stem to stern is based on false teachings. But so are all religions. The bible clearly states that all religion will fall and then God will bring Armageddon. It does not say all religions but the Catholic Church. Please do not feel this is a debate for it is in no way a debate. The blood of millions is on the hands of the Church and its followers. This is not something new to learn for most. These facts are undeniable : Sexual child abuse against leaders of the faith
The use of statues
Praying to saints
Listening to a man and basically worshiping him ( kissing his ring, etc.)
Having leaders be called father even though the bible says you shouldn't.
The Making up of teachings not found in the bible.
Confessing sins to a priest even though Jesus is the only one who can forgive sins.

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Talun Thomas
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to show it the best way I can, through the truth i know and share through literature. May the memories of Prince Anariun remind everyone of the love shown when one gives up his life to save others. No gift did he receive other than the hope of a brighter future for you with no more tears, sadness and death. Anariunism is not a cult nor is it a religion. It is the recognition of the memories that the third born son of God gave to me. He dedicated his life and death in showing His father, God, that he wishes him to reunite with his Mother, Gods other half. This would allow perfect perfection to rule the universe once again from the bond called Equinanipei. This is my hope and goal until I am unable to yell it from the roof tops. Armageddon does not need to take place. I am here along with many who share my vision to stop it. Thanks for your time. Goodnight.

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Darren Worrow Glad to have met you Talun, you gave me something to think about. Good luck with your forthcoming book; i will look out for it.
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Talun Thomas Thank you Darren. It is good to see that people who are intelligent can reason for themselves when information is presented that sheds light upon what was once kept in darkness. It was good to meet you as well.

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