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Carmilla Voiez

Shah Fazli
Carmilla Voiez Welcome to Spotlight live interview, we are so glad to have you here with us tonight, we love to be scared as much as we love to laugh, mostly we prefer reading or watching horror than anything else, it is amazing how our hearts welcome horror in spite of being terrified most of the time, so you have in a way your place in our hearts, in a strange way, that is our side of story, tell us please your side, why do you want to scare us, how difficult it's to write that scene to get to put us into that agony and fear, can you tell us about it all, what does it take for you to do that, please?

Carmilla Voiez I want to disturb you. I want to make you face those demons. It is my purpose.

Carmilla Voiez It is surprisingly easy to write a scary scene. I am full of fear. Maybe I should write my nightmares. That would be terrifying.

Rick Carter-Squire Do your nightmares ever creep into your writing?

Andrew T. Kuligowski Carmilla Voiez, it's dinnertime on US East coast and as much as I wanted to stay for your big moment, I can't. BUT when things get quiet, could you answer how much of YOU gets put into your characters and how much you intentionally leave off? Same question regarding your friends, family, the guy who cut you off on the highway yesterday, the rude cashier at the grocer's, etc. etc.

Carmilla Voiez Yes, Rick they do. As do distorted scenes from my life. I wrote a short story (it will be in the Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds anthology) which was inspired by a dream I had after a photo shoot in an abandoned asylum.

Carmilla Voiez My characters are very personal. I often say of Starblood - Lilith is my rage, Star my insecurites and Satori my sexuality. Friends and people I meet add flavour to the dialogue, but the characters tend to be me, the people I love, and ingredient X, my imagination.

Tricia Drammeh What is the creepiest setting you can imagine?

Andrew T. Kuligowski Have you ever thought about taking a flyer into another genre as a change of pace? If so, what sort of thing would capture your attention, and do you think it would also capture ours?

Catherine Mahoney Hi everyone, how are you? I am curious does your characters and storyline come to you in dreams, or other activities?

Carmilla Voiez An empty building site or an old warehouse. Although the asylum was extraordinarily creepy. Maybe a bedroom, when you're alone and the house creaks around you.

Carmilla Voiez I am writing something very different from Starblood. It's somewhere between literary fiction and magic realism, but it doesn't flow as easily as horror. I've been writing it since 2009 and it still isn't finished.

Carmilla Voiez I usually sit at a keyboard and just type. If I suffer from writer's block or need to solve a plot issue I will go running or take a shower, or sometimes walk around the woods. Inspiration comes easier then.

Colin Stevens Do websites inspire you for locations?

Simone Garbutt Do you have a set process or does it just all come to you at once n you have to write it down??

Ella James who are your favourite authors of horror; who inspires you?

Carmilla Voiez I will use websites to research places sometimes, but I tend to write about places I have visited. It's impossible to get all the sensual information from a website.

Catherine Mahoney thank you Carmilla and Rick that question is for you later. Do you go to scary places, graveyards, abandoned building and weird time of the day to set your setting? answered that question, what were the scariest places you have visit?

Carmilla Voiez My process is to imagine a set of characters and a scenario and let the story develop as I write. I never know how a story will end until I'm at least half way through the first draft.

Carmilla Voiez My favourite authors are - Clive Barker (he is my god), Graham Masterton, Sarah Waters and Iain Banks. But I love so many writers and feel indebted to them all. Stories have made me who I am today, my own and those of the authors I adore.

Catherine Mahoney do you have a set schedule and if something good or sorry, bad happens does it change your thinking and characters' demise, is it set on insight, imagination or emotional themes, your stories?

Catherine Mahoney Rick you can answer the same questions, double the fun, YAY if you like.

Ella James do you have any boundaries in terms of what you are comfortable writing?

Catherine Mahoney when you come to haunt us.

Carmilla Voiez Catherine, I am a Goth. I visit scary places for fun as much as for research.

Catherine Mahoney I thought so, and after Ella question, maybe you can tell the fans like where, and did anything strange happen, if you like to?

Carmilla Voiez I think my stories are deeply ingrained in my psyche. While it is easier to write a sex scene if I'm happy and a scary scene if I'm low, individual events in the day do not seem to affect the story plot or my characters. Sometimes I will skip a scene if I'm not ready to write it and come back later. The stories are character based and do deal with emotional themes.

Simone Garbutt When your looking at other, new authors work what is it that you look for or hope to find? Do you read other authors work and do you compare it to yours? Xxx

Carmilla Voiez Ella, as long as it's between consenting adults I'm comfortable writing about it. The scenes which are harder and more painful to write are the violent scenes and some of the reflective scenes where characters try to come to terms with the direction their lives have taken.

Carmilla Voiez When I was younger I saw ghosts and demons all around me. Now I don't. I closed off that part of myself. The horror I write and see now is mainly what people do to people. You don't need a scary place to experience that. It's all around us.

