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Chad Repko

Shah Fazli
Chad Repko Thanks for taking part in Spotlight live event, we all have our ups and downs in life, please tell us a little about yourself, what do you like, and what you hate in life, what makes you angry and what makes you laugh, we believe if we get to know you a little we can get into your book as well, let's see, explain yourself please?

Chad Repko What I love about life is that we do not know everything. Everyday is a lesson. Live and love. What I hate about life is uptightness. Not a word. But I just said it. I don't like being uptight. Angry is negativity and intolerance. Just about everything makes me laugh though.

Jeff Glaze I hate intolerance.

Jeff Glaze What inspires you to sit down and write Chad? I know the dedication involved.

Chad Repko It is very strange really. It's almost like visions. Not of the future or anything, but if I am idle for too long there is something that I can not get out of my head, and it will drive me nuts. Pushing, gnawing, twisting me until it really gets out.

Jeff Glaze Do pshyoactive drugs help that condition?

Jeff Glaze psychoactive

Chad Repko not really. tried all kinds. The Clinton era was a really fun time.

Jeff Glaze were you young then?

Jeff Glaze in school?

Chad Repko I was just out of school during the middle of the 90s. Kinda an 80s child/ 90s screw up.

Jeff Glaze I saw that you wrote poetry when you were 10, is that correct?

Chad Repko It is 12 really.

Jeff Glaze Oh, did you do it to impress girls or for fame and fortune?

Chad Repko Good question. Probably a little of both, but all 3 never really came to me anyway. My dad used to play a ton of Doors records growing up, so that really started to inspire me to just write shit down and go with it.

Jeff Glaze Did your parents encourage your writing then?

Chad Repko It wasn't until later that I realized that I just needed to do it for myself.

Jeff Glaze Were you the Lizard King of the house?

Chad Repko They did, but they weren't super interested in it. They just wanted me to get a job.

Catherine Mahoney can others play with you, questions or tag tonight?

Jeff Glaze Poetry can be theraputic. Do you still have the poems?

Chad Repko I probably tried to be the lizard king of the house. lol

Chad Repko I have most of them. There were a few notebooks that got lost in the shuffle.

Jeff Glaze stepping back now...

Chad Repko stepping forward now...

Jeff Glaze I want to read your old poems.

Catherine Mahoney My finger is bandage, should I ask for an excerpt from your book Moonlight?

Chad Repko Hmm I will try to dig one out.

Chad Repko I can give an excerpt.

Tricia Drammeh Would love an excerpt!

Chad Repko A Prayer So Long Forgotten (from the book)

I want to touch this temple,
and feel the smoothness of it's skin
I want to kneel down at the alter
and feel the fire that burns within

Many hearts have been altered
from the gift of your kiss
Many years have I faltered
longing for the taste of your lips

I want to slowly caress the valley
that holds your weighted heart
I want to taste the temple
and hear your spirit as it comes apart

Many years, many legions have been broken
from the gift of your grace
Many ages, many souls have been forsaken
from the beauty of your face

I want to dance with you in fire
and feel the Rhythm of your thighs
I want to say this prayer so long forgotten
and feel what is deep inside your eyes

Many dreams, Many times I have wondered
what is the price I'd have to pay
Many miles, many answers have unraveled
and this prayer I need to say

Your body is the prayer I want to touch

Catherine Mahoney It is national Poetry Month April and Ii have an empty blog, if you like to share your poetry, welcome too

Jeff Glaze waiting...

Catherine Mahoney I am sharing that on the blog, yes, or no, it is beyond amazing, poetry

Jeff Glaze That rocks.

Tricia Drammeh Wonderful

Chad Repko yes cool

Catherine Mahoney Perfect sentiment Jeff

Chad Repko a quick think from an old one...

Jeff Glaze Yor really are the Lizard King. Jim Lives!

Chad Repko women have secrets, the ghosts in the grave- murders in the street, things they keep them selves alive.... a zoo is in their head.

Chad Repko that was an old one

Chad Repko thank you very much

Tricia Drammeh What book have you read recently that you enjoyed or that inspired you?

Jeff Glaze What is Touch and Moonlight about I don't see the description on Amazon.

Chad Repko Snuff by Chuck Palaniuck. I probably spelled his name wrong. Great stuff.

Chad Repko I'm sorry. It is actually a collection of poetry.

Chad Repko of romantic/erotic poetry.

Jeff Glaze Is that your first book?

Chad Repko It is yes.

Jeff Glaze I have an idea for a novella we could write together. You write 5 short poems and I write 5 short horror stories in which I interpret them, in a different way.

Chad Repko that actually would be a cool experiment.

Jeff Glaze I'm up for it. It would be a different kind of a writing challenge for me.

Jeff Glaze we could start with just one and see where it goes

Chad Repko I have definitely down.

Jeff Glaze my email is We should talk.

