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Diwakar Pokhriyal

Shah Fazli
Diwakar Pokhriyal, Thank you very much for accepting to come back to our show this time on our View, do you get angry quite easily, what sort of behaviour and maybe people annoy you, and if so, do you think it's necessary in life to get angry, does it help us in any way, or not, you are are more quiet and collective, what is your weaknesses in life?

Charles Darnell Hello Diwakar,

I hope you are well. Thank you for making yourself available in this forum. I would like to know what your goals are for your poetry. Do you hope to make a name for yourself as a poet or do you write primarily for pleasure? I understand that these are not necessarily mutual exclusive.

Diwakar Pokhriyal Anger is there in everyone of us and it is a part of our lives. I always believe that people around us and those who are closer to us teach us to treat the anger. This is a natural phenomenon of everyone of us is to react strongly towards any abuse or negative situation. It' s our loved one's and friends who teach us to fight against the anger development within self. Earlier I used to get annoy by people who try to be stylish and try to over power others but slowly and steadily I am realizing that real powerful people are away from anger. Anger mostly plays a negative role in our life and we become the same person from whom we gets angry without realizing it. Anger is not necessary for our life but controlling anger is the most important part of our lives

Diwakar Pokhriyal Thank you Sir Charles Darnell for being a part of this event. Yes I write for pleasure and not for becoming a great poet. I started writing poetry during my school time for enjoyment as me and my friends used to laugh and enjoy the poems. That's how it all started and still continuing. I don't write to make a name but surely I love be with creative people as it gives me every time a new dimension to think on

Shalini Samuel hi diwakar, say about your first book and how you felt when your manuscript was accepted

Diwakar Pokhriyal My first book was "Words of Love" and it was about three phases....from friends to love and deep into it. I never thought of becoming a published poet or not even used to consider myself as poet. By when I saw my published book in my hand, it made an everlasting impact on myself. There is a belief inside everyone one of us that we can do what we believe and when I saw that book in my hand, I thought "Dreams can come true" because we use to listen that writers/ celebrities are another world. I must say that this book gave me a push as a poet and I wrote 5 more books after this. Even today when I hold that book in my hand, it gives me that chill of realizing a dream

Shalini Samuel Apart from writing, what/which/who makes your heart happy?

Muzzammil Shah Hello, Diwakar! What is the real capital of a poet in your eyes?

Diwakar Pokhriyal I always believe that Happiness is within us and is un-tied from any event or person. I also learned guitar during my college times and composed few sings as listing music is also a very important part of my life. Most of my friends can see me dancing with my headphones on. Also I am a sports person and was an active part of sports event in my both graduation and post graduation time. Even when I am in my home I used to play computer games alone, with my brother , cousions etc. I have realized now that only thing which can make us happy is "Contentment" which always lies within us. And I am trying to walk in this direction.

Shah Fazli From Author Tome Ufert, After reading Diwakar's background, I was just curious if he finds writing poetry a relaxing escape from the seemingly tedious or taxing world of engineering and energy management? Does he find poetry to be a refuge from his occupation?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Thanks Bro Muzzammil Shah for being a part . I always believe that the real capital of a poet is his/her thoughts. Because you can always learn different styles of poetry but until and unless you will not think about it naturally within your self, you will stop at a certain distance

Muzzammil Shah Whom do you think of your teacher in poetry?

Shalini Samuel Whats your favorite dish? Do you like travelling, if so which place do you wish to visit next?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Author Tome Ufert, first of all thank you for asking a question and becoming a part of this view. I must say that in my school days I was much interested in Mathematics and that is why I took science and walked ahead to pursue engineering. As I said poetry was just for the fun time and not even for escaping from tedious world. I must say that my PARENTS played a major part. They never force me into anything. I was the one who chose engineering and thats why I never felt it like a burden. Even coming for Energy Management was my choice. And when you do things by your own choice you never feel like burden. I would like to thanks god for blessing me with such parents

