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William Gabienu

Shah Fazli
William Gabienu, Welcome to our live author interview, please can we start this interview with a little introduction of you and your work, have you written only one book so far or more, tell us about your background a little, when did you start writing, and when did you get published, please?

William Gabienu Thank you Shah, well I am a young man who just hit 29. A church guy since childhood. I think I picked up my passion for studying and reading Christian materials at that early age. My deep knowledge of Christianity automatically put me in the right position to become a bible teacher in my local church. I evolved over time into a new way of spreading faith. I started to motivate and inspire people based on the word of scripture, and so I became somebody who is invited frequently as a speaker at various conferences.

Catherine Mahoney everyone please come to the comments here to ask questions.

Catherine Mahoney

Catherine Mahoney questions here please

William Gabienu Grabbing Your Destiny By The Horns is my first book so far and i think i really like the message it carries.

Allan Dubon I really enjoyed that you insisted that we (with God's help) are the ones who need to take charge of our lives.

Shah Fazli What is your book about, can you please tell us about it a little?

Ivy Bél Why the title " Grabbing Your Destiny By The Horns" and not any other title?

William Gabienu @Shah well, my book is the friut of personal life experience and lessons learnt in the course of my interactions with others. The message has to do with realizing and discovering our God-given potentials and utilizing them fully to the benefit both of self and all as well as to the Glory of God.

Allan Dubon Lynda Otieno and other guests: Please leave comments and questions on this specific post.

Allan Dubon William, what would you say was your turning poing? You know, when you realized that it was up to you?

Anita Ama Mozou ok QUESTION!

Anita Ama Mozou how did u get the title?

Lynda Otieno What inspired you to write your first book grabbing your destiny by the horns

William Gabienu Allan Dubon, well i have read a lot of self-help materials out there but i can tell you in all honesty THERE IS NO SELF-HELP WITHOUT GOD'S HELP. My book enforces self realization as well as the knowledge that Our true success in this life can only be complete when we do what is on our part to do as well depend on God, for what He has to do to bring us to the place of honour He has prepered for us.

Ivy Bél I want to believe you learnt something after writing the book, what did you learn about yourself?

Lynda Otieno William i like when you say grabbing your destiny by the horns is your first book so far,it clearly says we are going to see and read more from you,is it?

Ivy Bél If you are given the opportunity to rewrite your book, what would you change in it?

Lynda Otieno Just as Allan Dubon i know that God do exist and am a strong believer i love the fact that you put His Mighty name first in your everything and He is a big fact for your everything,am delighted you strain so much on God then the rest follows

William Gabienu Ivy Bél, Yea Grabbing Your Destiny By The Horns is the title i chose and i'm glad i did. For all the time that i begun writing i had in mind 'I HAVE A DREAM' and just a few steps to submitting my book to my publisher, i saw ' Grabbing Your Destiny By The Horns' flashing on my mind's eyes..and i thought this is Wow! Besides i think it really portrays the my story in it's fulness.

Allan Dubon "Somehow, whether we realize it or not, we have an inner craving,
a burning desire, a longing to be in a position of recognition and
importance. We mostly dream of the not yet birthed. We desire what
we’ve not yet attained, and we yearn somehow for what we have not
yet become." when you started the book out like this I knew it was going to be amazing! Your book is well worth the INVESTMENT! It is a guidebook to success!!!My heart yearns for leadership lessons like this. Thank you William Gabienu, you truly inspire. I know I received great feedback from your feature on

Ivy Bél what should we expect from your next book?

Lynda Otieno Thanks Allan i finally got my way to the correct box

Ivy Bél What new thing did you learn about God in writing your book?

Allan Dubon William, I am a believer, but how does your message resonate with those who are on the cusp? or maybe are not believers? Are there lessons for everyone, or only believers?

Lynda Otieno Are experiences based on someone you know or events in your own life

Lynda Otieno You said you have read alot as well and got ideas in other places too,so what books have most influenced your life most?