Jeff Glaze I have been thinking about something like this for a long time

Chad Repko I totally agree. my email is

Catherine Mahoney Another bestseller in the works, now will you two be able to cooperate dividing up the profits or will you both knock each off? nah...

Tricia Drammeh Forgive me if I'm covering old territory, but have either of you contributed to an anthology before?

Joseph Gelinas To the both of you who inspires you most?

Jeff Glaze I am working on one of dystopian theme this week

Chad Repko Catherine Mahoney I'm sure I will be the first to die.

Jeff Glaze coming week

Jeff Glaze a submission

Chad Repko Tricia Drammeh I have not, except a poetry anthology for Sandy Releif.

Chad Repko Joseph Gelinas My inspiration comes from all of life. Everything that I see, hear, feel, and imagine.

Tricia Drammeh Again, I might be rehashing old territory (I had to leave for a while to pick up a kid), but have you both always found yourself drawn to the horror genre, or was there ever a time you were frightened by the dark and macabre?

Jeff Glaze any more questions for The Lizard King?

Joseph Gelinas What was the biggest challenge you over came with your work?

Chad Repko My beginnings love for Horror comes because at a young age my father let me watch American Werewolf in London and it scared the hell out of me. True Crime really peaked my interest too. I read Helter Skelter when I was about 14ish and was kinda hooked. I am drawn specifically to horror because of the hidden metafors for things. The dumb jock that we cheer for when he gets it, in the 80s sex was death so when you see teens having sex in a movie they're gonna get killed. I like the strength it gives it's characters. And it's just generally fun to be scared, you are more aware.

Chad Repko That answer was for Tricia Drammeh and I spelled a lot wrong. lol

Jeff Glaze Fear is primal indeed. We learn fear, it is not natural.

Tricia Drammeh I read Helter Skelter too, Chad. The real-life things human beings do to each other are much more frightening than any monster movie.

Jeff Glaze but it reaches inside of us and makes us more alive

Chad Repko for Joseph Gelinas My biggest challenge is by far just getting it all done.

Tricia Drammeh Do either of you ever suffer from writer's block?

Chad Repko Yes Tricia Drammeh the reality of what horrors are out there are pretty crazy. Sort of interesting in a 'holy shit I don't want to see that again' kinda way.

Jeff Glaze My biggest challenge is time...

Jeff Glaze I have never had writer's block.

Chad Repko I can't say I've had writers block. Usually if I have nothing to write, I don't. If I try too hard is probably where the block comes from.

Jeff Glaze I am always thinking about the stories, so when I get a chance to sit down, i have an idea where I am going.

Tricia Drammeh Wow, you're both lucky.

Chad Repko Well I just figure that I haven't really been put in a position that I have had to write, but couldn't.

Jeff Glaze There is a way that I exercise my creativity.

Jeff Glaze so I never get stuck in the writing

Tricia Drammeh Maybe it isn't luck and you both just have too much talent to be contained.

Tricia Drammeh

Jeff Glaze You can actually practice writing through short stories. At the same time, you build a body of work that can be published.

Tricia Drammeh How do you exercise your creativity, Jeff?

Chad Repko are you gonna say what the exercise is?

Jeff Glaze The Horror Challenge.

Jeff Glaze I ask readers for a word or topic, and I write a story based on their suggestion.

Tricia Drammeh Good idea, Jeff.

Tricia Drammeh What projects are you currently working on?

Jeff Glaze Writing them is like a small assignment. It pushes my imagination beyond what I would try to come up with. Forces me to bend to their idea.

Chad Repko Good idea... I am on a facebook group where you get a theme and have to write poetry based on it.

Jeff Glaze Well I just publishes Send No Angel ebook last night, paperback to follow, and am finishing up book 1 of a new series.

Jeff Glaze I will also be starting a new series soon called Starf*cker

Chad Repko Currently am working on a second collection of poems, a horror screenplay, pre-thoughts of a documentary, and trying stand up comedy.

Jeff Glaze Actually it is Code Name: Starf*cker

Tricia Drammeh Love the title, Jeff. You sound very busy.

Tricia Drammeh You both sound very busy.

Tricia Drammeh Here's another question for both of you: What do you do to market and promote your work?

Chad Repko Love that title!!!

Jeff Glaze Then will be book 4 of my John Hazard Series, and another horror challenge.

Tricia Drammeh (Side note: Jeff, I love your website)

Jeff Glaze I use FB, Twitter, blogs, website, Conventions, street team admins and 10 FB oages

Chad Repko I am fairly poor ad pimping myself out a bit. That's something I need to work on. Mostly through different groups, or websites, I try to do open mics as much as I can.

Tricia Drammeh And, I just became a fan for both of you. Ah, I'm such a stalker. LOL

Jeff Glaze pages

Joseph Gelinas that's why im here

Tricia Drammeh I hate marketing, but it seems to be a necessary evil.

