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Alexandra Anthony

Shah Fazli

Alexandra Anthony, Welcome to our live author interview, as said this is already so exciting for our team and for everyone else here, I am sure everyone was waiting for this event impatiently, and here we are beginning it with even more excitement, we would love to hear about yourself and about your writings, what makes you so fun for your fans and makes you so outstanding for the people who know you, tell us about it all please, as a team we are really proud and happy to have you on our live show, and we would love to thank you for being here with us today?

Alexandra Anthony Thanks for sitting down and taking the time to interview me. I look forward to answering your questions and telling you a little more about myself and my books.

Shah Fazli Thank you so much, what is your new book Tempted about please, when was it released and what is the good news about it?

Alexandra Anthony Tempted is rock 'n' roll meets the world of vampires. Our heroine, Savannah Wood becomes the personal assistant to up and coming rocker Nick Hart. Their attraction to one another is immediate, but Savannah does her best to keep things professional. When she discovers Nick's secret, she needs to decide if it's worth the risk.

Alexandra Anthony It was released 4/20/13. Right now, it's #14 on the Vampire List on Amazon and has 53 reviews so far...48 5 Star Reviews!

Shah Fazli Thank you so much, why do you think this book is so successful, let us hear it from you what your family and friends say about it please?

Alexandra Anthony Most of my reviews say that as an author I'm very good at pulling the reader into the scene. I enjoy writing descriptors, so that may be why people feel like they're in the story so to speak.

Shah Fazli Which one of your characters you like very much in the book, and why, maybe you can give an example so we know why you like that particular character?

Alexandra Anthony I'll have to go with Nick Hart. He had a difficult human life, and his change to an immortal by a cruel maker hardened Nick. As he made the decision to change and be a better "man", he wants to love but doesn't feel deserving.

Tami Baney Alexandra, will other bandmates have stories or will the series focus on Nick only, not that I mind, I love Nick!

Alexandra Anthony Right now, the story is about Nick and Savannah. I think we'll hear from Malcolm too in book 2.

Tami Baney I was wondering if Malcomb might get a bit of attention. Yayy!

Shah Fazli What was the challenges in writing and completing this book, what are the vampires there like, tell us about them a little please?

Alexandra Anthony My vampires are day walkers. They're not creatures of the night as many are in other books. The biggest challenge in writing two vampire series is making sure you create original characters and keep things fresh!

Ally Thomas Who is your favorite character to write for or about, Alexandra?

Alexandra Anthony Ally, my favorite character to write for is Stefan, my main vampire from The Vampire Destiny Series. I consider him to be my muse...and his dialogue easily spills out when I write for him.

Shah Fazli Thank you, tell us about the romantic bit please, what is so exciting there?

Alexandra Anthony Is it OK if I ask a question? If so, to my readers...who is your favorite character from my books and why?

Tami Baney Stephan and Nick are so very different but both so interesting and addicting.

Estrella Clark Martin I fell in live with your writing from the very first book. I would like to know if you will be writing about other things paranormal or a different genre?

Alexandra Anthony I grew up reading vampire books where the romance scenes fade to black. I wanted to put the romantic, erotic element in the books because I find vampires to be very erotic.

Michelle Talley I agree to choose between them is impossible.. I love them both. But Stephan to choose

Alexandra Anthony Estrella Clark Martin, i have two other goals. One is to write a romantic erotic book minus the paranormal...and the second goal is to write a book about my battle with breast cancer. The breast cancer book is very personal, but important to me.

Tami Baney I can't choode between Stephan and Nick. Stephan is so romantic, worldly and wonderful. Nick has a vulnerable quality about him that just tugs at my heart.

Alexandra Anthony Stefan and Nick are very different, Michelle Talley and Tami Baney. But I love them both too!

Shah Fazli Can you read from your book for us please?

Alexandra Anthony Sure...let me share a small excerpt from Tempted.

Estrella Clark Martin I'd have to say Stephan since he is so elegantly dangerous.

