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Mhc Baron

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Shah Fazli
Mhc Baron, Welcome to our live Spotlight interview, first of all thank you so much for being here tonight taking the time to answer our questions, we are honoured, I must admit I am impressed by how much compassion and love your messages convey, and you are creating a party that stands for compassion and love, tell us where is this party at the moment and where do you see it going in three, four or many years to come, please? — with Mhc Baron and 4 others.

Mhc Baron Thank you Shah@

Mhc Baron Thank you for having this together

Mhc Baron the compassion party is a concept right now however we must never use anger in any of our messages or actions we can only do actions based on compassion as www.amma.org, Mother Theresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Ghandi have shown to us

Mata Amritanandamayi is known throughout the world as Amma, or Mother, for her s...See more

Mhc Baron One of my role models of how to build this party is amma.org I have met her on my travels and spent a week at a human rights gathering at an LA hotel while I was traveling out west

Mhc Baron I took the first step by creating the domain namewww.anu1.org today and we are using this as the go to place for the compassion party
| Welcome to My Human Compassion (MHC) Baron experience!MYHUMANCOMPASSION.COM
Email MHC Baron: contact@myhumancompassion.com Justice, freedom, equality, and compassion are blessed within humanity. Follow along on my quest to reinvent and give evolutionary tools for healing.

Mhc Baron I am looking to make a super user have admin rights to this website and I need one person from every country of the world to have these writes and put commentary and constant content about how we can use compassion to make our world and humanity a better place

Mhc Baron I am working to create a litmus test for all politicians to live up to for the benefit of the 7.2 billion of humanity next generation of politicians.

Mhc Baron the book Looking Glass Shattered details many of what I call positive core values and human civil rights on how our new generation of politicians need to be.

Shah Fazli What are the challenges along the way, you think, what should a person go through along the way to become a president, tell us about your reforms and ideas please?

Mhc Baron great questions! I sold my car two years ago and I take public transportation and this has shaked me to the core. I know that our politicians need to know what it costs to buy a loaf of bread and they need to know then when the bus fare goes up by $1.00 how much that impacts a person when they are making $8,000 per year. I came very close to being homeless because I spent all my money and I got into huge debt to finish my book

Mhc Baron I will always remember meeting a counselor in New York City and I said to him that I was so broke I would have to go to a homeless shelter and he said to me do not do that in NYC you will not last one day - you will be thrown in with all kinds of people who will rip you apart metaphorically speaking - he was saying that the centers in NYC are some of the hardest ones - he said if you are going to be homeless do that in another state of the country

Mhc Baron I see the world so differently now that I know about my close calls like these - amazing stories! The politicians really need to be aware of the homeless situation. Politicians must be focused on meeting the people's basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, love, companionship and finding a job with meaning that people love

Mhc Baron I sold all my possession in April 2011 and started traveling the country at the time I had a lot of money saved up and zero debt. I went through all of my retirement to write this book

Mhc Baron It brought me the courage to start a new political party based on compassion and my pen name My Human Compassion (MHC) acronym

Mhc Baron Politicians in every part of the world have to be focused on food, clothing, shelter, jobs for everyone - this is the core thing for everything and all the other issues are important yet these are core values we must be addressing in a compassion-based manner

Mhc Baron I believe that there are ways to teach people how to fish instead of giving away the fish

Mhc Baron I believe that politicians must be living in the socially economic neighborhoods and take the bus for a while to really understand the struggle that is really out there among the 7.2 billion of humanity -- ideas and think tank resolutions evolve from this

Shah Fazli Thanks, tell us about your book, what do we read there, what is the main subject of your book please?

