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Valentine Special with Linda Bowers Bolton

Shah Fazli
Linda Bowers Bolton, Welcome to your Valentine Special, many of our guests are following the event live, Catherine Mahoney will play nice romantic music, and many more will be reading this for days to come, what do you want to say to everybody at the start of your Valentine Special?

Linda Bowers Bolton I started writing poetry in high school. And after my daughter was grown I had these romantic stories just trying to find their way out. I started writing and in six months the book was finished. It took 1 1/2 years to decide to publish, out of fear of rejection. But I have 6 more stories dying to be written. I'm sure there will be more as i go. They just keep coming.

Siggy Buckley I was never much of a romantic either and this hype and commercialism around V-Day fazes me. I think a lot of singles wish it over fast and painlessly!

Linda Bowers Bolton If I know I will be alone I make it just like any other day to not feel alone. I did make a nice dinner and have a glass a wine while I wrote - Siggy Buckley

Shah Fazli Thank you, there is so much to ask from you Linda, we are excited, can you please name a few of your books for us, and tell us a little bit about each one of them?

Linda Bowers Bolton The first, out now, is Take 2. Its the story of a Dallas housewife with a dull marriage who wins a trip to her favorite talk show. She meets her celebrity crush and they had a mini fling. Then 3 years later she is in a car wreck that kills her husband and the celebrity crush whisks her away...sort of...they do a whirlwind of travel and learn about love...

Linda Bowers Bolton The others are in productions - the next is about Tristan Bane. he makes an appearance in Take 2 and you learn his story in my second book.

Siggy Buckley You seem to be a busy bee!

Linda Bowers Bolton Very! Spend time with my granddaughter and try to date, and work full time...

Catherine Mahoney So writing is a therapy and a passion, a mini vacation away from the regular day stressors?

Linda Bowers Bolton Yes, Catherine Mahoney, very much! I love it. When I'm in the throws of writing I can be a pain to be around. In the middle of a conversation I'll get and Idea and stop to write it down. Gets frustrating for my friends!

Tricia Drammeh Great excerpt.

Linda Bowers Bolton Thanks Tricia Drammeh! I really want to try speed dating one time...just for the laugh.

Shah Fazli Thanks Linda, do you want to read an excerpt from your book please?

Linda Bowers Bolton “Go”, “Two minutes”, was hollered out. Alex felt nervous even though most of the men at the speed-dating meeting didn’t appear her type. The fact that they wouldn’t find her their type bothered her most.
“Hi, my name is Rick. I work at a comic book store” was all Alex heard. He had shoulder length hair, a beard and his shirt was wrinkled. “Your turn”.
“Hi, I’m Alex. A widow. Customer service rep. My daughter just got married.” She was on auto-pilot. She repeated the same thing with every guy. “Tell me more about yourself,” was her next line so she wouldn’t have to really participate. And they did.
Why did she agree to do this? Kathleen was crazy. She actually looked like she was having fun.
“Go! Two minutes.”
And it repeated, this time with a manager of Burger King. Ugh! These men were so boring. It’s no wonder they couldn’t find dates. “I love reading and watching science fiction. I have the complete set of Star Wars collectables.”
This was pure torture. Kathleen owed her. Having her eyebrows waxed was better than this.
“Go! Two minutes”.
This one had a real job. “I work at a bank.”
“Oh, what do you do?” Alex was a bit intrigued.
“Oh, I meant to say I worked a bank. Until I went to jail for embezzling. I have served my time and am looking for work right now. I’m on probation for five years,” Mitchell said with a smile.
“Isn’t that a felony?” Alex couldn’t believe she was having this conversation.
“Yeah, I’ll get a job soon. I’m staying with my mom right now. She has plenty of room and doesn’t mind if I bring the ladies by,” he managed with a wink.
“Go! Two minutes”.
Thank God it was almost over! Alex was never going to repeat this experience. As her last speed-date babbled on about his inability to wear corrective shoes, Alex watched Kathleen laugh and chat away with hers. Kathleen looked like she really enjoyed doing this. Alex was in awe--and misery.
When it was finally over Alex and Kathleen headed to the bar for a drink to compare notes.
“This was too much fun! These guys are a riot! I think I may meet the ex-con for drinks later!” Kathleen giggled at the thought of her possible date.
“Are you insane?” Alex couldn’t believe her ears.
“Did you not have fun Alex?” Kathleen looked genuinely surprised.
“Kathleen, I realize your fun and my fun are two totally different things. You know I would do anything for you but NEVER ask me to do this again! It was pure torture!” Alex didn’t mean to come across so agitated but she just couldn’t help it.
Kathleen looked a bit hurt but after her first margarita she was understanding and agreed to take her sister next time. Alex couldn’t wait to get home, take a long shower and crawl into bed. Suddenly, being alone sounded wonderful.