William Gabienu Allan Dubon, Straight-forwardness is one of my main characteristic and my book really represents me and what my inner contents are. I think this is what makes my book realistic and praticable.

Lynda Otieno Alan Hardy,if you are a participant then just in case you are not sure join us or put your comments and questions here where we all are

Ivy Bél what one encouragement would you give from your book?

Lynda Otieno Shah Fazli can we keep the questions coming coz you requested we wait till what we asked are replied first,but am damn anxious with more eventhough my previous ones haven't been tackled yet lol

William Gabienu Allan Dubon, well i have had ups and downs in my life and at one point i decided to do the wisest thing ever; TURN MY ANGER AND FRUSTRATIONS INTO PROPELLING FUEL....i decided to Grab my Destiny !

Ivy Bél what challenges did you face in writing your book?

William Gabienu Anita Ama Mozou, Yea Grabbing Your Destiny By The Horns is the title i chose and i'm glad i did. For all the time that i begun writing i had in mind 'I HAVE A DREAM' and just a few steps to submitting my book to my publisher, i saw ' Grabbing Your Destiny By The Horns' flashing on my mind's eyes..and i thought this is Wow! Besides i think it really portrays the my story in it's fulness.

Lynda Otieno Alan Hardy ad a good question somewhere but its in a different post hope you get to see it.Att.we are commenting here

Ivy Bél how long did it take you to finish writing?

Alan Hardy here it is again--I didn't know how to post it properly first....In your search for meaningfulness in life and the realisation of your true potential (as set out in your great book) to what extent is religion important in that? And can someone who is not religious still (in your opinion) fulfil themselves to the same extent and to their true potential?

Lynda Otieno What was the hardest part of writing your book

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno, Well, my personal life experiences and lessons learnt played a major factor in writing this specific book. I wanted to get the message of hope, blessedness and possibilty across to all. Life must be meaningful otherwise God did a poor investment in our creation...and we must not let this be!

Ivy Bél Have you ever thought of being an author as you were growing until now?

Ivy Bél Do u think God inspired you in writing this book or it was based on your personal life experiences?

Lynda Otieno The title of this book pins a very important message to be taken home,i havent read the book yet of which i must but i feel by reading the title its like its giving me a clear picture of what is in the pages which is so attractive to people trying to crab there destiny by the horns just as me to be better

William Gabienu Ivy Bél, Going through the pages of my book again and again and hearing what people have to say about it makes me believe even more in my God-given abilities. All men are wonderful in creation and our strengths are without questioning. When we set ourselves up to achieving our dreams, we would be surprised at what we really came into the world with. We are here to write the best story ever with our lives...and i'm glad my mind is set up on course.

De Ann Townes Jr. Hola William Are tú exclusive to one genre y if so why? And are tú open to multiple genres y the their possibilities?

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno, actually, there is another writing project well under way and i'm hoping to get it through it before the year ends.

Ivy Bél what impact have u made in your society?

Lynda Otieno Am already glad to know that there is another book on the way before the year ends kudos

William Gabienu Ivy Bél, i woudn't change a thing in that wonderful book. It contains my heart and every word in it is a stream of life for success. I'd rather add up to it in a really good way. hahaha

Alan Hardy Don't forget my question, William.......In your search for meaningfulness in life and the realisation of your true potential (as set out in your great book) to what extent is religion important in that? And can someone who is not religious still (in your opinion) fulfil themselves to the same extent and to their true potential?

Ivy Bél How would you feel if your book were not a success? would you feel like a failure knowing how u have invested into it, or you will want a comeback?

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno, I think what really gets non-fiction book messages like mine across is the belief and the heart beat of the writer. This is reality and facts and i have a style of staying true to my beliefs in all my life walks as well as in my book writings.

