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Pauline Edwards

Shah Fazli
Pauline Edwards, We are honoured to have you on Spotlight, we are ready to learn a lot from very little that you might want to say about your writing and about yourself, because we know how much power there is in those few words, do you want to give us that pleasure please?

Pauline Edwards Right, Hello everyone, got a bit confused there with all the technology. I'm having a 'bad internet day' today! Thank you for inviting me. I have been writing since I was at school but only turned to it seriously about three years ago when I thought it would be a good way to work in the sun away from the cold English winter. Since then I have written four books which are available on Amazon, published by Blue Hour Publishing.

Pauline Edwards By the way, just to add to the confusion I write under the name Kristen Stone, hence the avatar.

Shah Fazli There is a lot going on in your writing career, do you want to tell us a little in detail about some, for instance, we start about Blue Hour Publishing, do you want us to know something about it please?

Pauline Edwards Sorry for the delay, I keep having to refresh my page, should that happen? Yes, Blue Hour Publishing has been going since about April. We aim to keep fairly small . So far we have books by Stephen R Hulse, me, and we have just released a book of Bond reviews by Patrick Mulready. And we have some more things lined up which should be released soon.

Shah Fazli Thanks, do you want to name your books, and tell us which book you would like to discuss for this event, and if you could tell us what is that book about please?

Pauline Edwards The list is books is as follows. Edge of Extinction, about the Amazon Jungle, The Penhaligan File, which is a mystery, Shattered Dreams, which is about how someone deals with his life but the book I would like to talk about most is DayStalker, my very  latest, which has been classified as a Horror story, horror as in gory. The main character is a vampire, but a vampire like no other you have ever met. For a start he was born a vampire, he didn't become one by being bitten. He loves the sunshine, had a reflection and pretty much everything opposite to a normal vampire, if you can consider a vampire being normal.

Shah Fazli Please tell us about this vampire a little more, so what does he do in your book?

Pauline Edwards Sinks his teeth into a lot of people, but in a different way each time. He is very old but looks young and he starts the story off by looking for someone to give him a child. Would you like to read the beginning?

Lily Byrne Hi Pauline! She is an excellent editor, everyone!

Shah Fazli Sure, thank you so much, we will ask you later to read from it, who are the other characters in the book and what are their roles, is he your good character, or you consider him not so good?

Pauline Edwards The character goes by the name of Robert Gaunt. He was born around the time of Henry VIII and you find out it bit about his early life as you go through the book. He should be really despicable, he takes what he wants, when he wants it, a real anti-hero - but he also comes across as a real charmer, a real nice guy until you cross him. He seduces a girl called Mandy, I won't tell you what happens to her, don't want to give too much away. She moved in with him and he showers her with all sort of gifts.

Shah Fazli Thanks, and the surroundings, do you have a setting for the book, how are everything in the book, the houses or pubs for instance, they might be different to what we see in normal life?

Pauline Edwards No, it's pretty much set in Anytown in England as long as it has a river, some countryside around it, an 'old' part with terraced houses and the more upper class area of newer detached houses. Robert is living in one of these although he doesn't own it, he stole it from a retired couple and ... no that's too much of a spoiler. When we go back to his past it is an England of wider countryside and forests and small villages. It didn't really have anywhere in mind when I was setting the scenes. Oh, and he was taught to drive by Mr Royce, and currently drives around in a Range Rover.

Shah Fazli Thanks, one more thing, what do we feel when we read about your vampire, do we get scared, do we sense excitement, do we connect with him because he so different and charming, what is the ultimate feeling please?

Pauline Edwards Only the reader can answer that one Shah. Reactions to any book depend entirely on the reader. Anticipation of what he is going to do next may be the key, I don't know. I'm not scared of him because I created him and control him. Others might be scared, but I think probably the most likely thing to feel is revulsion because he does do some pretty gory things. But I have been told he is the nicest character in the book. I wouldn't want to meet him, though. Oh, and thanks for the compliment, Lily.

Shah Fazli Thanks, can you read from your book for us please?

Pauline Edwards This is the very beginning.

Pauline Edwards Robert opened his eyes and knew immediately that he was famished. He needed sustenance. Now. He raised his long thin frame from the bed, pulled on jeans and a t-shirt to cover his near skeletal frame and grabbed his leather blouson jacket from a chair.Zipping it as he ran, he descended the stairs and was out into the bright, warm spring morning air within a minute of waking. He sprinted from the house, down towards the river and the tow-path that ran alongside it. His shoulder length blond hair lifted in the morning breeze as he ran but he took no notice of it. He was on a mission. Only one thing on his mind. Feeding.

Shah Fazli Interesting, what do people say about your book, how the feedback has been so far please?

Pauline Edwards Everyone who has commented says they love it, can't put it down, just have to finish it. And everyone seems to love Robert and want to know more about him.

Shah Fazli What else do you want us to know about this book please?

Pauline Edwards You can buy it athttp://www.amazon.com/DayStalker-ebook/dp/B00943OF8W. No more spoilers from me.

Blood, sunlight, and the urge to procreate: three of the fundamental cornerstones of life as we know it But what we think we know, isn't even close to the true, horrific reality. Our oldest myths and legends instil within us a primal fear of what stalks us in the deepest dar...

Shah Fazli Thank you so much, we know you are a wonderful editor and writer, and we certainly want to hear your tips about writing please?

Pauline Edwards Tips about writing. Let me see, write as naturally as you can. Check what you have written again and again. Have a dictionary handy, although if you are working in Word you can check words as you go along if you are not certain it is the right word. Try to use as many different ways of saying something as you can. I always check that I haven't repeated the same word in one sentence unless the repetition is for a certain emphasis. And keep track of what you are doing and what your characters are called. One thing I frequently find is that the writer has changed the name of one of the characters and forgotten about it, or didn't even realise, especially if it is only a secondary character. Check that the words flow, if they are awkward to read then re-write. And that's about it really, as far as I can say at least. I would say, avoid reading too many books and articles about how to write. If you don't know instinctively you shouldn't be trying.

Shah Fazli It was a pleasure, thank you so much for giving us your time. We hope to see you again soon.

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Pauline Edwards Thank you for having me.


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