Alexandra Anthony Honestly, I wasn't surprised to see him waiting for me as I exited the ladies room. Sexily slouched across the wall of the narrow hallway, his arms were crossed under his chest. His handsome face had been brooding, but when his eyes met mine his lips twisted into the smallest of smiles. He pushed off the wall and backed me against the opposite wall.
"I like you, Savannah." The back of his fingers caressed my cheek softly. "Too much, in fact."
"I bet you've used that line before," I teased softly, clearing my throat uncomfortably. His closeness was causing my already ragged breathing to hitch and my heart to race uncontrollably in my chest.
He chuckled darkly. His eyes burned with a strange ferocity that pulled me to him instead of pushing me away. The smell of leather and his smoky, spicy cologne surrounded me. "I can assure you I've never said that to any other woman."
Swallowing nervously, only inches separated our bodies from touching. An invisible, yet tangible pull drew me to him like a moth to a flame. I was too tired to fight him and I let my traitorous body give in to the energy pulsing between us.
"You're my boss..." I managed to mutter weakly. My body had missed the memo. It shamelessly shifted closer to him.
"It's a little after 11 pm and if you want to get technical, I'm not officially your boss. Yet." His cool breath fanned over my face. "So beautiful, Savannah." His lips were soft as they brushed a path down my cheek to press against my jaw. His chest and arms were strong and secure as he pulled me closer. I fought against him for a respectable five seconds before collapsing against him in willing surrender. My fingers instinctively plunged into his silky hair, pulling his head back. My lips and hands had a mind of its own, or if I wanted to pass the buck, the alcohol had taken over. I boldly trailed lines of wet, tonguing kisses down his neck.
His low, throaty growls told me that he liked what I was doing. A lot.

Alexandra Anthony I like that, Estrella Clark Martin. Elegantly dangerous. I may use that in Ascend!

Tricia Drammeh great excerpt

Alexandra Anthony Thank you, Tricia Drammeh!

Tricia Drammeh which paranormal authors have inspired you?

Alexandra Anthony Tricia, Anne Rice drew me into the world of vampires. Charlaine Harris is an influence as well.

Jennifer Killby What inspired you to write this series?

Alexandra Anthony Jennifer Killby, I was watching Brandon Flowers perform and I was suddenly struck with inspiration. Rock 'n' roll and vampires?! Could I write another series and make it different? What started as a challenge ended up being my biggest book to date!

Estrella Clark Martin I like it too Alexandra! I will be patiently waiting for your other ideas. I would be honored to hear your survivor story!

Tricia Drammeh what makes your vampires unique?

Tami Baney It is wonderful! I started it and didn't stop until I was finished then I was sad it was done!

Jennifer Killby Thanks, Alexandra Anthony. Good luck with them all.

Alexandra Anthony Tricia, I think I tried to make my vampires unique by making them daywalkers...and they manage to "mainstream". The Vampire Destiny Series combines fate and destiny with immortality and vampire politics. The Dark Hart Chronicles is still developing, so the story is just getting started!

Tricia Drammeh you seem to have a great group of fans. Did it take a while to build a following?

Alexandra Anthony Estrella, I'm slowly compiling information for my breast cancer book. This book will be a journal/informational book with pictures and a lot of personal experience. I know it will be therapeutic and difficult to write,

Alexandra Anthony Tricia, I'm blessed to have wonderful, loyal fans. I published my first book May 24th, 2012. I've had a year to "meet" such supportive wonderful women!

Alexandra Anthony I try to take the time to answer my reader e-mails and address comments from my fans. I write because I enjoy it-but I write for my fans!

Tami Baney We love you Alexandra!

Estrella Clark Martin Alexandra You truly are an inspiration. It's very brave of you to share your pain and triumph with the world. We'll be here for you cheering you on the whole way!

Tricia Drammeh what has been the highlight of your writing career so far?

Alexandra Anthony Tricia, I've had so many highlights! Having FANS...honest to god fans that support me, that love my characters as much as me is a highlight. Having J.R.Rain send me a friend request on Facebook was huge for me (he's an influence too)! Anne Rice acknowledged me on her FB page in a comment thread where we were discussing reviews...having Book 3, Awakening be #1 on the Amazon Vampire List...I have so many things to be thankful for!

Tricia Drammeh That's awesome! Do you have any advice for authors who are just starting out?