William Gabienu Ivy Bél, my next book can best be described as thought-provoking and challenging. It has the form of poetry that speaks directly to the soul. Find out the rest hahahaha

Lynda Otieno Yah,being your friend and you once just gave me a little taste of you past life,your book is so not fiction and i love the fact that you embrace it and so open to discus and you even did put it down in writing

Lynda Otieno Do you see writing as a career?

William Gabienu Ivy Bél ,One new thing i have learnt from God is that He watches keenly over the object of His heart. My destiny, gifts or talents are all of Him and He has an interest in seeing them materialize. So when any man decide to commit himself to the high interest of God, he gains the approval and support of heaven and there in lies all POSIBILITIES.

Alan Hardy can someone who is not religious still (in your opinion) fulfil themselves to the same extent and to their true potential?

William Gabienu Allan Dubon, My book is in line with my faith but the priniples and wisdom contained in it are universal and bind all men. It is a useful book to both christians and no-christians. I have had someone who doesn't share my faith agree perfectly with me on most of the the things listed in it.

Alan Hardy A good and interesting answer I think,'s good to know there's hope for us all

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno, The experinces that led to the writing of my book, amaong many thing, are personal as well as lessons learnt from my interactions with people at my various spaeking events. This is what gives the book the PULSATING HEART it has hahahaha

Alan Hardy You live in Milan, William. Has living in Italy had any influence on the way you think and you have developed?...or do you think you would have had the same ideas/etc. wherever you had lived? Saluti dall'Inghilterra, William!

William Gabienu Ivy Bél, i wake up each morning telling myself THE PAGES OF HISTORY HAVE ROOM FOR ONLY ONE PERSON WITH THE QUALITIES I HAVE...AND THAT IS ME! i think is one one encouragement i will give to anyone. the world is in wait for what they carry so they should stop at nothing but press on and beat the hurldles in thier ways because they really can!

Lynda Otieno Lol Andy,you are not left out,we are all in with the doors wide open,its just that Will recognizes his creator and he feels he owes it to Him just as we all do owe our lives and other stuff to other different pple,family spouses,friends etc that's is why he keeps mentioning it alot we are not locked out of this book,we are all in we just have different approaches

Lynda Otieno William,do you have anything specific you want to say to your readers?

Lynda Otieno What does your family think of your writing

William Gabienu Shah Fazli and Alan Hardy. Absolutely! Life is lived according to laid down principles and anyone , religoius or not, who respects and applies these principles meets with success. History is made up of many of such. My book teaches some of these principles.

Alan Hardy Yeah, a good answer, William. Great stuff.

Lynda Otieno What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book

William Gabienu Ivy Bél, the major problem i faced with this great book had nothing to do with outside factors. I was kept pushing it back for no apparent reason. I've resolved never to do that again!!! I stole time from my own success story unknowingly.

Lynda Otieno What do you think makes a good story

Lynda Otieno What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

Loretta Laurel Rodinson Sorry am late, but hope am still on time to get in the event. What was the vision behind the book and what impact do you expect it would have on peoples lives?

Lynda Otieno What is your work schedule like when you are writing

William Gabienu Loretta Laurel Rodinson,let in your questions. You are never too late. I'll continue with the answering tomorrow. Remember, who askes more wins the Prize.

Lynda Otieno so i can keep on asking coz am so seriously wanting to win this signed book lol i know am terrible though

Lynda Otieno De Ann Townes Jr. i want it don't you think i should ave it lol good night

De Ann Townes Jr. Tú have been quite involved Lynda I didn't ask too many questions bc tú asked all the questions I wanted to ask so my task was reading buenas noches

Alan Hardy Thanks for all your hard work William answering all these questions.

Simon Okill William, you're doing a great job as host, and I congratulate you on your success.

Simon Okill William, do you have other books in mind to write.

William Gabienu Ivy Bél, I always nurtured the idea of writing but the last two years saw me actively working in this direction. I know a lot of fellow authors who much less time in coming up with books but my pace was slow largely because I wrote down things as I learnt them along the way. I wanted the book to transmit me and my heart and not someone else's words. Thinking back over the whole process, I'm glad I chose this method. It gives my book the heart it has. No wonder readers like it.

