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Jessica Kong

Shah Fazli
Jessica Kong, Welcome, it is exciting to have you with us today on Spotlight, we suppose you are a new author, do you want to start this interview with saying something about how the experience has been for you, how excited were you when your book was published please?

Jessica Kong Thanks for having, Shah.

Jessica Kong When my book was first published it felt like a dream. I couldn't believe it was finally happening after 12 years.

Shah Fazli Twelve years is a long time for a dream to come true, so tell us about your dream book please, the title, maybe you should start with introducing the characters?

Jessica Kong It was a long time. The title of the book is, "A Lost Kitten". I gave it that title because the main character, John, is half feline.

Shah Fazli Why did it take you so long, any reason, why was it so hard for you to finish your book?

Jessica Kong It took me a long time because when I was first inspired to write my book, I was the proud mamma of 2 year old triplets. They took most of my time. I tried to write around their nap times, play times, and after they went to sleep for the evening. And being a beginner, I had to take writing courses to learn how to write a full length novel.

Shah Fazli Thank you so much, tell us about John, your main character, what does he do to grab our attention to read your book please?

Jessica Kong John is a Seacat, an elite warrior of the Sea-anan Empire. His is part feline and his father is a Earthling. He has many special abilities—he can phase through solid walls, his fighting ability is exceptional, he is extremely intelligent, he’s a good pilot, and he has a fishlike ability to breathe underwater.

Shah Fazli Can you tell us why does he need so much abilities, does he have such a powerful antagonist as well, does he have to fight in an army, does he fight for his country, why you have given him so much abilities please?

Jessica Kong John is a warrior, yes, and he's in the middle of a galactic war. His enemy is powerful, but John's greatest enemy really is his deep seeded self-doubt and the prejudice he grew up with from his mother's people, the Oceanan felines who believe he never should have been born.

Shah Fazli Thanks, what do you like about your book, what do you think people love about your book please?

Jessica Kong I think my favorite thing about my book, as well as for others, is John and how his relationship grows with Jasira and the other characters.

Shah Fazli Thanks, do you want to tell us about his relationship with Jasira please?

Jessica Kong Jasira Eversole is a native from the planet Surreal. Surreal was attacked 20 years prior and the natives were virtually destroyed, except for a handful, leaving everyone else in mist form, meaning ghosts. John arrives on Surreal and meets Jasira. At first he fears her, per se. But then he begins to realize that he misses her presence. As he spends time with her, he discovers Jasira is his soul mate.

Shah Fazli Thanks, what is A Lost Kitten about, can you describe your book in a few sentences please?

Jessica Kong A Lost Kitten is a ghost romance about how truelove can overcome barriers. And in this case, Jasira's lack of a body. It makes you believe that happy endings are possible.

Shah Fazli Thank you so much, can you describe one or two romantic scenes of the book for us, what happens and where it happens please?

Jessica Kong The first romantic encounter for John and Jasira is at the castle during a celebration in John's honor. The king wanted to secretly introduce John to all the female ghosts. That evening Jasira enters John's bedroom and she kissed him. That's how she hooked John. John was unable to forget that kiss afterwards and he spend his time on Surreal looking for the one who had kissed him. The second more passionate kiss also takes place in his room after John accepts Jasira's mist form. She shows her feelings/attraction for him by pleasing him while he takes a bath.

Shah Fazli Interesting, why do you write ghost romance, anything behind it please?

Jessica Kong First off, I just love paranormal romances. Then I read a ghost story written by Anne Rice and some of the scences stayed with me for days. My overactive mind started creating variations of that story and I came up with Surreal and Jasira. I was hooked afterwards and I had to write my story.

Shah Fazli I can see myself there, you told us it took you twelve years, but how was it for you to create the characters, the setting and the rest, were they the easy parts or not please?

Jessica Kong Eventhough it took me twelve years to publish my first book, it didn't take me that long to write it or come up with the story or my universe. My problem was that John's book is only 1 of 12 books that are all interconnected. And anyone who has written a series so intertwined with each other knows once you make a change in one book, you have to go to every book to make that change and still have the plot flow and connect with the others. THen you have to also thoroughly build each character who pops up in all the books but for different reasons. So it gets complicated. But luckily the universe is finished and the characters are done. Now the stories are ready to be told.

Shah Fazli Thank you, can you read from your book for us please?

Jessica Kong She heard an odd sound. Jasira realized it was coming from John. She smiled. It seemed he enjoyed her touch. She leaned her hips against his back and placed more force behind her hands. The sound coming from John intensified.

He could not help himself. The purr escaped him. The feeling was enjoyable. There was a slight pressure and increased heat against his spine. It felt like a body. John again glanced behind him. No one was there. Weird, he thought.

Since the classroom was the only place he could find that was warm, he decided to stay for a while. Taking a deep breath, John placed his arms on the desk. He lowered his head onto his forearms.

The pressure on his spine indeed felt like a body—a woman’s body. His purrs deepened. His thoughts drifted off to another place, a more pleasant place. A place where there was no war, only a beautiful woman massaging him.

Strong fingers traveled along his spine. John clenched his jaw and curved his back slightly, hoping to press her more firmly to him. If it were not for how soothed and relaxed he felt, he would think the classroom was haunted.

Ten stress-free minutes passed before his mind considered the possibility more seriously. His slow-paced heart picked up speed. His closed eyes opened. He stared at the wooden desk beneath his arms. He focused his senses on the pleasurable feelings. It definitely felt like a small body was pressed against his back while small, strong hands rubbed and molded his shoulders and upper back. It felt real. Very, very real.

Shah Fazli Thanks, fascinating tell us about your ghosts please, what they are like, do they look like us, or like ghosts, do they wear clothes like us, how are they please?

Jessica Kong Surrealan are very similar to us in features. Like the ghost we are familiar with, they cannot be seen nor heard by outsiders, only those with Surrealan blood can interact with the ghost of Surreal. They do wear clothes, for Surrealan citizens can see them. And they do pretty much everything our ghosts can do.

Shah Fazli Brilliant story, thanks, what have you learnt from writing your story that you want to share with us please?

Jessica Kong Have confidence in your story. Write it with love and passion, for your readers will feel it and see it in your writing.

Shah Fazli Jessica, it was such a pleasure, such a smooth and enjoyable event, we would love to see you again, thanks so much for your time, we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

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Jessica Kong Sorry for the slow start, and thanks for having me. I had a blast.

Paige Bleu Fabulous interview guys!!! Jess is amazing and Shah, those were great questions! Glad to know a little more about this groovy author and her book. Thanks for sharing your time

Zrinka Jelic Yes, very enjoyable interview.

Jessica Kong thanks guys, I was very scared

Brenda Perlin Great job Jessica Kong!!! I am happy for you!!!

Shah Fazli ,

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