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Rick Carter-Squire

Shah Fazli
Rick Carter-Squire We're excited to have you on Spotlight tonight, where do you want to start Rick, in the of a middle of a jungle, from a graveyard, zombies, paranormals, vampires, or just scary men or wormen with their weird looks, strange way of life, carrying knifes or guns and killing people, or is it something totally different to all the above, you are able to get us into your own nightmares, for instance, and scare us, do you have your own style of writing horror?


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Catherine Mahoney Welcome Rick

Rick Carter-Squire Hi everybody! I was carried away with the answers Carmilla was giving to the questions. I write about what scares me. The dark, things that go bump in the night. I'm more connected to the things that Stephen King writes about than vampires and zombies. Not that those things aren't scarey but not to me.

Rick Carter-Squire Hi Catherine, I don't usually go to scarey places to get inspiration. I'm a bit psychic so I can 'feel' the spirits around me. The scariest thing for me is waking up and seeing the 'Hag' staring down at me.

Catherine Mahoney The Reality Shift preview is intriguing, how did the plot and seting come about?

Rick Carter-Squire I started out writing about a situation where dead bodies came back to life because of a toxic waste spill and then it changed to what the book is now. There's still an element of the toxic waste, but the whole concept of the book changed.

Catherine Mahoney that sound scary, what age did you realize you were a bit psychic? what was your first experience with the other side?

Rick Carter-Squire I don't have a set schedule for writing and I don't use an outline to write with...I'm sure other writers do, but my stories tend to change as I'm writing. I can't imagine the whole story before I start. It has to happen and take me where it wants. Reality Shift did that and changed many times as I went through the editing process.

Catherine Mahoney interesting, do you write with the light and dark, the yin and the yang of the universe in your stories, and the consequences of the characters actions predict the outcome?

Carmilla Voiez Do you have any writer's block cures?

Rick Carter-Squire From a very early age, I've been terrified by the night and anything I can't see in it. My first book that captured my interest in the horror genre was the original Conan the Barbarian. The first movie was 'Nosferatu'. My favorite authors have been Poe, Stephen King, Clive Barker, John Saul, Peter Straub, and many of today's horror authors.

Ella James i have to admit i have not read any of your work yet but I am intrigued by what and who inspires authors which i see you have just answered!

Catherine Mahoney My favorite as a teenager, Was the Monsters under the Bed, and you?

Rick Carter-Squire Excerpt from Reality Shift.... Bert Clark, his deputy, is standing about five feet in front of him. The inner voice has found new batteries and is suddenly screaming at him again, he isn't real get out now as fast as you can. He can't be real you saw him dead.
Bert speaks to him. “Everyone here is at peace forever, stay calm and join them.”
Jim shakes his head to clear his vision. He heard the voice, but the lips on Bert's mouth didn't move. There is a small patch of sanity tucked into the corner of his brain that quips through his mouth,
“How can you tell the lips didn't move, there's hardly any lips left to move?” Jim breaks into a giggle that threatens to burst into full laughter.
The thing that is Bert tilts its head and the empty sockets glow a pale yellow. Still giggling, Jim steps forward and extends his hand.
“Bert! How're you doing? You’re looking better than the last time I saw you.” This last bit brings full-blown laughter from Jim.

Simone Garbutt Do you use your physic side to bring your stories to life? Does it ever give you ideas. Xxx

Rick Carter-Squire As you can see, I have a sense of humour as well. Sometimes I think that a realistic attitude like laughter in very scary situations is normal for most people.

Chad Repko Why the heck do you think people love to be scared by horror?

Rick Carter-Squire My psychic senses came about or at least I noticed them when I was a teenager. I could tell when something bad was about to happen to me. (long story) but I do use it to some extent when I'm writing because it let's me know if I'm going in the right direction.

Rick Carter-Squire I try to give both sides of a character or the story.

Rick Carter-Squire Writers block happens to me sometimes but I just read over what I wrote before and the story comes back.

Rick Carter-Squire The psychic side as far as I know doesn't give me ideas Simone, but it might.

Rick Carter-Squire Monsters under the bed, witches in the shadows outside my door, wolves around the corner when I'm camping...anything in the night scares me.

Rick Carter-Squire People love to be scared by horror Chad because it gives them a sense of still living. We can watch a movie or read a book and still be alive when we're done. Everybody has fears, but to see someone going through a haunted house and coming out alive gives us hope.

Rick Carter-Squire I don't have anyone in mind to play any of my characters if the books were made into movies. I'd like to do a cameo like Stephen King. The people in my books have many of my characteristics and I have to put myself in their positions to carry on the dialogue. Most of the time, I have a fairly acurate picture of the people in my mind as I write, but otherwise nothing.

Rick Carter-Squire Thanks everybody for coming out to this event. It's been a great pleasure for me to answer your questions and share my thoughts with all of you. Good luck to all the contestants and I'm happy to be nominated for this prestigeous award.

Chad Repko Thank you Rick great answers just like the other day too.

Tom Winton Terrific job, Rick.

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