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno, the hardest part of my book? Let's say the whole process was so natural to me and fun as everything in it relates directly to me.

William Gabienu Ivy Bél growing up I always knew I would be writing someday. It's a passion I always carried inside and the realization of this project is the fruit of that.

William Gabienu Ivy Bél as to whether God inspired me to write this book, I'd say that I believe in divine guidance and I know God comes in to direct our steps and ways when we place ourselves in the place of His desire and the object of His interest. My passion and talents are God-given so I think God was happy to see me working towards the full use of the life He's blessed me with. His support definitely saw me through this first step.

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno, yea! I agree 'Grabbing Your Destiny By The Horns' is a strong title. It summarizes the cry of my heart and thus the message of the book in a few words.

William Gabienu @ De Ann Townes Jr., writing is an art and wouldn't mind playing around with some other genres. I think I'll give it a thought.

William Gabienu Ivy Bél talking about my impact on society, I think I'm quite satisfied so far with the number of people I have been able to inspire positively in course of my speaking events and now through my book.

William Gabienu Ivy Bél success is a process and an ongoing work and the best way to measure should be in line with one's motive and purpose. The response so far to my book and the impact I've seen it have on readers is the primary success that satisfies me.

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno, I'd rather see writer as a mean to reach out to more people with my message of hope and possibility. I think the word 'career' doesn't bring home my passion and purpose.

William Gabienu @ Alan Hardy, I'm not too sure my environment and for that matter, Italy conditioned my ideas as far as this project is concerned. My writing is the collection of answers to the pounding desire for a better life and I think I would have written the same words if I weren't living in Italy.

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno the one message I would like to get across to my readers is that they should never settle for average but point towards the best and maximum in life.

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno, my family is proud of me. My mum is over joyed seeing his only son attempting what has been alien to the rest of the family until this time.

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno I don't think I have any particular way of writing. I write at anytime and anywhere when ever my fancy comes alive

Shah Fazli Ruth Watson-Morris Voxian Series, Sorry I am so late, Hope you ca still answer my question. After reading Destiny by the horns, I have to say I felt a much more posative vibe and have found myself striving to do more for my work. How do you remain so positive? I am a person of science so faith is not an answer for me. But I have a great admiration for those who have faith. I personally would recommend your book to those starting out on any ladder of buissness from all walks of life, you tackle things in a way I would never think of. Thank you.

William Gabienu Lynda Otieno I'd say this project has thought me a lot about time management. Once I found the perfect way to handle my time, writing was no more a problem

William Gabienu Thank you Simon Okill, I'm still devouring your book 'No body loves a big like a big foot babe'. I like your style of writing and your sense of imagination. You are a great writer.

William Gabienu Simon Okill, yes! I am currently working on my next book and I'm sure a lot more would come in the future.

William Gabienu Ruth Voxian Series, I'm so glad my book has been useful to you. I must admit that my life gas been full of downs but I always try to keep my head above the water and my eyes fixed on the stars above. This attitude has kept me from drowning and loosing myself many times. I attempted to convey this winning way in my writing.

Catherine Mahoney Hi I am here, so let go through the comments, and brb

William Gabienu ok, i'm set for it.

Catherine Mahoney Lynda, Alan Simon, Ivy, who have participated, now did I leave someone out, DeAnn was there, anyone eles?

William Gabienu ANITA AND RUTH

Catherine Mahoney I see so six are in the running, very interesting,

William Gabienu I see two ladys coming close... and Allan Dubon thinks the same too

Catherine Mahoney the clocking is ticking down and William and outsiders are polling right now, so hold on and someone will be a lucky winner.

William Gabienu Drumrollsssssss!!!!!

Catherine Mahoney and miracles occurring,

Lynda Otieno Am hoping am one of the ladies

Muzzammil Shah Hello, william! Being a poet,how will you define life?

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