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Antonia Valaire

Shah Fazli
Antonia Valaire, Thank you so much for being here tonight, and thanks for making us proud to be part of this cause, Angels Cried, one more time, can you please tell us a little about your background, so we know you a little more?

Antonia Valaire Well I am from Portmore, Jamaica. I grow up with my mom and Three brothers, I am Tom boyish so when I was younger I play football and cricket and video games. from a early age of 10 or 11 i loved writing but When I was 15 poetry discovered me. That's when I wrote a poem That was later published at age 19 and also won a talent competition.

Shah Fazli Beautiful Jamaica, that is all I can say, what can you say about your homeland as a young and talented Jamaican poet, can you describe the environment where you live, maybe in your own poetic way please?

Antonia Valaire Well to be Honest, I am among the fortunate to have a mother who worked hard enough to have the luxury of living in a nice community. we have majestic trees and lushus green grasses, the place is not prone to violence, I live among the working class and individuals who keep the place beautiful. what I can say of my homeland is that of all the negitive we hear and know, I wish to Highlight The positive, my country has gorgeous landscapes, we have talented and gifted individuals such as you Know The great Reggae legend, Bob Marley, Usain Bolt and our own national poet, Lousie Benette. My country is not only beautiful but everything about us is amazing, our vibez, the way we talk( patois or creole) we love party, our food is nice, we culture is Jamaican terms tun up meaning Its of the highest level. So Jamaica is fantastic place I just hope we appreciate the paradise we have a little bit more.

Shah Fazli Angels Cried, of course we all love each other, any other possible reason for you to be part of this cause please?

Antonia Valaire Immediately when I heard the incident on the news I was deep felt and my heart was open up so When Stephen L. Wilson had the Anthology I was heart felt to submit. I hate injustice anywhere and I dislike Violence. Living in a country where it is known I cry when I watch news and see The destruction whether Its in my country or another and I believe in whatever way I can even try or change someone's Thought of comitting These brutal acts. so even if Its a poem To assist I was reluctant to give and I Know money can't ease the pain but I hope the poems will give hope of recovery. I want poetry To help heal individuals and nation and I must say poetry can do That because it was Maya Angelou's poetry that spoke to me and inspire me to write today.

Shah Fazli Can you please read the poem you contributed to Angels Cried?

Antonia Valaire Wake up world

I dream a dream
I dreamt the day when we were not perfect or immune to fear
But we were in one accord, despite our doubts and differences
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I felt love so strong in an atmosphere of once
So war and anger,
For the first time babies stare
For the first time the homeless was fed and cared
For the first time I thought, Christmas came everyday
This was a dream within my dreams
A dream I dream never to be awaken
This is my letter to the world,

I dream a dream,
That every boy and girl will be taught that they are special
And have an uplifted self esteem,
I envision the sun shining through the cracks of dawn,
The day that injustice will be mercy’s pawn,
I dream of a better world perceived through the eyes of unblemished child,
I dream of sunsets in smiles
I dream of masks removing beneath the disguise,
I dream… To scream like a timid girl, yell on top of my voice:
Wake up world.

Christena Antonia Valaire Williams.

Shah Fazli Thank you, do you have your own poetry published, if yes, what is it called, we may want you to read a poem from it later, if not, do you intend to publish one of your own any soon?

Antonia Valaire not yet. Its a dream I wish to accomplish and have not just one but many poetry books and To own a publishing company.

Shah Fazli What do you think of other poets' and authors' contributions to Angels Cried, have you read the whole book yourself, which story or poem do you like very much?

Antonia Valaire Hmn well I Only got the opportunity to read a few and so far from what I have read and Knowing the poets personally and Via Facebook I knew That they are phenomenal writers. I wouldn't say I prefer one from the others I loved what I read Thus far.

Shah Fazli Thanks, can you read one more poem before we leave it to others to maybe ask questions or comment please?

Antonia Valaire Remove the barriers
Oh lord!
I can’t understand
Why there’s no more love
Remove the barriers
Of racial segregation
Disunity of religion
The political division
I cry not for blacks or white
But I cry for mankind
Oh lord!
As you created this world
I knew this wasn’t your plan
Men sought power and greed
And for that slavery was to be
No one cares for you or me
So lord remove the barriers
So I and all may live as one
We are royal
We are all kings and queen
So what made you think?
You were more supreme
And we all are created in the image of the king
Oh lord!
Remove the barriers.

Christena Antonia Valaire Williams
Jamaica W.I

Shah Fazli Thanks you, now we leave it to others if they want to say something, it was a real pleasure for us.

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Antonia Valaire Thank you for Having me. I hope everyone enjoyed the interview, Please feel free to ask me any Questions.

Stephen L. Wilson Antonia Valaire, what wonderful words you have used to describe Jamaica. I am interested to know what some of the natural animals are there. Do you have any parrots, monkeys or insects which are unique to Jamaica? Thank you.

Antonia Valaire Jamaica is a land of beauty, we Have a lot of mountains, alot of farming communities, our sunshine is one of the best, beaches, our food is a delight, we have Ackee and saltfish, curry goat alot of foods that is our own as well as ingenious that is why our motto is out of many one people cause our culture is so dynamic with all the incorporation That's what makes us unique. w edo have aligators, different types of birds and some snakes and iguana but we are known for our national bird the Doctor Bird. I also I would like to point out That our music reggae is a well loved across the world which is also linked to Rastafarians, They are identified by dreadlocks, smoking of herbs, their ital food that they eat.

Antonia Valaire If That's all I will eat my dinner now Sorry That's Its via facebook, I would share my Stew peas very nice meal.

Moses Opara Antonia,what a lovely name,
what motivated you to write this great poem for that anthology?
And you dont look more or less like a jamaican,i thought you are not an african lady, well black is beautiful.

Antonia Valaire Its my Middle name( Antonia Valaire) This Poem was written a week before the anthology and It was placed in my spirit sometimes I write and I don't know where the words come from and yes I am a Authentic Jamaican. This poem is not just for this anthology or This incident Its every pain individuals have felt for different reasons and as I was writing this poem I reflected on my own pain as my dad left me when I was one year old also The pain of others and I just poured my heart on the papers.

Catherine Mahoney to conclude this exciting interview, on behalf of Antonis Valarie and Shah Fazli, thank you to all who came to the international Angels Cried Poetry Anthology for Charity. There will be a complimentary blog and of course you can find out more about Antonia in the event soiree and the book Angels Cried at Amazon and in Mr. Fazli Bookstore.

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Antonia Valaire

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