Shah Fazli Tell us about your friends, what do you expect from a friend, and what kind of a friend you want to be to others?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Bro Muzzammil Shah.. I always believed in mentor and never believes in teachers. I actually never had any teachers of poetry. Whatever I wrote before becoming a part of facebook poetry books was the effect of reading poetry from my school books. And when I joined facebook groups I got so many mentors that I must thank facebook for this

Muzzammil Shah Which poet do you like most?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Shalini Samuel... This the hardest question for me because I eat too much and everything whatever my mom cooks. I heard from many people that "Mom is a best cook" but I must say that my Mom is even best from the best. She cooks so many things for me that I have numerous things which are favorite. Anything which she makes is really a tasty treat for me I love traveling and I wish to visit Goa as being a poet I would like to sit in a beach and love to see the waves dancing

Diwakar Pokhriyal Shah Fazli - I have few friends and these are my friends from school time. They are in different sector and still when we meet during saturdays of sundays we enjoy every bit of it. I only expect from a friend "Truth" and nothing else. I always want to be an open friend from which you can speak your heart.

Diwakar Pokhriyal Bro Muzzammil Shah.. I like harivansh rai bachhan and Rabindranath Tagore as I read their poems during my school time also. they are really awesome and have a deep meaning inside them

Shah Fazli How do you remember your childhood life, what was the challenges for you growing up, did you have problems in school time, if yes, what was it, education, teachers or classmates?

Muzzammil Shah Which sort of poems do you like most,rhyme or blank verse,and why?

Maggie Tulliver hello Diwakar! i read you always with the expectation to have some good reading question is about some of the alliterative attempts by you that can certainly make a brilliant piece but as ive seen you successfully experimenting with poetic forms so would you prefer the alliterative works as a form of poetry and can the new poets practice it?

Diwakar Pokhriyal My childhood was like everyone else's childhood. Studying in school and playing with friends. We used to play in Morning dew from 5am and it was amazing thing which I can remember. I rarely found any challenge apart from studying for engineering because my parent did every single thing which they could for me and when I look back to my school days I realize that they saved me from so many things and distraction just because of their love and support. Problems were mostly related with studies and teachers. But I also got few amazing teachers which helped me in understanding things deeply and clearly.

Diwakar Pokhriyal Bro Muzzammil Shah, I love rhyming because I can sing them and I must say that one of my poem is now converted into a song. Me and one of my friend have tried something with it along with guitar.

Muzzammil Shah Have you read Shelley? Which elements of his poetry you like most?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Ma'm Maggie Tulliver, Thank you very much for being a part of this view . Surely Alliterative works should be practiced by everyone as it gives a new dimension to our thought process and a thing which gives us a new dimension to think upon is always like diamond

Diwakar Pokhriyal No bro, I haven't read Shelly and to be true I mostly read hindi poems and rarely I read english poems. Most of the english poems which I read are from facebook poets

Muzzammil Shah How will you define poetry?

Diwakar Pokhriyal For me "Poetry is the solid state of unexpressed emotions" ice is solid state.

Muzzammil Shah Is it able to convey message strongly?

Catherine Mahoney Wow, is Dancing Treat yours, or someone eles, the instrumental rhythm is hypnotizing?

Catherine Mahoney If everyone goes to the video, I believe you will see more by Diwakar, yes? his poetry?

Diwakar Pokhriyal It depends on the poet. Sometimes even a novel can't convey a message and sometimes even a expression is enough. So I believe poem can always convey the message

Diwakar Pokhriyal Catherine Mahoney, yes I arrange this music on my own using the software MagiX music maker and I also felt hypnotized after listening to it . I am glad that you like it

Muzzammil Shah Why do the common people and students shun poetry? What do you think the reason behind it?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Because we always introduce poetry as a Subject, with students already bored with so many subjects, they don't want to dive into another one . Secondly we never use poetry in any advertisment or programs or school big activites, so students or even common man doesn't see any good in learning it. We didn't even have a proper programe of poetry or poets or artist which we can see in our televisions. So I guess poetry is like an invisible cake which nobody see or even feel, then how will they taste it. One more thing, It's mostly shown that poetry is associated with depressed and lonely people and I guess no-one in this world want to be one like that. These are few reasons which are blocking poetry.