Simone Garbutt Carmilla Voiez I'm a medium so I'm an open book borrow my head anytime xxx

Carmilla Voiez I read at least 4 new indie writers every 3 months. I call it my r&r week. I think it's important to see what's out there. I'm looking forward to reading the work of my fellow nominees when the competition is over. I always look for charcters I can believe in. They are what drive me as a reader and a writer.

Catherine Mahoney Who was you first favorite horror creature or movie? and what spark your interested in writing horror as well as other genres?

Catherine Mahoney interest in writing horror?

Ella James if your trilogy was made into a movie, have you considered who you would cast as the characters?

Carmilla Voiez I don't have many memories from my childhood, but I vividly remember watching Hammer Horror with my father as a pre-teen. It was something which bonded us, our mutual love of monsters. From that time Dracula was my favourite - Christopher Lee. Since then I have enjoyed many horror villains.

Catherine Mahoney The Starblood series is about? for the readers to get a tease of your creativity, can you tell us the synopsis please?

Simone Garbutt Do you visualise you characters or base them on actor friend? The physical look of them.

Carmilla Voiez Oh Ella! That would be cool. I dunno, maybe a young Sherilyn Fenn as Star. Maybe the gothic model Rob Gales (I know he's done some indie film work) for Satori. Some gorgeous tall redhead for Lilith. I haven't spent much time considering it, although I have considered adapting it into a script.

Carmilla Voiez The Starblood series is about two very damaged lovers who split up. The guy, Satori, doesn't accept that the relationship is over. He's a Chaos Magician and tries to enlist the help of a demon to win Star back. However something else answers his call. The demon Lilith arrives in his bedroom and spends the rest of the first book psychologically torturing Satori and Star and killing lots of other characters for the fun of it. Satori has to find a way to kill or banish Lilith before he loses Star altogether.

Chad Repko Carmilla Voiez what would say about the goth culture tends to lend itself to the sexy, horror realm?

Carmilla Voiez I visualise them. However, I was at a friends house after Starblood was published and I saw her lover at a certain angle and thought fuck! That's Satori. So who knows whether they were the influence or not.

Simone Garbutt Ohhh look like I'm buying some books sounds soo cool. Xx

Carmilla Voiez Have you seen any goths, Chad? They are sex and horror personified. The white faces, the black hair, the corsetry and mystery. The goth scene is also connected to the BDSM scene in many ways. For a while the only club I could go to which played goth was a fetish club. They are almost seamless.

Ella James sherilyn fenn from the fantastic twin peaks?!

Carmilla Voiez Oh yes, she was my second crush on a woman and I had it soooo bad. My first was Amanda Donahue, from Lair of the White Worm.

Simone Garbutt Goths rock, me goth too, do you bring a lot of your life as a whole into your books?

Carmilla Voiez Probably. I sometimes use writing as a way of exagerating problems in order to discover solutions. If something is bothering me, on a personal or political level, I find it useful to "write it out".

Char Hardin How do you prepare yourself to write? DO you have any before and after you finish rituals?

Char Hardin Do you listen to music when you write? WHo/which bands would you recommend? Does their music influence you in any way?

Carmilla Voiez Coffee is my main preparation, that and a quiet house. Finishing a novel is hard for me. You may have gathered I'm somewhat OCD. It's really hard for me to say "right that book is finished. I can let it go"

Chad Repko I used to perform S&M many moons ago. I have part of that culture much. And agree that it is sex and horror personified. I guess my question was more what is it about that world that lends itself to hottness and horror? But you kinda answered it. What do you hate about writing?

Carmilla Voiez I do listen to music when I write. I have a setlist for both Starblood and Psychonaut on my FB page (it requires some scrolling down to find it). I tend to listen to...goth... Dead Can Dance, Fields of the Nephilim, Cranes, Virgin Prunes, these influences are not difficult to spot in my work.

Char Hardin And after it is finished...what do you do? Have a glass of champagne like Paul SHeldon in Misery? LOL.

Carmilla Voiez Writing is therapy for me, Chad. It's a love/hate relationship. Some scenes can be incredibly painful to write but at the same time purgative. On the other hand I love writing sex scenes and I go wild over editing.

Carmilla Voiez Champagne is a little rich for my wallet. Cava. I celebrate with some Cava, lol.

Char Hardin Awesome. Thank you for answering my questions. Enjoy your spotlight Carmilla. xoxo

Carmilla Voiez Thank you very much, all of you. x I'll be around for at least 10 more minutes if there are any other questions.

Ella James interesting points and good to get an insight thank you x

Chad Repko One thing it'd love to get your response you is women in the industry. I find it odd, that in a genre that has many stories of females overcoming victimization and becoming pretty kick-ass that there is not much credit given to female writers or directors. Thoughts?

Carmilla Voiez Ahhh patriarchy! I'm glad you asked as I am writing a series of essays on that very subject for Wages of Film this summer for Paul Risker.

