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Reyna-Hawk Author

Shah Fazli
Reyna-Hawk Author, Let us thank you for being here tonight, we really appreciate you sharing your feelings with us through this live interview, in our last interview with Stephen, we saw how enthusiastic and committed he was about this cause, we know what does it mean to each one of you who has contributed, but it's a pleasure to hear your particular words about this, it's your night, and we would love to hear from you, tell us about your particular enthusiasm about this cause please?

Reyna-Hawk Author Hi Shah Fazli.... thank you for having me. I am very appreciative for your part in getting the word out about this cause. As for me, when I first heard about the tragedy I was beside myself and wished there was something I could do to help; I don't have alot of money so I was at first disappointed thinking I wouldn't be able to do anything. But then I saw a post Stephen L. Wilson had made about what he was doing and I knew I had to contribute something. I did so in the hopes my words would bring comfort to those that had been effected by this horrible act.

Shah Fazli Thank you so much, there is this question I wanted to ask one of you authors, if you or any of you have been trying to get in touch with the family members of the victims, or if in any way they know about Angels Cried, if not, have you thought about it?

Reyna-Hawk Author I personally would like to send each one a sympathy card and an Amazon certificate for a free copy of the book. However, I am not sure how I would go about doing that and I am sure they have had so many people contacting them already..... grief is such a private thing, I don't want to intrude.

Shah Fazli Thanks a lot, tell us a little bit about Angels Cried, Stephen said his part of story, what difficulties did you have to go through in getting the book published, we will ask about your contribution later?

Reyna-Hawk Author Well, Stephen was the brain child behind it all. Self-publishing can have many hiccups that one doesn't expect. I am not sure what he encountered; I know there was a time delay for a couple of things.

Shah Fazli Now please tell us about your contribution to the anthology, poems, stories, what was it please?

Reyna-Hawk Author I (along with co-author L K Russ) wrote "An unexpected Christmas letter"...... it is about a letter found on each families Christmas tree on Christmas morning. The letter is written by Jesus and tells of the sorrow felt by Him and how he comforted the children that day.

Shah Fazli That is beautiful, we will ask you to maybe read some from this letter, for now can you please read a short poem or story from Angels Cried?

Reyna-Hawk Author Ok, well this poem is the first poem in the book and I love it because it mentions every child and the other adults that lost their lives... it's by Jen Baker...... This is a small portion of..... As God awoke this morning
by his eyes he felt deceived.
Why were these 20 little children
All sitting by his feet?
He could see confusion
On each itty bitty face
So he reached his arms around them
into his warm embrace.
Charlotte looked around her
As Daniel hugged Josephine so tight
Emilie grabbed the hands of Jack
and held Noah extra tight!
Dylan, Ana and Madeline could not believe their eyes
for Jesus sat in front of them; tears were in his eyes.
Olivia, Grace and James had many questions why
Caroline and Catherine couldn’t help but cry.
Then there was a trumpet, strong and loud and true-
Benjamin and Allison now knew what angels do!
Avielle and Jessica saw beauty all around.
Chase and Jesse bounced from cloud to cloud to cloud.
Father called upon them,
“Children! Come with me
for there is much more to Heaven
I’d like for you to see.”
As they began their journey
they each had questioned, “Why?”
God looked down and smiled,
“I’ll answer that in time.”
“But for now, my 20 angels,
all you need to know
although I did not will this
you are now home.”
“And in my golden kindgom
you shall not shed a tear
for this is a magical place
we do not harbor fear!”

Shah Fazli This is a very tragic and beautiful poem, now tell us a little bit about yourself, something that we don't read about you on a paper, or computer screen, something unique, we want to know that heart better that is happy to work to make others happier, tell us about your heart please?

Jen Baker *blushes* thanks Reyna-Hawk Author!

Reyna-Hawk Author lol, well Shah I am one that jokes around quite a bit and will post many funny things on my FB page. I love to laugh and to make others laugh. But deep down inside I am a romantic and a softy. I have a soft spot for kids, animals, and the elderly. I get angry to see any one of those being mistreated. I get quite upset when someone bullies another.... my passion is to write stories that make people fall in love with the characters and feel what they are going through. My hope is that by reading my stories that perhaps they may help others in some way shape or form..... lol ask anyone who has read some of my blogs and they will tell you I will speak my mind. You're welcome Jen Baker

Shah Fazli Yeah, one should be exactly like you to commit himself to making others happy, what else you authors do to promote Angels Cried, book readings, book signings, and how do you go about doing it, if you do?

Reyna-Hawk Author Social Media has really helped alot. This anthology has been shared, twitted about, pinned, liked, and 1+'d... I tell as many people as I possibly can. I can't speak for the other authors, but I can tell you it is an emotional thing to talk about.

Shah Fazli Sure, now can you read from your letter for us please, can't wait to read it?

Reyna-Hawk Author Thank you, This is the ending portion of the letter......... . No one can understand why bad things happen to good people, especially something like this. These angels were called home to be in heaven so that they may guide you and help give you strength. Be assured that even though they may not physically be with you, you can see them in the beauty of a snow covered landscape, hear their whispers and laughter in the singing of the birds, feel their hugs on the gentle breeze of a warm summer day and feel their kisses as a single snowflake lands upon your nose. Remember the good times and embrace them, it will not be an easy journey but I am with you. You are not walking this journey alone; my foot prints are right beside you and I will carry you through the roughest of times when you can’t find the strength to walk on your own.

Shah Fazli I don't ask you about your other books here, as it is dedicated to Angels Cried, but we would love to hear from you again, so tell us about your long term goals for Angels Cried anthology, maybe there will be a sequel, have you talked about this to Stephen and other authors?

Reyna-Hawk Author I completely understand; and I would love to do an interview in which I talk about them at a later day. I think it would be a great idea to do a sequel for Angels Cried... maybe something like Angels Revisited.... perhaps on the one year anniversary. At the time this was written our hearts and emotions were so raw from the pain and it was pure sadness and emotion that spilled out. I think in the sequel our thoughts may be better collected and be more of hope and survival. I would definitely be interested in contributing to it as well.

Shah Fazli Thanks a lot, now we leave it to other guests to maybe ask questions or comment, I am very grateful for giving us your valuable time, greatly appreciated.

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Reyna-Hawk Author You're welcome and thank you for spreading the word about this cause. I will be hear for a time to answer others' questions. Thank you again.

Shah Fazli Jen Baker
Reyna, what are your feelings on what happened at Sandy Hook and as an Author can you find any hope in the tragedy?

Catherine Mahoney Questions at being asked at the Soiree event.pre=party, Facebook event, thank you all who came on behalf of Reyna Hawk and Shah Fazli. Reyna wanted to concluded with her favorite song,

If you could read my mind - Gordon Lightfoot with lyrics
Thank you for letting me share my favourite song with you. :)

Reyna-Hawk Author Jen Baker to answer your question. As an person in general I always have the hope that someday these things will never happen again. It was a senseless crime. My heart and soul cry for those families that have to deal with the tragedy.

Reyna-Hawk Author Thanks again and in 3 minutes I will be off here.... I appreciate all who promote and contributed to Angels Cried. It has been inspiring and heart warming to see the outreach and the thoughtfulness.

Moses Opara Good

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