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Amanda R. Browning

Shah Fazli
Amanda R. Browning Welcome to Spotlight live event, and thanks everyone else for joining us, Amanda, what scares you in real life, if you were stranded in the middle of a jungle one night, who do you think would appear from behind a tree, or if you were left alone in a dark remote alley, who do you think would follow, or if you lived in a big house with rooms everywhere, who do you think would one night open the door, we want to know what scares you the most, and if that is what your horror books are about, please?

Amanda R. Browning The only things that truly scare me are something happening to my kids and spiders. Aside from that, I get creeped out by shaky ladders. I grew up watching scary movies with my dad from a young age, so I tend to have an odd sense of fear. My horror stories usually start with a piece of grisly real history and then I find a way to explain it with the paranormal. I like to write about them, but I imagine I would be scared out of my mind to come face to face with a snarling, feral werewolf.

Shah Fazli Thanks, Amanda, so nothing of the above would be scary to you, or it would be, can you tell us about yourself a little please, why did you choose to write horror by the way, there must have been a point and a reason that you decided to write horror?

Tricia Drammeh Amanda, I can totally relate to your fear of spiders and of something happening to your kids.

Amanda R. Browning I think I would be more excited to know that the supernatural world was real. Of course, the element of fear would be there, but excitement would be warring with it. A little about me.. I am 28 and I live in southern Indiana with my husband and three children. I write horror because, after y son's death, I was filled with all kinds of dark feelings and no where to direct them. By turning to my favorite genre, I was able to find a healthy way to express those feelings. I have only been writing for a little over a year, but both paranormal horror and romance seem to be a perfect fit for me.

Shah Fazli Can you scare us a little here please, you know we loved to be scared in life, and that is the reason we love horror, a few simple sentences from you or from your book would scare us, so just tell us what is there in your book please?

Amanda R. Browning This is from a work in progress book.

I'm going to die, I thought as I took another stumbling step forward. The pain seared through my body from the gaping wound in my neck and shoulder and blood gushed from the injury, dripping down my body and leaving a grisly trail on the pavement.
My thoughts took a turn for the delirious as loss of blood began to cloud my mind. Visions of the beast that attacked me kept my heart racing and adrenaline pumping through my body as I struggled to make it the last few blocks to my house. The huge wolf's inky coat gleamed in the light from the full moon as it weaved through the surrounding trees, trailing me with murderous intent. I grew weaker with each step, but my house had come into view at the end of the road.

Tricia Drammeh Great excerpt!

Tricia Drammeh Do you ever write about vampires (not the sparkly ones, but the scary)

Shah Fazli Wow, that is brilliant, thank you so much, who are the main characters in the book, are there any, or is it you, do you have a name, and how would you defend yourself in the book, or your characters?

Amanda R. Browning Tricia Drammeh, In my series, there are two kinds of vampires. Hadean vampires were created by and for evil, so they are the scary kind. Any human who didn't choose to give up their soul and is turned by force becomes a different kind of less evil, but still dangerous vampire.

Catherine Mahoney Amanda can you stay after thee clock strike 7 pm, and let Emily go now as the ghosts are holding her hostage and her head ghost let her loose for an half an hour?

Amanda R. Browning Shah Fazli, the main character is a teenage boy named Seth Benton Stearns. I chose that name after my cousin's newborn son. I love how it sounds and it isn't something that is seen often. In the book, there is no way for him to defend himself. He is a skinny, nonviolent kid. But the twist to the story is that after he becomes a wolf, he only has a year to find a way to compromise with the wolf within or he will turn feral wolf and never return to human form. He turns to some ancient magic to find a way to manage the curse he's been afflicted with.

Amanda R. Browning Yes, I can stay later, Catherine Mahoney.

Catherine Mahoney So Shah the ghosts and creatures are playing games so to save Amanda, Emily is in the Spotlight now.

Catherine Mahoney keep their appetite at bay and confused them, lol

Catherine Mahoney Amanda is hiding until Emily is finished, Starting Emily, kudos for protecting another author from the clutches of the unknown.

Catherine Mahoney They are pounding on the door, Emily, Emily where are tho?

Amanda R. Browning I like ghosts. If one was haunting my house, I would make friends with it and play jokes on all my friends. muahaha

Catherine Mahoney Where is Thee, Emily Goodwin, Amanda is an expert with the ghosts, she will protect us all,

Tricia Drammeh Amanda, I'm going to read your series. For sure.

Amanda R. Browning Thank you so much, Tricia! I hope you like it.

Catherine Mahoney So are there chants that you use to bring others over from the other side, through the dark portal?

Amanda R. Browning In a language too old to be spoken. A girl must have her secrets, though.

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