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Barbara Maze Bloom

Spotlight Welcome everyone, as we talk to Barbara Maze Bloom, children's author. Thanks for being here Barbara!

Barbara Maze Bloom I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share my books via a live interview on facebook.

Spotlight Our pleasure. So tell us about your first book, and how you came to put it down on paper.

Barbara Maze Bloom My first book was published in May 2012. It is called, "Your Shoes My Shoes."

Your Shoes My Shoes: We All Love Shoes!
Girls and Boys will be excited as they read this fun rhyming story book all abou...See More

Barbara Maze Bloom We All Love Shoes! My intial thoughts for the book came from raising children. We find one shoe and then we find two and sometimes we have to look in the not so obvious places.

Spotlight We're always hunting for them at our house, that's for sure. Did the text come to you all at once, or did you polish it for a while?

Barbara Maze Bloom The idea came to me all at once. I have always had a great interest in writing and poetry. When I speak often I tend to talk in rhyme naturally. I read it to a few people and they told me I should be writing books.

Barbara Maze Bloom I thought, "Wow that would be a dream on my bucket list."

Barbara Maze Bloom I took the intiative to find out how to publish on amazon. I have always been a believer that we are in control of our own destiny. I write for the love of smiling children.

Spotlight It's certainly easier to achieve our author (vs. writer) dreams these days. What did you learn during that process?

Barbara Maze Bloom If you let a child choose which pair of shoes they want to wear, you will find sometimes they even make the choice to wear two different shoes.

Barbara Maze Bloom I have learned how important perfection is in the writing business. Each book I write takes a different format as I start formatting a book.

Barbara Maze Bloom When you open a book to read....the guts of the book are part of the personality of a author.

Barbara Maze Bloom I have learned what it is like sharing yourself with the world.

Spotlight Definitely - and baring your soul takes some courage. Tell us some more about the illustrations.

Barbara Maze Bloom I am in total control of my books. I am the author, publisher and illustrator. I use meaningful clip art for the explanations of the story. In my dreams one day all my books will be on full bleed color pages. My writings are compared in style to Dr. Seuss but as a self published author I work with what I have and today there are some great clip art programs.

Spotlight I'd like to know a little more about your other books. Can you provide us a link to your Author page on Amazon?

Barbara Maze Bloom Yes I would love too. Barbara Bloom: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks,
Visit's Barbara Bloom Page and shop for all Barbara Bloom books and other Barbara Bloom related products (DVD, CDs, Apparel). Check out pictures, bibliography, biography and community discussions about Barbara Bloom

Barbara Maze Bloom "Run Hide The Monster Is Outside" is one of my favorites. It teaches children that things are not always as they seem.

Barbara Maze Bloom "Here Comes Pixie Pie" is about a little girl and her favorite color is pink. She gets all dressed in her western wear to go to the rodeo fair for her birthday. This book is also written in rhyme.

Spotlight And what age group do you recommend for these books?

Barbara Maze Bloom I have a new book release coming out soon. "Dig The Digger" He is a construction truck and he has plans to dig a fishing hole with his construction truck friends.

Barbara Maze Bloom The age group for my books: The stories are great for Pre-K through Fourth grade for readers. I write with the parent and child in mind for everyone to have a memorable time.

Barbara Maze Bloom Spreading smiles across the miles....simply one smile at a time.

Spotlight Sounds great. Well, we need to wrap things up now. Thank you so much for being part of Spotlight today, Barbara!

Barbara Maze Bloom Thank you and look forward to keeping in touch~!

Barbara Maze Bloom I have a blog.

Barbara Maze Bloom

Barbara Bloom
Taking life as a flight, simply living one day at a time.

Barbara Maze Bloom Thank you to everyone.

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