Catherine Mahoney My view if I may add, it is for the intelligent, some believe, , there are methods that all have to study and define, so when someone wants to expression emotions, they became struck in the structure and rhythm and are afraid to let the words flow. Any mind can discover the untap gift inside themselves, if they are not afraid to break through the stereotype definition of what a poet should be, yes?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Yes true

Muzzammil Shah What major steps should be taken to promote it?

Catherine Mahoney Diwakar, I asked all the international individuals from all four corners of the world, if they like to contribute poetry, expressions, they can do it here, and of course you and your friends are invited. To give others encouragement not to be silent and write to their heart's content in a judgement free zone. Mentors, teachers, and writing on anything for 15 minutes a day or more, can bring the gift alive, yes?

MTMC2-Indies in Action International Expressions
Tragedy brought many wonderful poets/poetess of the International world to come...See more
Page: 31 like this.

Diwakar Pokhriyal 1) Use poetry as a medium to make people understand certain things rather than making poetry a subject. 2) Try to introduce poets/artist to people and make them realize that poets and artist are also a part of their society. 3) A strong network of access to poems and poets and talks with them. 4) Introducing a small TV channel or even programe on TV or internet which connects the poets/artist and their art to people. The people don't ahve to search for daily soaps, cricket and football channels or movies. They should also not search for an artistic channel in TV instead they should get one. 5) Try to play with poetry and arts in school during different functions and festivles. I guess these steps would definitely help poetry to connect with people and then they will surely take it ahead

Catherine Mahoney Also for some just the silence of nature, the laughter of a children, the raindrop hitting the window, where ever the mind is directed and focus upon, yes?

Diwakar Pokhriyal Once we get interest in poetry, we will have the whole universe to write on

Fathima Manal Just want to ask a silly question.Where do you get time to involve in poetry this much?:)

Diwakar Pokhriyal Fathima Manal, thank you for being a part of this view. No question is silly . We know that when we love something we ought to prioritize it with respect to other things. Till I published my second poetry book "Why Me Yaar". But from past one year I am looking for job and wasn't able to get one and that is why I got so much time that withinh this period I became part of 16 poetry anthologies and published 3 books of poetry written by me. As soon as I will get a job my speed will also go down

Fathima Manal So you did a great job during free days.

Diwakar Pokhriyal I really think now that searching job for last 1 year actually gave a new dimension to me as a poet

Queeny Gona Oh I see. Nice to know. So poetry is your soul mate. Well do you have any plans of making use of your poetry as a tool or weapon to eradicate social evils of the present day world!

Diwakar Pokhriyal I always believe that there is no evil that we have to take care of. It's like believing in simple theory - If we believe in god then he should take care of evil. Our soul purpose should be doing good without expecting it in return.We are the only one who create social evil and then put the blame. No child is evil. The evil thoughts and deeds are the result of few things - Lack of love, frustrations, un-vented anger and so on. If every one can control him/herself and stop expecting from others action, I believe we will have no social evil.We never say "He is wrong" but when we are frustrated because of unsatisfied expectation from that person, we instantly say "HE IS EVIL". I must say that writing poetry has given me a lot of time to spend with myself and slowly and steadily I am realizing that it's not the outer world which impact us but the inner world of my thoughts and believe. So if my thoughts and belief are not inclined towards evil then I will not be thinking in that direction. My this positiveness and belief will spread to everyone I talk and In a certain way that positivity will flow from me to everyone else. So in simple words "If we can eradicate our own evil thoughts and deed, that's enough contribution from us". Nobody is born evil the we all know.

Queeny Gona Great brother! Well said not all believe in God. Gender bias, female foeticide, dowry system, untouchability, ragging, and many more of this kind of evils are definetly human driven.
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Diwakar Pokhriyal Yes they are human driven but not by their bitter experiences

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