Mhc Baron the main subjects of the book are how can each of the 7.2 billion of humanity be healed and how can we keep humanity surviving into the next decades

Mhc Baron humanity saved me so many countless times and I owe my life to humanity I would not be alive today without the help and compassion of others

Mhc Baron i almost got hit by a car in NYC while crossing the street and literally inches I stopped when some others yelled at me to stop

Mhc Baron none of these people had to help me so I could survive they did it because the vast majority of humanity is compassionate

Mhc Baron I was on the trails of the Appalachian Trail and I was about to drink muddy water and some others gave me clean water

Mhc Baron I do believe this in my heart and soul despite what the media might be programming

Mhc Baron Shah, you ask me an excellent question about what the theme of the book is - wow! it is so many different things that its hard to sum up a few

Mhc Baron at its core it is a self-help book it is a book/diary written in a unique format filled with hundreds of pictures that really impacted my over 2 year journey across the USA while meeting new people, places, and events that helped shape the book to be the great work it is today

Mhc Baron a friend asked me recently if aliens were to land on the planet and they could only read one book what would that be? The answer is Looking Glass Shattered at its core this is the book that will keep humanity from extinction

Mhc Baron I am the first self-help related book to ever be adding politics as a major theme

Mhc Baron many of my author friends have told me to stay away from politics and stick with the self-help theme

Mhc Baron i thought carefully about this and i decided to do something very unique combine self-help with my ideals of politics because i am seriously worried about the fate of humanity and the course we are on now

Mhc Baron we have the ability to do some amazing things in our future and we have a @myhumancompass to bring positive core values through change. @myhumancompass is my name on twitter

Mhc Baron I know what it is like to run out of money from a hospital bill and have collections call me because i had no insurance

Mhc Baron do any of our current politicians know what this feels like??

Mhc Baron I know what it is like to try to eat a healthy nutrition yet without a car and inability to drive to an organic nutrition place I had to eat from a 7 eleven quick gas station and I got severe ulcerative colitis because even if I wanted to eat healthy i could not - do any of our politicians know what this feels like?

Mhc Baron Do any of the politicians know what it costs to buy a loaf of bread? if so how many?

Mhc Baron I have put myself into positions i never expected before and learned to survive it has me grow in ways i never imagined to live outside the comfort zone and I have no idea what a box is i live outside the box everyday. Everything I own is in my one backpack and i intend on doing this for quite some time until I can finish the second book

Shah Fazli Thanks, what would be your immigration reforms, for instance, and why do you think the

Mhc Baron I am an immigrant my Grandma came to this country from Hungary

Mhc Baron the only reason why I am alive today is because of Teddy Roosevelt he is a great USA president who had open reform policies

Mhc Baron My relatives are gaelic irish and they were not allowed a voice by the King of Hungary and my grandma came here in 1908

Lynn Worton How would you get the current politicians to read your book? They seem to be focusing more on their lives than the people they are supposed to be serving. Greed is one of the worst pollutants to all governments. How would you eradicate it?

Mhc Baron I am from hard working immigrants on both sides of my family

Mhc Baron I know the USA should allow a very open immigration policy to new immigrants so long as the immigrants are hard working and are looking for a better life for themselves and their family I am a Huge fan of letting immigrants in. My hungarian family tried to get some other relatives to come over from hungary in around 1939 yet Woodrow Wilson was President and he did not allow them in and they died in the holocaust

Mhc Baron This is huge who we let into the USA and who we turn away. The life of people or death of people depends on immigration

Mhc Baron i am in favor of immigration and Teddy Roosevelt President of the USA around 1912 is my role model on how we can do this right - America the USA was built by immigrants and it is why it is so successful today - without immigration the USA would not be where it is now

Mhc Baron Hi Lynn

Mhc Baron great question Lynn

Mhc Baron How we can start doing politicians is to create a litmus test and I am working on that it will be checks and balances to compare each of our politicians against

Mhc Baron This will evolve into a system that will carefully monitor each of our politicians to see if their daily lives are meeting certain criteria

Mhc Baron What do we want out of our politicians? we want them to be for the people, by the people, and with the people. current polls show that only around 20% of the people have any hope in current government and politicians

Mhc Baron Lynn, I need to get on some talk shows and discuss my book - I can use your help and the help of others to get mobilized to get me on some shows - do you have some ideas on getting me on foxnews or the CNN show?

