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Samuel Ehikhamen

Shah Fazli
Samuel Ehikhamen, Welcome to our live event, we are pleased to have you with us tonight, what makes a man a writer, you think, what made you decide to write, was it any personal interest, it couldn't be financial, or it can even be a love story that makes us become a poet or a writer, did you ever think you could make a lot of money from your writing, if not, what was it that took you into writing please?

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Samuel Ehikhamen I have been writing for a very long time and have been known to communicate better with words, but never thought of writing professionaly. I wrote this book being my first book due to the ignorance of the people on the subject matter (finance).

Shah Fazli Thanks, tell us about it more please, what is the book about?

Samuel Ehikhamen After failing at so many things, I made up my mind to succeed but also realized that success was a product of knowledge. Then i reached for my bible; and from the pages of IKings, I discovered so manythings about the man King Solomon and have decided to share then with the world through my book.

Samuel Ehikhamen So i could say my book is about the hidden secrets that govern the success of King Solomon.

Shah Fazli What an interesting idea, so how do you think it works to teach people financial success through Bible, is it not hard to convince a lot of people?

Samuel Ehikhamen The concept of my book has raised a whole lot of questions, but since I understand it so well by the Help of the Holy Spirit, I have been able to answer every question. God has not gone broke since the last time he made King Solomon very wealthy, it is the people that has failed to embrace the knowledge and secret of God's financial blessings.

Samuel Ehikhamen And my book is written to share that knowledge and secret.

Shah Fazli Thank you, what is the book called, what do people say about it, and how is it doing now, is it published?

Samuel Ehikhamen The book is titled Beyond Poverty Line. I have been getting a whole lot of positive feedbacks and some questions as well, but I would say its been a success. And yes it is published on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback) and Smashwords (Several different formats).

Shah Fazli Thank you, will there be another such book written by you, now that you have received good feedbacks, or wil youl write on another subject, and in a different genre?

Samuel Ehikhamen There would definately be some other books on the topic of finance, but I am working on some other books right now which i intend to publish by next year. Just to let you in one of the books "The baby principle," It is a book that explains the process of transformation from one realm of life into another for maximum experience.

Shah Fazli Thanks a lot, what is it the most that you have used in the book, stories of success from Bible, or not, comparing today's financial world to the one during King Solomon, or is it in any other different way?

Samuel Ehikhamen I did not have to compare today to the time and era of King Solomon, but I asked myself one question when i was studying "If King Solomon could be very wealthy in a time of less than 200,000,000 people in the world, no internet, no phones, no air planes, no technology, and still remains the wealthiest man that ever lived in a world of technology, 7,000,000,000 people, air planes, internet and mobile phones, then the obvious problem was ignorance and that knowledge is all my book covers. So expect more People like King Solomon in the nearest now.

Shah Fazli Can you give us another example from your book please?

Samuel Ehikhamen The very first thing i discovered from King Solomon's story was the fact that he had a Rich baby, and grew it until being wealthy was inevitable. People have used the term rich and wealthy interchangeably and most have abused it generally. To be Rich is a personality on which wealth is built. It is like the foundation on which a house is built. The foundation of a house must be built with actual design, weight, and size in mind, so must every man's Rich baby be built with the kind of wealth he desires in mind. You will understand the Rich baby concept better from my book.

Shah Fazli Can you please post a passage from your book for us to read?

Samuel Ehikhamen That would be my pleasure.

Samuel Ehikhamen Just like most of us, we want to live in prosperity, riches and wealth, but we cannot really tell the difference in our minds so we keep moving in circles. We break every prosperity rule at any given opportunity and time, not because we do not want to leave poverty, but because we are just being who we are – poor. We are captives of our own minds even when we seem to be having some amount of money in our name. And this is the reason for going from have to have not so fast that we can't really remember what it feels like to have.
Captivity is living under the control of bad and unfavorable habits, circumstances, governance, leadership and climate. These habits and everything listed above do not really leave you with much of a choice as long as you are within their lines; this makes a cross beyond those lines the only way of escape. It is not enough to escape these captors, it is very essential that you know where you are going after escape and how to get there, or else you would find yourself captured by a more bad and unfavorable captor before you even settle into freedom.
It’s like making plans to escape from a penitentiary and not include the thought of where you are going from there and how to get there, you have just succeeded in making a plan to get back into the same penitentiary or a far worse one. Every successful escape plan must include the following: How to escape – with detailed process from within the walls to outside the walls; a safe haven – with details of location and step by step process of reaching there and staying there; the doing – which means execution of the plan and actually escaping. The execution of this plan will require your mind, words, energy, discipline, confidence, people, boldness, hope and patience, which makes this book a must read for everyone who truly wants to escape from within the walls of poverty.
Without making plans to escape, there are times your captors feel sober and lets you walk, even at that time, if you are not truly free and equipped enough to live on the other side, you just might find yourself back within the lines. This means you are a captive in your subconscious even when you are beyond the line, and that is the reason for having wealth today, and the next minute you are broke and down again.
Freedom unlike captivity gives you a choice, which makes it good and favorable when compared to captivity.
Freedom is the ability to live by the rules, laws, regulation and principles of a jurisdiction or circumstance. To be free is to live life knowing what to do and how to do it, and then do it, where to go and how to get there, and then go there, what to say and how to say it, and say it. Freedom is to know what it really takes to remain free.
To be free from whatever has succeeded in holding you captive, you need freedom. This freedom is not the result of setting something or someone loose, but a state of mind where you live the above characteristics as a lifestyle not minding whatever physical and mental factor that may say otherwise. The freedom from being issued a ticket by a Road Safety official is to know the driving rules and regulations of the particular area in which you are driving or intend to drive, and keep them irrespective of the weather, time, circumstances or your emotions.

Shah Fazli You have written real good things above, but do you still have any advice, any particular advice for others on how to grow financially please?

Samuel Ehikhamen The truth is, there are so many good books out there that teach how to build wealth, but i tell you that without a rich personality, wealth is a mirrage. Just as any building may last but for a while without a foundation, so will wealth without a rich personality fall with its face burried in the sands. My book gives birth and grows the rich personality and building wealth would be the easiest thing you ever did. Go for personality and acoomplishments will follow.

Shah Fazli Thank you so much, such a pleasure to have you with us tonight, see you again soon.

Samuel Ehikhamen Thank you very much to Mr Shah, I am honored.

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