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Eileen McGuire Slovak

Shah Fazli
30 March at 23:54 · Düsseldorf, Germany

Eileen McGuire Slovak, Thanks so much for being here with us tonight, we know a little about your book 'Secret Agent of God', sounds really interesting, do you want to tell us what do you mean by 'prophetic abilities', and if you could explain a little bit in details about how she thwarts the attack, in which way, what does she do, please? — with Eileen McGuire Slovak.

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Eileen McGuire Slovak Thank you for hosting tonight! Janice has the ability to see the future but it is new to her and one of the issues she is dealing with in the story. She comes to the attention of the terrorists by accident. It has to do with a friends betrayal.
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Rebecka Vigus Sounds very intriguing.
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Shah Fazli
31 March at 00:10 · Düsseldorf, Germany

Thank you, so tell us a little about this prophetic woman character, what kind of a character she is, where she lives, and how different she is from others, is it hard for her to live like she is? — with Eileen McGuire Slovak.

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Eileen McGuire Slovak Janice Morrison is a twenty-one-year-old single woman who works with the elderly as a certified nursing assistant. She works two jobs trying to make ends meet and is saving for college. Her personal life is messy but she maintains an excellent sense of humor and a positive outlook. She lives in a town called North Beach in Maryland and was raised by her religious grandmother with whom she is very close.
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Rebecka Vigus North Beach is an awesome place.
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Shah Fazli
31 March at 00:02 · Düsseldorf, Germany

Thank you, how did you come up with the idea of writing this story, and why did you write it, any particular reason you might have, or you always want to write spiritual thrillers? — with Eileen McGuire Slovak.

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Eileen McGuire Slovak I was writing an article for a local newspaper about ghosts. It was a Halloween feature. I became so enthralled with the research after interviewing a local medium and a spiritual healer. That led to reading books and so on. At the same time, I was living in Europe and flying back and forth to the US because my father was terminally ill. The spiritual crisis Janice experiences was very much my own.

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Maureen Goodwin How long did the book take to write?
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Eileen McGuire Slovak Hey Maureen, thanks for joining in! It took two years to write from start to finish. I was working on another novel. Janice's voice kept popping up in my head and I finally stopped ignoring it and started writing her tale. Once I started writing full time, it went more quickly. But full time with a family is difficult. The publishing added considerably more time.

Rebecka Vigus
31 March at 00:22 · Edited

Eileen, Did you encounter issues with editing?

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Eileen McGuire Slovak The funny thing was how sure I was that the manuscript was perfect when I sent it off to be edited. Then it came back covered in red! I still laugh thinking about it now, but at the time felt like crying.
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Rebecka Vigus My former publisher edits for me. She does an awesome job. She is reading my current work in progress and says it's awesome the way it is. I haven't told her I found some things needing editing.
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Eileen McGuire Slovak Rebecka we are always our own toughest critics.
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Rebecka Vigus
31 March at 00:23

Who is your publisher?

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Eileen McGuire Slovak I used createspace. I was having trouble making the novel fit into a traditional model for publishing. It doesn't really fit 'Christian' because Janice is a complex character who tends to fluctuate between sinner and saint. I also had difficulty narrowing down the audience. It doesn't fit women's fiction either because I have many male readers. Because of Janice's age, I categorize the novel as New Adult, but the age of my readers is varied.

Caryn Laforge
31 March at 00:43 · Tiverton, RI, United States

As an Old friend, I am so proud of you. Following your dream of becoming a writer.

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Eileen McGuire Slovak Thanks Caryn! From my perspective it seems like it took a really long time but I would encourage others to never give up. Obstacles will always crop up but you can overcome them if you remain focused on your goal, whatever it is.
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Renee Stone Such and amazing accomplishment !!
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Maureen Goodwin
31 March at 00:35

Have you started working on your next book?

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Eileen McGuire Slovak Yes a sequel to this one. I also have two other ideas that I started and already have over 10,000 words each. I wish I had more time!