Mhc Baron i am open to suggestions

Mhc Baron I already did one radio show that was a huge success and the message went really well

Mhc Baron Lynn, eradicating greed is by each of the citizens standing up and saying - we voted you the politicians into office - if you are greedy than you will get fired

Mhc Baron we vote them in and we can fire them

Lynn Worton No, not really, but I suppose you could always approach the local newspapers or radio stations. Start small, then go national, then international. I'm not sure how it works in the US, considering I'm in the UK, but that's how I would approach it.

Mhc Baron I want to make sure that the Senators are only allowed 8 years to be in office we have Senators now that are serving 20 to 30 years this needs to change

Mhc Baron also the supreme court Justices can have term limits should this be a lifetime job?

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom What strategies are you putting in place to implement your optimistic plans?

Mhc Baron if a Senator or Justice knows they are there for life how do we keep them from being greedy and how do we check them? It feels like they have tenor as a college professor and they know its tough to get fired

Mhc Baron Great question! The first step is the non-profitwww.anu1.org and I am going to start asking one person from every country of the world to be a super user admin rights to start putting content on this site. I want to hear about what people need out of their politicians
| Welcome to My Human Compassion (MHC) Baron experience!MYHUMANCOMPASSION.COM
Email MHC Baron: contact@myhumancompassion.com Justice, freedom, equality, and compassion are blessed within humanity. Follow along on my quest to reinvent and give evolutionary tools for healing.

Mhc Baron The ideals of my pen name is that my human compassion is not just me

Lynn Worton I sort of know where you where you are coming from, being an ex-Zimbabwean with a President that will not give up his seat! There should be a time limit for all heads of state in all countries, but some cling on regardless of peoples wants or desires.

Mhc Baron My human compassion represents each of the over 7.2 billion of humanity

Mhc Baron yes this is true Lynn

Mhc Baron the first step in my strategy is done

Mhc Baron I am looking to go to Washington DC and hold a compassion party march next month.

Mhc Baron I need to find a place to live and find a contact in Washington DC who will help me with this march

Mhc Baron I hope to get about a million people to do this march in the same area where Reverend Martin Luther King did his march

Mhc Baron If you know of anyone or if you are interested in helping me do this I am ready

Mhc Baron I will lead this march on the nation's capital to show the people that compassion exists and that we need compassion-based changes

Mhc Baron I am ready to get in front of the people as much as I can to help with this process. My life is devoted to this My Human Compassion as being one of the 7.2 billion of humanity

Mhc Baron We will call this the Compassion march

Mhc Baron Kolade, my strategy at this point is to get as much exposure to my project as possible whether it be a compassion march, radio interveiws, talk shows, or any other exposure

Mhc Baron I know that a lot of what I have been doing and why I am alive to tell my story is due to both humanity being compassionate and a divine help along my way. I have had too many fateful things happen in my life to believe they are coincidence I believe there is a transcending light vibration helping me and helping all of us

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom A king is a king because he has got subjects;no leader without a flower...The people's choice must be respected.Democracy is the affirmative voice of the people.Mhc has got same beliefs and I respect him for that.

Shah Fazli Who are the people that are advising you on what to do, what not to do as a party leader, how many members are there in your party?

Mhc Baron i cannot do this alone I need a lot of people to help me my most important concern is that everything we do is never ever from anger that we are always using our actions with compassion

Mhc Baron the people are some fellow author friends who have ideals on what to do. My help has come about from energy healers, people i meet on the bus, and those I talk with at the grocery store, around the campfire, and at Hostels I stayed at across the country! I have friends from many of the nations of our world and I need to meet more friends. My rolodex can never be large enough - it needs to grow grow grow I can never ever have enough friends and my goal is to meet each of the 7.2 billion of humanity

Mhc Baron all the people who have backed me and helped me are the people - the people who have their daughter in emergency care, the people who are in wheel chairs, the people who are Veterans who come back from war and don't have the benefits they need, the single mother with five children who doesn't know how she is going to pay the rent

Mhc Baron I call this Bus Stop politics

Mhc Baron I learned from living on the bus stops for over two year to really define what are the real needs of our people - what are the talking heads doing right now?

