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Georgina Hannan

Shah Fazli
Georgina Hannan, Thank you so much for being here tonight, and thanks to all other guests for joining, can you please start the event with telling us a little about yourself, when did you start writing, what was it about, and tell us what is your favourite genre of writing please?

Georgina Hannan Hey Everyone,

Georgina Hannan A little about myself, I am a full time IT Consultant & Author. I started writing when I was 14 years old.

Georgina Hannan I wrote a young adult romance that I never published. My fav genre is horror / romance

Christopher Garvey What inspired you to start writing?

Georgina Hannan Thanks Christopher, I'm not sure I love notebooks and I'd gotten one from the Zoo I'd visited and to idea just came to me. I wrote my first story in a collection of notebooks & paper!

Shah Fazli Can you introduce one of your characters for us, what is he or she is like, and what do you like about that character please?

Georgina Hannan Ooh ok, I'll introduce Tyler. He is 18 a moody character due to a troubled up bringing. He scares a lot of people as he's so honest but he's fiercely loyal to his brother & friends. I like Tyler because he's hard on the outside but warm when/if he lets you in.

Shah Fazli What's Cursed about, why do you think people would enjoy reading this book?

Georgina Hannan Cursed is book 1 in a 3 book series. Its about a group of 4 friends who go on a 2 week holiday to Dartmoor, Devon. They experience some weird paranormal sightings & goings on and fear for their lives. People will like it because its easy to read and from reviews it keeps the reader gripped .

Diane Roberts how long do your books take for u to write? xx

Georgina Hannan About 6 months give or take & then a few more months editing as I work full time so fit it in to my evenings & weekends

Shah Fazli Barbara Bloom How many books do you have published?

Georgina Hannan I have 1 published at the moment, its called Cursed & is book 1 in a 3 book series. Book 2 is due out Dec/Jan time.

Shah Fazli James Boshier, erm... yes I have a question.....

I hear you have some professional models coming for a photo shoot. Will you be providing them sausages with the bacon for breakfast?? Rob Maller

Georgina Hannan James, yes I have some models coming for a photo shoot on Saturday. This is for promotional material for the Cursed Series. Haha yes I'll think about the sausages too

Shah Fazli Great, how popular you and your books are among your fans, and if more or less, why do you

Diane Roberts will u write anymore books once all the cursed series is published? Xx

Georgina Hannan I'm not sure how popular I am. I've received great reviews and people seem to really enjoy the book. I think its because they can find ways to relate to my characters.

Georgina Hannan Diane - yes I will. I have another story in editing stage which is on hold. Along with another story which is in planning stage on hold.

Shah Fazli Can you read from Cursed for us please?

Diane Roberts do u base any of your characters on people you know? x

Georgina Hannan Sure - She knew this wasn't good. The ominous smell of alcohol filled the hallway. Her husband was home. It was only a matter of time before he summoned her. He always wanted to speak to her after he'd been drinking. It was the only time he did.

Georgina Hannan Diane - mostly no. Some may have tiny characteristics that are similar but most made up. Except the main character Daisy, she was based on myself.

Shah Fazli Interesting, so tell us about Daisy a little please, what is this character like, and also tell us if that is what you are like in certain ways, and what is that?

Georgina Hannan Character is Daisy. Diane was the name of the lady who asked the question. Daisy is 18 she is loyal and friendly & would do anything for anyone. She also tries to see the best in people but is also shy. Yes I am mostly like this too hehe

Diane Roberts haha im not in your book am i georgie x

Michael Garvey are people your meeting on fb turning into future characters

Georgina Hannan Ooh nice question Michael. Kind of, I use some names but mostly I don't base a single character on 1 person I know. I will take bits of different personalities to make 1 new personality

Michael Garvey very interesting !!! xx

Shah Fazli Tell us what is your best way of scaring people with words, isn't it a hard job, you think, and if you are scared yourself when writing your horror scenes, can you give us an example?

Michael Garvey have you an age group in mind when start to think about a new book x

Georgina Hannan Gosh that's hard. Mostly I describe something that would scare me - for example I'd say there was a storm with strange howling noises and whispers & tapping like someone was trying to get in & doors opening for no reason etc.

Georgina Hannan Mostly yes. I tend to write for the Young Adult audiences, however Cursed is also enjoyed by adults too.

Michael Garvey do you have i should have said doh

Michael Garvey are you gonna turn chris into one of your characters ,,or have you already !!!!

Shah Fazli Does it matter if you are sweet as a person to write horror, I think you are very sweet and pretty as a woman, how does it affect your writing, doesn't it end up being sweet like you are?

Georgina Hannan Michael - haha I'm not sure, I try not to use anyone too close to me but his personality does appear in one of my other stories lol

Georgina Hannan Shah - Its not too hard because I'm scared of a lot haha so its easy to write. My main character always turns out nice like me

Michael Garvey who are your writing heroes !!!

Georgina Hannan I have so many but most recent fav authors are Karen Mahoney & Lauren Kate

Michael Garvey do you see yourself as part of a writting trend !!! or school !!!!

Georgina Hannan Yes I think I'm part of a writing trend. I do it because I love it & because I can't help but write. I also like to help out other authors

Michael Garvey theres a lot of young writers about now ,,i feel !!! in the wake of jkrowling and the twlight stuff xx

Georgina Hannan Yes there is & its great

Michael Garvey thank christ there is !!!! all the art forms are strong at the moment ,,

Georgina Hannan Yeah, its lovely to see it all coming back

Michael Garvey the writen words despite people saying the internet will kill books and other art forms it seems to be making it stronger with people passing there books, music and art around !!! i have people in america and brazil that have seen my art wtf lol is that AMAZING !!!

Georgina Hannan Yeah ebooks are growing which helps other art too

Michael Garvey yes amazing georgina !!! the amount of people who have seen my little picture !!!! WOW unthinkable before xx

Georgina Hannan Yes lots. For anyone reading this Michael painted the cover image for Cursed

Michael Garvey thank you again !!! cant wait for the next one as thats a much better picture !!!!xx

Georgina Hannan 150 likes & I'll reveal it

Michael Garvey how many so far ??

Georgina Hannan 78/79 i think

Michael Garvey getting there !!! how does the book compere to the first ,,and do you think its better x

Georgina Hannan Yes its better

Georgina Hannan @Lisa Day, Since your in the UK. do you have any problems relating to the readers in The USA?

Michael Garvey i think we all learn the more we do!!! gotta go babe !!! very excited about the cover !!! dont forget as soon as i onounce the exhibition you and chris are honered guessed xxxthats about 6 months away xx

Georgina Hannan To answer Lisa's question - yes I do a bit. I've not had many USA readers so have not received any feedback from them

Barbara Bloom What a fun interview!

Georgina Hannan Thank you Barbara

Barbara Bloom Your welcome. I have always loved you as an author and a friend.

Georgina Hannan Aww I really appreciate that x

Shah Fazli

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