Renee Stone
31 March at 00:38

Hello everyone !! So how is the 2nd book coming along ? Love the character Janice

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Eileen McGuire Slovak Hey Renee! Thank you for asking. The second book is in the works. Janice is more mature in book two and has some new challenges, both career wise and in her love life. But no worries for the thriller fans, I will make sure she gets into some sticky spots.
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Renee Stone I can so relate to Janice, this is the type of character that you want to follow through her whole life.... I see more than just a second book in her future:)
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Eileen McGuire Slovak Maybe! I am having a hard time letting her go, so I hope fans feel the same way.
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Renee Stone Yes !! I actually had a hard time letting her go Eileen did a great job with Janice character.... I think we can all relate to Janice in some way:0
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Renee Stone Also loved the way Eileen describes certain moments in the story....really puts you in the moment !!!
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Eileen McGuire Slovak Thanks Renee. I love this! I can't wait to hear what she thinks. I never expected such a wide range in readership. I guess because the characters also range in age from 20's to senior citizens. My mom who's 83 read it and she really enjoyed it. I sent a copy for the library at my mothers apartment complex and the women who work there have been reading it and passing it around.
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Renee Stone On a closing note, VERY proud of Eileen you are a talented writer and look forward to future Janice Morrison books !!
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Eileen McGuire Slovak Thanks Renee. Glad you were here tonight!

Rebecka Vigus
31 March at 00:33

What is your marketing plan?

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Shah Fazli Eileen McGuire Slovak, will get to your question as well.
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Eileen McGuire Slovak I've been in full marketing mode since the book was published in January. Really, before that because after attending the Unicorn Writers Conference in 2012, I started building my platform, blogging, tweeting, etc. I have almost 3,000 followers but you always strive for more. I have three book fairs lined up this spring and summer and plan to add more. I'll post those on my facebook author page.
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Eileen McGuire Slovak Also, a dear friend has allowed me some space in her retail store to sell my books in North Beach, MD where Janice is from, lol. Lighthouse Market & Designs. Here's her link:
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Rebecka Vigus Way cool.
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Eileen McGuire Slovak Marketing is ongoing. I also keep flyers in my car and post them on all public boards and had cards made up with the cover and links which I hand out and leave wherever I can, the library, etc. I advertise online as much as I can but there's a fine line between being on people's radar and overkill.
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Rebecka Vigus I have a book design company who goes above and beyond for it's authors. Blue Harvest Creative made us trading cards, do banners for FB pages and Twitter pages, I cannot begin to tell you all the great things they do.
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Eileen McGuire Slovak Thanks Rebecka. I will check this out. It's not easy being a one woman band. I could use some help.
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Rebecka Vigus They helped me launch my own publishing company. Although I go through Createspace for publishing purposes, I get into bookstores because I am my own company. They have created logos for some of the authors. My niece is a graphic artist and did my logo.
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Eileen McGuire Slovak I see. Yes, the bookstores are a challenge when you have a book with createspace, print to order.
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Eileen McGuire Slovak This interview format is new to me but I love how I'm always learning as a writer. I never though I would be able to do all of the things I've done with technology. Prior to publishing the novel I published some short stories on It was a great starting place.

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Rebecka Vigus I won't use smashwords. My bias, they are for Indies who really don't know how to write. I've seen some really bad stuff on there.
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Eileen McGuire Slovak It is difficult to stand out with all of the independent authors out there now. I do support other Indies as much as possible. I think there are some really good ones as well. I will read manuscripts for people sometimes but I tell them up front that I'm honest in my commentary. Writers need this to improve. I know it helped me to be part of a writers group. It's not easy but you need to develop a thick skin and an ability to separate yourself from your work.
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Rebecka Vigus I agree. Blue Harvest has helped with with branding. Because they entered me in a contest I won the 2013 Mystery Book of the Year award. You need someone in your corner. I also don't have an ereader which puts smashwords out of reach. I read for others. I have others read for me. I'm no where near a perfect writer, nor am I making a steady amount. I just know personally some writers....and I use the term loosely who are on smashwords and I would hide if it were my work.
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Rebecka Vigus It's my bias. There are some good writers there or smashwords would not stay in business. The digital age has made it much easier for Indie Authors to gt a foothold.
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Eileen McGuire Slovak Congratulations on winning the Mystery Book of the Year award. What was the title? I will look for it. I know what you mean, we have to be open to ongoing learning. I was reading one of Harlan Coben's first novels and he had added a new notation apologizing for the state of this 'early work'. Of course it was still brilliant, I don't know what he was thinking. But we all start somewhere! You are right though, people should use editors!!!
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Rebecka Vigus Crossing the Line was the book...second book in the Macy McVannel Series.

Rebecka Vigus
31 March at 01:45

Thanks, Eileen, did not mean to monopolize your interview.

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Eileen McGuire Slovak Are you kidding? I'm glad you were here. Thanks for the excellent questions!
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Rebecka Vigus You are most welcome.

Eileen McGuire Slovak
31 March at 01:57 · Mount Laurel, NJ, United States

Thanks everyone for joining in tonight! A special thanks to Shah Fazli for this most excellent page. Have a great night all!

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