Mhc Baron Could they reach deep in their pocket books and instead of complaining about this not being right or that - could they open a school? could they donate money to the single Mom who can't pay their rent?

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom Do you think you will be fully set for the next election knowing politics require a lot of preparations?

Mhc Baron I like to ask a lot of questions and answers and I don't expect answers to my questions always because they can be rhetorical in nature

Mhc Baron Yes I believe i can however I got to get going now - get mobilized - I thought of running for Congress in Atlanta, GA as a start to bring more teeth foundation to the party

Mhc Baron I sent an email to a Senator recently to see if they can give me some support or ideas on running

Mhc Baron I think the best way to get ready for the election is to get as much exposure as I can and doing a march on Washington is one way. I would love to have some running mates who will run against me and support our Compassion party

Mhc Baron a motto of the compassion party in the USA is that we are not a blue state nor red we are 50 mosaic colors of compassion!

Mhc Baron i think as the website anu1.org grows and gains more attention others will be excited and want to join what we are doing

Mhc Baron I am carefully deciding what to call this and maybe we don't need a name - maybe all of you can answer this question? historically speaking and how I wrote my book is deep concern about the choice of words I did so I am not sure whether to use the word mission, movement or another word that rings what this is about - historically speaking many of these words were used improperly and don't have quite the meaning of what this party is about

Mhc Baron I see your point Kolade Freedom

Mhc Baron It is one thing to be a dreamer

Mhc Baron it is one thing to be beautiful about the thoughts and words I use

Mhc Baron it is entirely different the actions I take

Mhc Baron to bring this into fruition

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom It's another thing to actualize.

Mhc Baron at my core I am a compassionate-humanitarianism - when people ask me what are my beliefs, what is my religion, what are my politics, what is it that I do for a living, who am I? when these questions are asked to me I answer with one word - I am a humanitarian

Shah Fazli Why do you think to become homeless is the start of becoming the president of US, we know the candidates spend millions, what would you do to go forward, especially financially, why you are so positive?

Mhc Baron Yes this is true - it will take a lot of hard work on my part

Mhc Baron i learned to overcome roadblocks and even the miracle of me being alive today really is a miracle

Mhc Baron I believe that financially maybe I don't have anything what it takes. I think it takes about 80 million dollars to be President? is that right?


Mhc Baron The ideals of the compassion party is that each of the 7.2 billion of humanity comes together and is admitted into the party. There are some polarizing issues that are extremely important however the uniqueness of this party is that we focus on the basics which are called Maslow hierarchial needs

Mhc Baron Food, clothing, shelter, love, creating jobs that people love

Mhc Baron these are the types of things that top my agenda as president

Mhc Baron balancing the budget and being for peace

Mhc Baron My goal is that each and everyone of the over 7.2 billion of humanity has nutritious food to eat every day, they have clothing to wear, they have love and companionship, that each one of the over 7.2 billion of humanity has a job with meaning and one that they love

Mhc Baron I want these compassion parties to be in every country to bring these same issues up

Mhc Baron we can balance the budget

Mhc Baron I believe that we need to give the rights to the people to own happiness and that is when they own the Maslow hierarchal needs

Mhc Baronhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs

Maslow's hierarchy of needs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaen.wikipedia.org
Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow...See more

Shah Fazli Can you read a short passage from you book please?

Mhc Baron this inherit need is rightfully given from womb-birth to each and every person on this planet immediately after their birth. I write about this in my book this is what Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was working on before he was killed - his goal was to bring this to some of the poorest areas of the planet and I was born two months after he was killed so this message was what I am supposed to carry on ....

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom How do you intend to generate revenue considering the poor economic status of most countries? You speak of a global mission not national.

Mhc Baron The major areas and agenda of what Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King where swept under the carpet when he was killed in April 1968 I was born in June 1968 - I realize this agenda would be far more advanced if he was still alive today

Mhc Baron I know in my heart that Africa is one of the nation's that has been taking advantage of for so long and it is one of humanities saddest stories

Mhc Baron we are all connected as one as many spiritual advisors I met on my 26-month journey across the USA

Mhc Baron we are back to Pangaea times with the ease of world travel and the social media -

Mhc Baron the fact that here I am being interviewed by Shah who is in Germany and I have representatives from many countries around the earth in this interview is unbelievable!

