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Emily Goodwin

Shah Fazli
Emily Goodwin Thanks for coming to our Spotlight show, we all love horror, can you please start with saying what do you write about in your books and what motivates you to write horror books, life, watching horror movies, dreams, or maybe you are just naturally a horror fan and you would love to write in this genre, introduce a few of your characters for us please? 

Emily Goodwin Thanks! I have two paranormal/ occult series and one zombie/horror series. I've always liked horror since I was a kid. I like pushing my limits and seeing how far I can go before I get scared

Shah Fazli Thank you so much, what do zombies do to you to scare you as a kid and now an adult, the way they look, they way they live, the way they kill, do you give your zombies a name?

Emily Goodwin One thing I really enjoy writing is female leads in my horror books. I like to show that they can be the hero too, or be just as dark and badass as a male villain

Emily Goodwin The funny thing about zombies now is that I think I would be more afraid of other people than the actually zombies. People get ruthless when they are desperate. And people are more dangerous than any zombie.

Emily Goodwin My characters call them 'zombies' l but I tried to make the virus very realistic. With my background as a nurse, medical facts are important to me.

Shah Fazli I think so too, I think the most scary creatures are human beings, so what do you like in your character, how would you like your female character to appear, their looks, cloths, weapons, even the way they move, watch, speak, etc, they are not normal are they?

Catherine Mahoney The dinner bell is ringing, creatures hungry, is the count down is 7 minutes left and the host can stay or escape and Amanda and Emily can fight the creatures or come back another day. Take a poll, before we all get eaten and the hosts, and authors too.

Joseph Gelinas Have Amanda R. Browning or Emily Goodwin read any work from the other? If so what was your thoughts?

Amanda R. Browning I haven't had a chance to read any of Emily's work yet, but it is on my to read list.

Emily Goodwin I like my females I be tough. I hate whinny girls go need a guy (it's a book pet peeve of mine) so I make sure they can take care of themselves without being bitchy.

Emily Goodwin I don't have a particular look for my girls, but I am one of brunettes

Catherine Mahoney The creatures came into the night and grabbed the Host, Shah Fazli, he escapes through the vortex, as he was leaving he echo thank you and it was a pleasure......

Emily Goodwin Same here, Amanda! I have her books on my kindle, but with work and writing deadlines I don't have much time to read...sadly

Emily Goodwin Ugh that should say *fond of brunettes. Lol stupid iPhone

Joseph Gelinas I thank Shah Fazli and look forward to his reappearance tomorrow

Joseph Gelinas Amanda R. Browning what was your strongest influence when writing

Joseph Gelinas Emily Goodwin what was the thing that turned you to horror

Amanda R. Browning Real history is my strongest influence. So many of my stories started with some interesting bit of real history I heard about.

Joseph Gelinas Emily Goodwin and Amanda R. Browning what are your thoughts with the influence that female authors are having with the horror genre?

Amanda R. Browning I love it! Women are just as creative as men and I am delighted to see more women gaining influence and fanbases in the horror genre.

Emily Goodwin I've always had a fascination with it, Joseph Gelinas. I've been into the paranormal since I knew what is was

Emily Goodwin I love that more and more females are writing horror!!

Emily Goodwin I've heard of people not reason horror books just bc they were written by women and I think that is ridiculous. Women can write horror just as well as men!

Joseph Gelinas Amanda R. Browning and Emily Goodwin How do you define horror and how do you feel about the direction the genre is heading?

Tricia Drammeh Are either of you Anne Rice fans?

Emily Goodwin I think horror can have a really broad definition. I think of it as something that is dark and scary, with some sort of villain be it supernatural or a serial killer. There Is always blood shed and death in horror too but it doesn't have to be all slasher. To me, it's anything that makes your heart race and your palms sweat. And it will keep you up at night.

Emily Goodwin I'm not into vampires so I haven't read Anne rice. I will admit I do not known if she writes anything other than vamps. They have been too over done for my taste at the moment.

Amanda R. Browning I adore Anne Rice. She is one of my literary heroes!

Emily Goodwin Not reading* omg this auto correct will be the death of me! Lol

Joseph Gelinas Lastly how do you feel to be part of the first Author of the Year?

Amanda R. Browning It is a HUGE honor just to be nominated! I am still a relatively new author, so anyone thinking I am worthy of inclusion in a contest like this is amazing! I tend to be plagued with bouts of insecurity, so it was a wonderful feeling.

Emily Goodwin I love it! It is such an honor to be nominated. I really appreciate all of the work you've done for us

Joseph Gelinas I would love to thank both of you and wish each of you luck. You two talented ladies will help horror grow.

Catherine Mahoney Thank you to Joseph, Amanda, Emily, Dawn, Tricia and others for entertaining us against all the odds. Good luck with everything.

Amanda R. Browning Thank you for having me! I had fun!

Catherine Mahoney Yes, please remember the 13th, when the portal will be open again for the judges are acoming, acoming, against all the tricks that they the creatures are planning to attack with.

Emily Goodwin Thank you! It was fun:)

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