Shah Fazli Thank you so much, what do people say about your writing, do you get a lot of good feedback?

Linda Bowers Bolton I have had about 15 reviews and I am very excited. They have been great. I even had one ask about Tristan, the character in the next book. She said she wanted to know more about him. I was very excited. I knew my friends would tell me they liked the book but its wonderful when strangers like it too.

Shah Fazli Yes, what exactly made you write Take2, anything special there that made you write this book?

Linda Bowers Bolton I have a terrible, obsessive crush on Gerard Butler - actor from 300, the Ugly Truth, Phantom of the Opera, and others - and wanted to have him as my main character....kind of live out my fantasy as the female character does.

Shah Fazli Wonderful, what else do you want us to know about your books, you said you wrote poetry as well, do you remember any that you can read here for us please?

Linda Bowers Bolton Oh no! That was long ago and YA angst...very dark and brooding...not who I am these days, thank goodness.

Shah Fazli Can you please describe one more romantic scene for us from Take 2, maybe one that you like most?

Linda Bowers Bolton There is a scene where Alexandra and Derek are in his New York apartment. He's sleeping in from a week of promo interviews and she gets in the hot tub. She has her back to the door and doesn't hear him arrive. He comes in behind her and envelopes her - wrapping his arms around her and kissing her neck from behind. Its very sweet yet sensual.

Catherine Mahoney One has to journey through the darkness to find the light, did your journey increased your insight in relationships, so descriptive as if you experience yourself.

Siggy Buckley Do you have any sex scenes in your books?

Linda Bowers Bolton Yes, Catherine Mahoney. Like most teens I felt unloveable. Even after I was married I still felt that way. Since I have been on my own again I see the world as a less cynical place and I can see romantic gestures everywhere.

Linda Bowers Bolton Siggy Buckley, yes, there are a few. Its spicy but not considered erotica. I'm saving those scenes for 2 other books I'll be writing.

Catherine Mahoney Ah to see life in new eyes, so delightful, glad for you.

Linda Bowers Bolton Yes, life is good.

Catherine Mahoney hints, and tingles, refreshing, not erotica, more lustful, I think,

Linda Bowers Bolton They are descriptive but not over the top.

Catherine Mahoney a romantic guide for the man that is lost how to approach his woman or mate,

Linda Bowers Bolton Yes, Derek is very lost when it comes to dating. He is learning as he goes.

Catherine Mahoney those moments when couples become distant and need a reminder why they came together, with the actions of the characters.

Shah Fazli What is your take on your Special Valentine, could we look after you as good as we should, what do you want to say about it?

Linda Bowers Bolton Shah Fazli, are you asking what I want in a special valentine's day or in that special someone?

Shah Fazli I am asking about tonight's Special Valentine event, are you happy with us so far

Linda Bowers Bolton I loved to be able to chat about my book, plans and to meet you all. I really appreciate you having me.

Tricia Drammeh Wonderful interview, Shah and Linda.

Linda Bowers Bolton Shah Fazli, thank you for staying up in the middle of the night to talk to me!

Linda Bowers Bolton Thanks so much Tricia Drammeh

Shah Fazli Linda, we love every moment of it, my questions are not finished, but I will have to leave you, as you may have other things, thank you so much for being our Valentine Special, we had so much fun.

Linda Bowers Bolton If you ever want to have me back, I'd love to come.

Shah Fazli Of course, we will certainly get you back. We so much hope to see you again on Spotlight show.

Linda Bowers Bolton Thank you so much!

Catherine Mahoney Yes it was entertaining to find out how an author's mind works and what is necessary to create an delightful tingling story or stories. Everyone can stay yes? if Linda wants to answer any more questions, or should we finished that last sip and go off to reading or living life.

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Linda Bowers Bolton I do have a few things to do, I am sorry. But you can message me anytime or find me at

Romance is in the

Shah Fazli

ShahSight Literary Book Shop: Take 2 Linda

Catherine Mahoney Thank you Linda and all for participating in this event,

Pete DeLorenzo Thank you Linda Bowers Bolton

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