Mhc Baron This is unimaginable just 10 years ago my friend

Mhc Baron what happens in Africa, India, Asia, and any other of the so called other parts of the world affects us here today

Mhc Baron I hate the fact that corporations are taking the diamond wealth and natural resources out of Africa and I am aware of this

Mhc Baron i know that we are all connected we are all enrolled into humanity and each of us is a proud and loved participant in the 7.2 billion of humanity

Mhc Baron I can do my best to talk to some of the CEO leaders of corporations and see how we can have capitalism that works for the people

Mhc Baron I do believe in capitalism yet the corporations need to have very clear litmus tests about the actions they take in making our humanity a much better place in the future

Mhc Baron Just like I am working on ideas to bring litmus tests to politicians and having term limits our compassion party needs to have litmus tests to corporations and corporate leadership

Mhc Baron I created a brand new version of capitalism. I call this Compassionate Capitalism

Mhc Baron Everyone who is an employee of compassionate capitalism gets a vote in where the company will go

Mhc Baron everyone who is a customer can get a full refund of the product they are buying

Mhc Baron these are the types of things that bring about compassionate capitalism

Mhc Baron I believe that the jobs need to go to the country who can offer the best opportunity

Mhc Baron I don't believe that everything should be buy USA

Mhc Baron I challenge people who are complaining about not getting jobs in the USA to go ahead and move to Dubai or other countries where they can get a job

Mhc Baron This is a world economy

Mhc Baron I need to see jobs with meaning that people love in Africa and other nations who are struggling to huge unemployment

Mhc Baron i heard that Egypt has around 25% unemployment

Mhc Baron we can have think tank ideas to bring jobs over to these countries founded on compassionate capitalism

Mhc Baron the #1 charity I can do is create a job with meaning that people love

Mhc Baron i really do want to give those jobs to other countries because Pangaea is gaining importance and we are coming together into a time of healing the calendar of 12/12/12 when the mayan calendar ended is a time of healing it is not end of days as some predicted who I talked with on my journey we are in times of healing I believe

Mhc Baron I consider myself a citizen of the world instead of one country. I can easily go to another country and get a job there as well as getting a job in the USA this shows how much humanity has transcended and this is a great thing about the world and humanity we live within - I am proud of this fact

Lynn Worton How will you regulate this on a global scale? These litmus tests you speak of will not work for every government, as their Constitutions are completely different to the US's. I think that you have a fantastic idea, but in practical terms will not work. There is too much corruption and greed.
It's all very well saying that humanity will save the world and give people jobs, schools, clothing, no poverty, but how do YOU, as an individual looking to be a Presidential candidate, propose to raise the funds you need to get a campaign up and running in tight economic situations where even the banks are not letting the little man on the street get a mortgage? The only way I can see you getting the funds is by using Crowdfunding. This is something I know a little about, as one member of my family is heavily involved in it. If you want a bit more information, check out programmes like Kickstarter. However, they are for short term funding contracts used by writers and inventors to get funds for their products. Not sure if there is one for Presidential candidates though!

Mhc Baron I did create a gofundme campaign

Mhc Baron http://www.gofundme.com/3lv6u4

Click here to support New Compassion Political Party by Mhc Baronwww.gofundme.com
Greetings everyone! I am honored to be a guest on the "Second Chances" radio sho...See more

Mhc Baron I have no idea what it takes to start a political party so I put down 9,333 because I love the number of 3 numbers in it - its a start

Mhc Baron certainly it seems that there are huge obstacles in my way however I got to keep plugging along to see where things go

Mhc Baron The litmus tests would need to be adapted for every country the uniqueness would depend on the country involved - you raise a good point to me Lynn I need to consider this in putting it together

Mhc Baron its interesting to note that the world's oldest constitution is the USA from my understanding and that is only around 250 years or so old - it isn't very old in the grand scheme of things

Mhc Baron the founding fathers here really invented a formula that works in many areas although we know it was inherently flawed by their white male dominated land owners

Mhc Baron the original concepts of the arab spring where to have democracy and one vote equals one choice of who the politician is to run the country. I had high hopes for Egypt and Syria however now I am concerned what news is out of there

Mhc Baron do you know of another crowd funding project?