Tami Baney Alexandra, do you base any of the characters from people in your life. I mean is there a Lukas hanging around out there. He makes me laugh!

Alexandra Anthony Tricia...just keep writing. When you publish, you need to be prepared for negative reviews. But you can't let it stop you if you want to write and publish.

Alexandra Anthony Lukas is loosely based on my friend Doug. Anna is based on one of my very good friends. Even Georgia is based on a friend. I'd say Savannah is probably the character that is most like me though!

Tami Baney When I was reading the book. I thought Savannah could be you!

Alexandra Anthony Savannah is spunky and sarcastic...and she's no damsel in distress. I'm not sure if I could resist Nick Hart as long as she did though!

Tami Baney Will we see more of Georgia in Ascend?

Alexandra Anthony That's the million dollar question, Tami Baney. She may show up in Ascend....and I think it will throw everyone for a loop.

Tami Baney Savannah had willpower, crazy girl!

Tami Baney Can't wait, can't wait!

Alexandra Anthony I'm excited about my newest character in Ascend, Fletcher. He's going to have an interesting back story.

Tami Baney I am having suspicians of who he is. Nice muse btw!

Ally Thomas What inspired you to create Fletcher? Can you tell us a little about him?

Tricia Drammeh Do you plot out your books or do the characters take over?

Alexandra Anthony Tricia, a little of both. I plot out the basics of the books, but most of my writing is organic. I let the plot come naturally.

Alexandra Anthony Ally Thomas, Fletcher was inspired because I needed a character that would shake the entire story up. The information he has will be disturbing...and will change everything.

Alexandra Anthony Tami Baney, I'm sure you're probably on the right track with Fletcher. And I could easily spin off a series with his character.

Estrella Clark Martin Oh man! I can't wait for Ascend!

Tami Baney It is going to be exciting!!

Alexandra Anthony I hope so! This book has a lot going's much more plot intensive than any of the other books. Much more research and work is going into Ascend.

Michelle Talley I agree .. Ascend is going to be amazing..just like the rest..

Alexandra Anthony Thanks, Michelle Talley! It's been challenging to write because I have such a large secondary group of characters

Michelle Talley That just means more But you have done an amazing job.. Just please keep them coming..

Alexandra Anthony OK, my head is not going to fit through the door! LOL! Thank you. As long as Josie & Stefan and Nick & Savannah have stories to tell, I'll keep 'em coming!

Tami Baney Alexandra, you give us such a exciting place to escape to in your wonderful books and you awesome heroes! Thank you for that!

Alexandra Anthony You're welcome...and thank you for reading and loving them as much as me. That is an honor...and still boggles my mind.

Tricia Drammeh this question is for Alexandra and the fans... If the series made it to the big screen which actors would you cast?

Alexandra Anthony Tricia, which series?

Michelle Talley Oh man that's a hard one..

Alexandra Anthony If it's The Vampire Destiny Series, I'd cast Alexander Skarsgard as Stefan and Josephine would be Isla Fischer. For The Dark Hart Chronicles, if I could mix up David Boreanaz and Brandon Flowers, he'd be Nick. Savannah...maybe a blond Rachel McAdams?

Tricia Drammeh Sorry, I was switching computers... Let's start with Fated.

Alexandra Anthony ...I'm not sure where Shah is, but I'm going to have to run here in the next five minutes. Any final questions?

Michelle Talley David Boreanez is perfect...too hot..

Tricia Drammeh I'd just like to say I really enjoyed talking to you about your books. Thank you so much.

Alexandra Anthony I appreciate your questions, Tricia. And I loved the open forum for the chance to sit down and answer questions and chat about the books.

Tricia Drammeh Thank you to Shah and Catherine for setting up the interview and thank you to everyone who participated.

Tami Baney thank you so much Alexandra, you are always so great to your fans!

Tami Baney Thank you Shah!

Alexandra Anthony Yes, I'd like to thank Catherine and Shah...and to everyone that took the time to stop by and chat with me! It was a lot of fun!

Alexandra Anthony You can always find me on FB on my author page or The Vampire Destiny Series FB page.

Alexandra Anthony Have a great night everyone! Thank you all again for stopping by!

Tami Baney Good night Alexandra!

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