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Zrinka Jelic

Shah Fazli
Zrinka Jelic, Welcome, and thank you so much for being our guest tonight, you may want to start with introducing the book you want to discuss tonight, its title and what the book is about please?

Zrinka Jelic Thanks for hosting me. This is so exciting. The book I'm promoting is my debut novel "Bonded by Crimson" It's a paranormal romance and very loosely based on an ancient Croatian legend, a love story that ended in tragedy. The title is explained in very last sentence of the book. <to her husband and children, and this land, she’d welcomed
each day of their long life together.>> Though the paranormal aspect of the book is mild, and I prefer it that way, there are immortals, the ghost is there too, but they are the ones who help the heroine along the way. It's another human who works against her and wants her dead.

Shah Fazli It's interesting, do you want to also introduce your main characters a little more in details, in a way that we know them and like them like we do in your book please, who are they?

Zrinka Jelic The hero, Matthias Zrin, is actually an aristocrat from Croatian legend I mentioned above. He became immortal centuries ago, but didn't know what was going on with him. He was left alone to figure that out and calm his "demon" as he referred to the beast residing in him. After each "successful" suicide the beast revived him only to torture him anew. Kate Rokov, is reincarnation of her great, great, great aunt but she doesn't know that either. Her old aunt was in servitude to Matthias' family and he used her to satisfy his demon. Now with Kate, he has the opportunity to right the wrongs he caused her aunt. But his stubborn love to his wife of 300 years won't let him do this and love Kate the way he should've.

Shah Fazli Please describe the environment a little from a scene of your book that you think we get a better understanding of the scenery, environment, for instance, where actually the setting is and how new or old please?

Zrinka Jelic The story start off in Canada so there's lots of asphalt until Kate gets to Matthias' estate outside Toronto. There's a huge landscaped garden and basically the property is surrounded by rural area with farms and ponds. Then the bulk of the book takes place in Croatia in Kate's and Matthias' homeland and town. From the summer heat and crowded narrow streets of medieval town to an islet where Matthias resides during his stay in Croatia, the readers are taken to all expense paid trip. Many said they relived the scenes as if they were actually there.

Shah Fazli What kind of writer you think you are, we will ask you to post a short snippet later, what do you think people think of your writing, do you have a special writing style, is Bonded by Crimson a fast paced novel, or how is it please?

Zrinka Jelic I'd like to think my writing style is active and engaging because I like to read such books. The comments I received mentioned talent for descriptive writing, vivid and imaginative, active and fast paced, captivating and gripping.

Shah Fazli Now we are into half time of the interview, tell us about yourself as a person, what did you like to do or to be as a teenager, and tell us please if that will has changed, what is your favourite thing in life apart from writing please?

Zrinka Jelic As a teenager, I never even dreamed I'd be a writer one day. But I always liked writing, so maybe I just wasn't aware of that until it hit me. I remember one story I've written by hand on the pages I ripped out of my notebook. It was a horrible love story girls from school went nuts over, and I have no idea what happen to it, last I heard got torn in some cat fight over who wants to read it first. What I wanted to be was a veterinarian I love animals. But there wasn't a veterinary school in my town so I opted for teacher, kids are my love as well and you'll find children in all my books. So I'd say yes my plans have changed. Besides writing, I love to work out in the gym or at home, I'm taking accounting courses through local college and just taking care of my little family.

Shah Fazli Thanks, can you read from Bonded by Crimson for us please?

Zrinka Jelic Sure, here's the wedding kiss scene. The book thudded as the Father closed the black leather
volume. Arms opened wide, he leaned forward. “And now, I
pronounce you husband and wife.” He turned to Matthias.
“You may kiss your bride.”
Matthias slowly raised the veil over her head. He towered
over her as they stared at each other for a few seconds. With
one arm wrapped around her waist and the other on her hip,
he pulled her close and seized her lips with his. Her hands
inched along his arms till she wrapped them around his neck.

As his tongue plunged into her mouth, she closed her eyes.
When her knees buckled, he tightened his hold.
Applause broke out. His lips still lingered on hers when
she opened her eyes. With a loud sigh, she pulled back and
faced the priest again.

Shah Fazli Thanks, beautiful, what did you want to tell us about Bonded by Crimson that you always keep telling yourself please?

Zrinka Jelic I wanted to tell that love is eternal, spiritual and changes us in a way we never knew we could change. Yes, some argue that love makes you stupid, maybe, but it also propels us to be better persons. And that we shouldn't run away from it, but open our hearts even if we're going to get hurt in the process, it will make us stronger in the long run.

Shah Fazli Give some tips to the new writers please, what have you learned from your writing that you may want to share, before I leave it to other guests that they may want to comment or ask questions please?

Zrinka Jelic I've leaned many things about writing, but if I have to sum it up in one word, it's be perseverance. You don't know what you have until you finish that manuscript and publish it. It could be the bestseller. I've seen some authors raise to the top with their first book, other are still unheard of after they've published their 20th book. But no matter what, keep plowing onward, improve your craft, read lots, there's something to be learned from every book, take workshops and courses on creative writing. There're no rules written in stone that you must follow, but there are guidelines that make the writing better. And lastly, don't do it alone. Writing may be solitary, but there're countless groups you can join where you can find critique partners, beta readers and other valuable minions. And when you find a good critique partner, someone who is not afraid to point out your mistakes, don't be intimidated by their criticism. Your drafting stages are where you make mistakes, they can all be fixed here not later when the book is out and bad reviews follow. So keep those critiquer. They are of tremendous value.

Shah Fazli Thank you so much for your time, now I leave it to others to take part if they want to, it was a pleasure to have you with us.

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Zrinka Jelic You're very welcome, I had a blast talking about my work.

Catherine Mahoney

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Zrinka Jelic Thanks Catherine, I love it.

Catherine Mahoney It was truly exciting to see the wheels turning and to get to know the personality behind authors' minds, Promoting and paying forward, helping one another. Thank you Zrinka Jelic

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