Mhc Baron I need to start bringing into the organization a lot of people with passion who do need to make changes

Mhc Baron It only takes 10,000 people and a petition for the white house to look at an idea - when I say only in the grand scheme of things with social media and things going viral I believe there can be a way to make it happen

Mhc Baron could your family member who knows about crowd funding give me a call or send me an email with advice? I would love to speak with them - thank you! Dan

Mhc Baron This is a radio interview I did recently on the Second Chances show hosted by Midge Noble - http://ow.ly/nb68A

Mhc Baron I will make a donation for every Looking Glass Shattered book that I sell to go towards the compassion political party

Lynn Worton You need to hit all social media sites with your campaign. I see you have only 22 days left, but no-one has funded you. You need to advertise the heck out of it, if you want to be recognised. The same goes for your book. Sure, here's their website:http://www.angelrevolutions.net/
It's my sister and her boyfriend that run it.

AngelRevolutions: AngelRevolutions > Welcomeangelrevolutions.net
AngelRevolutions: AngelRevolutions at AngelPages

Mhc Baron I will add myself to their network

Mhc Baron I am on twitter and i have almost 6k followers on there - i started paying for twitter ads to bring attention to it

Mhc Baron my name on twitter is @myhumancompass

Mhc Baron I have started being added to some Leader lists which is where I need to be

Lynn Worton Just started following you on Twitter. Hopefully, I will catch a few of your tweets and re-tweet them for you! I'm @LynnWorton

Mhc Baron that will be great thanks!

Mhc Baron i signed up for the angel revolutions

Mhc Baron i put in a request for help on crowd funding

Mhc Baron i just followed you on twitter

Mhc Baron I could use some more reviews on amazon.com I have 4-5 out of 5 start reviews on my paperback and 1-5 out of 5 star reviews on kindle

Mhc Baron do you have ideas on how I can get more book reviews?

Mhc Baron my kindle is free on kindle select program

Mhc Baron or 1.99 the cost of a cup of coffee

Mhc Baron i made it as least expensive as amazon allowed me to

Lynn Worton I can put a link to the book on my page for you, but not at the moment, as I'm going to head to bed. It's 1:15am here now, and I'm getting blurry eyed! I'll post them tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm not taking any new review requests, as I have close to 400 books on my list at the moment. Have you tried joining a review group on Facebook? What about Wanda's Amazing Amazon Reviewers? Have you not had any joy with the group?

Mhc Baron I lived in the United Kingdom for three months about 13 years ago or so. It was a great experience to have a job there and it helped me to transcend in many ways.

Mhc Baron I loved working in the UK and it was a great experience to live & work in another country.

Mhc Baron Yes please put a link to the book on your page - thank you Lynn! Your help is greatly appreciated!

Mhc Baron I will check Wanda's out - I have joined a lot of groups lately I am trying to keep up with posting my interviews, radio shows, and exposure to all of these groups

Mhc Baron I just did a blog recently to have another link out there

Mhc Baron I will go right now to Wanda's Amazing Amazon reviewers and look for more reviews - thanks for the advice!

Mhc Baron Good night and I will talk you later, All the best! Dan My Human Compassion (MHC) Mhc Baron

Lynn Worton You will not be able to promo or request reviews for your book Monday -Thursday, but you can Friday-Sunday, so make use of this weekend!

Mhc Baron Okay thank you Lynn - Cheers!!!!! Dan

Lynn Worton Good night!

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom Good night Shah,Mhc and Lynn...God bless you all

Mhc Baron God and Humanity bless you all

Mhc Baron Good night and talk to you later, Best! Dan

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