Tricia Drammeh Are you both self published or have you worked with publishers?

Tricia Drammeh I'm glad you're here, Joseph.

Jeff Glaze I like fans. I hate marketing. I write 20% and market 80%

Jeff Glaze Take notes Chad Repko

Tricia Drammeh I mess around on FB 80% and complain about marketing 20.

Chad Repko This is a FB I also made to showcase stuff. My friend's artwork and my poems.

Karmaophonics art and poetry
This page is a dedicated to the art of Steve Kent and The Writings of Chad Repko
Page: 396 like this.

Jeff Glaze Do you write Tricia?

Tricia Drammeh I used to, Jeff, but then I discovered Facebook and I've never looked back.

Tricia Drammeh Great page, Chad. I'm stalking it now.

Jeff Glaze Liked it.

Chad Repko thanks.

Tricia Drammeh Actually, Jeff. I write very non-scary YA fluff.

Jeff Glaze FB is def a mind suck.

Tricia Drammeh yes it is.

Tricia Drammeh Have either of you braved the Kindle forums?

Joseph Gelinas Well facebook gave rise to HFA

Catherine Mahoney Tricia do not be shy, did you not just release a new book too?

Jeff Glaze little tentacles that wrap around the cerebral cortex and make you post photos of cats with snappy phrases

Chad Repko I have not braved the kindle stuff. I am actually new to the whole kindle culture.

Tricia Drammeh I love Grumpy Cat and post way too many pictures. It's sad, really.

Jeff Glaze I love facebook. I r been very good to me.

Chad Repko lol

Jeff Glaze SEE!

Tricia Drammeh Authors have to be very careful on the Kindle forums, or so I've heard. Do either of you use writers sites to get feedback--authonomy, TNBW, etc?

Chad Repko I'll pimp a little of my comedy out.
Chad repko Author of Touch and Moonlight reading from his book and doing a stand-up comedy at iCreate Cafe

Chad Repko Tricia Drammeh I have not used any of those sites.

Jeff Glaze Facebook say, "Come to me, give me your mind." We say"What about dinner?" Facebook say, "I will Like you page." Ok then.

Tricia Drammeh Oh, cool, Chad. Now I can stalk you on Youtube.

Tricia Drammeh Too true, Jeff.

Jeff Glaze I stopped posting in Kindle pub forums.

Jeff Glaze People lurking there will sabotage you if you say anything about being successful.

Tricia Drammeh I haven't been brave enough to post anything on the Kindle forums. Did you have a bad experience?

Chad Repko I do not have much on youtube. Here is a film I made many moons ago. Parts 1 and 2 are on youtube.

disturbed part1

Jeff Glaze I rarely got 1 star reviews until I started telling Indie authors how to better promote themselves. Suddenly a shitload of nonsense 1 star reviews after that.

Chad Repko It's from the 90's and the transfer is not well. So take it for what it is worth.

Jeff Glaze When I stopped posting, they stopped.

Tricia Drammeh I will certainly have a look, Chad.

Chad Repko cool cool ya stalker. lol

Tricia Drammeh I've heard horror stories about the Kindle forums. Hey, maybe that can be a topic for your next novel.

Tricia Drammeh Chad, you can write your next horror story about me. Don't worry, though. I'm not a very good stalker. No attention span, you see.

Chad Repko I like that idea! The Facebook killer. lol Good stuff. Everyone likes to be stalked in one way or another.

Catherine Mahoney Oo can I be a character in the Facebook Killer, any takers out there, have a contest or promotion if someone pissed off, how in 140 characters kill them? silly me

Tricia Drammeh Sorry, I disappeared. I had massive teenage drama to attend to.

Tricia Drammeh Chad Repko and Jeff Glaze, it was a pleasure speaking with you about your writing. Nice to meet both of you.

Tricia Drammeh Catherine, thanks for holding down the fort while I was away.

Catherine Mahoney Ditto, and thank you for the hilarious scary event and your guests enjoyed it to, thank you to Shah and the hostess of the mostess. I was typing in an author's name and this spoof,

Spank! The Fifty Shades Parody | The
It’s time for the saucy book that caused a world sensation to get SPANKED!SPANK!...See more

Catherine Mahoney maybe someone can create a horror spoof on it. Good night all

Tricia Drammeh Goodnight, Catherine

Catherine Mahoney Goodnight everyone eles please remember the 13th with the judges and author Linna come one come all

Catherine Mahoney tomorrow is two authors, will leave link

Catherine Mahoney

MTMC2 : Authors of the Year Karen Dales and Bryan W. Dull by Horror Fan Asylum Spotlight
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Chad Repko Thank you all. Sorry I stepped away. but thank you all for your time.

Heather Heslip Alexander I hate rude people, I love reading, snarky humor makes me laugh. I love British tv shows, mysteries, horror, and paranormal. If they are all grouped together in one book, all the better.

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