Simone Garbutt Thank you enjoyed it

Carmilla Voiez Shah did mention that I could post an excerpt for one of the books. I got one ready so I'll post it now. It is adult and may make some readers uncomfortable.

Chad Repko can't wait!

Carmilla Voiez At first she doesn’t register the heavy footsteps keeping time with her own. She is lost in dreams of adventure and freedom. Then, as she turns a corner she sees a dark shape dart into shadow. Listening now, she hears the slap of leather on tarmac as the stranger speeds up. She varies speed but her pursuer keeps pace. She turns again and heads along a narrow alleyway. Her shoes crush glass as they fall. The stranger is closer now. She can smell him. His odour of fresh and stale sweat mixes with the scent of his sex. He is excited. The closeness of him fills her head. Her pulse quickens, and her saliva tastes metallic. It is hard to formulate a plan while picking her way between broken concrete blocks and steel girders. Her heels slip over the uneven ground. The pain of her ankle twisting makes her swear. She looks behind, into the darkness.
The footsteps have stopped trying to keep pace with her and are beginning to gain ground. Then he is so close she can feel his breath in her hair.
He whispers insults as though they are terms of endearment. ‘You’re so beautiful, bitch. Fucking whore, worthless slut, we’re gonna have some fun.’
Her legs and arms feel heavy, as though they belong to someone else. She pushes forward in spite of her aching limb.
His menace taints the air. ‘I know you want me. I can smell your filthy cunt from here, my love. I’ll make you scream for more. Then I’ll gut you like a fish.’
Breathing deeply, she sucks strength from dust-filled oxygen. The flat edge of a cold blade presses against her throat. She freezes. The hunter pushes himself against her back, and she feels the rough denim of his jeans scratch against her. His left hand fumbles between her thighs, pawing at the underwear beneath her skirt. The metal of his watch scratches between her legs. Her pulse hammers against the tooth of the knife. He growls in her ear and reverses his hold. The thumb and forefinger of his left hand now squeeze her throat as his knife tears at her panties. The lace tangles itself around the knife, falling away like broken cobwebs. He lifts the knife and holds it, almost tenderly, against her breast then plunges the fingers of his left hand inside her.
The shock of the sudden invasion makes her gasp. She can feel his rough fingers searching within her. Her eyes close and she imagines tearing his hand from his body. Metal pierces her skin as she struggles. A thread of crimson trickles down her chest, and she sees the cold blade flash inside her mind. She lifts her face towards the moon and smiles.
The fingers no longer squirm inside her. The man withdraws them, lifting them to his face. Snorting the scent of her, he trembles. He sighs then, with a slurp, he sucks his fingers like a hungry baby. His ragged breath in her ears, she raises her left arm and touches the fist in which his knife is clasped. He seems frightened by her icy fingers and pulls away. She spins around on her stiletto heels to face him. He is a small man, with greasy, greying hair, smoothed over his misshapen skull. His arms and legs are brittle twigs, his blue eyes weak and moist.
‘You’re going to die. I’m going to fuck you in every hole I gouge out of you,’ he stammers.
He sees her smile and shrinks away. Clutching his knife in his right hand, and still holding the fingers of the other to his nose, he watches her. Taking a step towards him, she towers above his pock marked face. She lifts her arms and places a hand on either side of his jaw, lifting his feet from the ground. He lets his left hand fall back to his side and stares at her in terrified silence. Holding his clammy face between her palms she thrusts her tongue into his mouth, squeezing his skull just enough to let him taste her strength. She doesn’t want him to lose consciousness. Then she releases him and grabs the knife from his hand.
Watching him, she toys with the knife. It is a good knife, a heavy knife. Lunging, she slices the air between them. Realising how frightened he is, her smile broadens. She reaches for the sweat-soaked cotton of his shirt and slashes through it, revealing his chest. She places her fingers over his stammering heart.
Watching tears flow freely down the man’s cheeks, she places the knife handle between her thighs, squeezing with her powerful muscles. Her steel phallus bobs eagerly.
‘Suck my cock,’ she orders.
He resists and Lilith has to force him down onto his knees amongst the rubble and glass. She wraps her fingers around his hair and pushes his face into position. He gurgles. Blood coats the blade.
Falling backwards on to the floor, he pleads with her to show mercy. His broken tongue spits promises he will not keep. She ignores his words and roughly spreads his legs, then plunges through the denim sheath around his crotch. Exquisite screams of agony echo through the alleyway, as she makes her virgin hole and fucks him until he stops twitching.

Carmilla Voiez You won't have to.

Chad Repko well hell.. That was well written!

Carmilla Voiez Thank you. Starblood (which that excerpt came from) has been nominated for the Commonwealth Book Prize.

Simone Garbutt And so it should. Xxx

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Carmilla Voiez Thank you everyone, especially Joseph Gelinas andShah Fazli.

Joseph Gelinas Your very welcome im sorry I missed the fun

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