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Anessa Price

Shah Fazli
Aneesa Price, Thank you so much for joining Spotlight, do you want to tell us if your book is influenced by the nature of Africa, by the beauty or the jungles or even animals, or anything else, if yes or no, where exactly the setting is, and if your main character is a human, ghost or vampire, human or not, tell us what is his job in your book, what does he do, do you want say what is the title of your book and briefly what is it about, you may want to read a few lines from your book for us please?

Aneesa Price Coffin Girls is far from Africa - it's based in New Orleans

Aneesa Price Based on the true myth of the Casquette or Coffin Girls that immigrated to French New Orleans in the 1700

Aneesa Price *1700s (trying to type fast lol)

Aneesa Price They arrived with the Ursuline nuns and brought over wooden caskets - rumors still abound that they were / are vampires

Aneesa Price My book is about women - female vampires that kick proverbial - I love strong female characters - they each have their own paranormal gifts and internal conflict

Aneesa Price Of course the 'he' are actually many 'he's' - interesting guys with their own issues to overcome

Aneesa Price Shah - you wanted an excerpt too - here it goes in the next comment

Aneesa Price After a few more minutes of shoulder-racking hilarity, V stood up and wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry. It’s the funniest thing. I swear I’ve never, ever come across it before.”
Anais was a bit exasperated at being left out of the picture, so she just raised an elegant brow in response.
V continued, struggling to gain composure, “It seems that the maid of honor, in preparation for the wedding, decided to lose weight so she could fit into her dress. She says she didn’t have time to do it the old-school way, so she went out and bought new diet pills. Only, these diet pills are fat blockers.”
“That’s not unusual V, I’m not getting it.”
V nodded as if to say, ‘wait for it’, then proceeded once again fighting against looming laughter, “This one’s side effect is anal leakage.”
Anais’s lips curved in an incredulous smile, “What?”
V nodded, grinning broadly, “Yep. It seems the pills stop fat from being absorbed but if you eat fatty food, the oil leaks out your derriere. Our maid of honor had a bit too much of Miss Suzette and Marie’s rich food and subsequently had an accident. Her dress is ruined.”
“Mon Dieu! You’re shitting me!” Anais automatically responded. A beat, “Oh God,” she grinned at a convulsing V, “talk about a Freudian slip!” Anais was caught between bewilderment and hilarity, the latter won out…

Aneesa Price Have to say LOL - cool concept - oddly feels like I'm speed-dating myself LMAO

Stacey Quanson Ford Hey hun... How did you decide on this particular story line? Sounds interesting

Jaime Radalyac *applauds *

Aneesa Price FB friends - please like the comments so I don't feel like I'm going schizo here please

Aneesa Price Okay - back to Coffin Girls - Anais is the main character who is also the leader of a group of misfit vampire women - they run a wedding planning business from their plantation house on the outskirts of New Orleans

Aneesa Price Anais meets Conall (a witch - prince of witches to be exact) and is both intrigued and weary of him as she is guarding dangerous secrets that could threaten the safety of her life as well as that of her friends / fellow vampires

Aneesa Price The book is a paranormal feast - I love anything paranormal so I made sure that I gave readers who are as hooked on it as I am plenty to delight them with. You will meet characters who are fae, witch, voodoo practitioners, were, necromancers, etc.

Aneesa Price The book is an adult read, meaning that whilst it is a paranormal romance, there are erotic elements to it... so I recommend it for over 18's and if you like heat in what you read, then this is something you might want to try out

Jaime Radalyac and a wonderful job indeed

Aneesa Price Thanks Jaime Radalyac - appreciate the feedback hun and glad you enjoyed it

Aneesa Price thanks so very much Stacey Quanson Ford

Jaime Radalyac Of course!!!! Do u have anything else coming out? Am I allowed to ask questions here? Lol

Aneesa Price Thank you Shah - this was actually a really cool experience - gave my fingers loads of exercise lol *shakes hand with Shah*

Aneesa Price Sorry Stacey Quanson Ford - saw your question only now - was typing so very fast - I have no idea - did some research and the idea just evolved from there - I basically put all the things I enjoy reading into it hoping that there'd be others like me

Stacey Quanson Ford Pleasure...will definitely give it a read. Well done!

Aneesa Price Jaime Radalyac - I have 5 chapters of Coffin Girls too (yet to be named) down on the laptop - have parked it as I'm writing an erotic paranormal (a bit dark) for Mystic Press - short story for an anthology and I've just finished the so you think you can write entry

Stacey Quanson Ford Proud of you my friend! Hey when they are scrambling for movie rights and you become the next big thing I'll say "I know her!"

Jaime Radalyac Oh yes!! I voted for u!!!

Aneesa Price thanks a stack Stacey - I have another novel - not as hot and paranormal - Finding Promise - think "Brothers and Sisters" and Coffin Girls is available via print too - but it comes via the states so I recommend that you read the ecopy

Aneesa Price I know you did hun - huge thanks *mwah*

Stacey Quanson Ford Cool where can I download?

Shah Fazli Thanks a lot, it was a real pleasure. Hope to see you on our 'Full Start Interview', it was a great experience with you.

Aneesa Price lol - don't joke Stacey - my kids say that Charlize Theron is their aunt - they call her aunty Charlize lol just because she's from SA too

Shah Fazli Visit:http://shahsightshop.blogspot.de/2012/10/coffin-girls-aneesa-price.html

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Stacey Quanson Ford Lol.... Good luck with the results of SYTYCW. Have a fabulous weekend

Aneesa Price Ok folks - I guess this is over - amazing how quickly 15 min turned into 25 - thanks again all for joining - my amazing FB friends and thanks also to Shah Fazli for hosting me on his sight. Fellow authors - give this a shot - seriously cool experience - catch me on my author page y'all and I'll see yah on FB

Aneesa Price Stacey Quanson Ford - here's the linkhttp://www.amazon.com/Coffin-Girls-Elegantly-Undead-ebook/dp/B008N0GWVA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1350072530&sr=8-1&keywords=Coffin+Girls

Coffin Girls (Elegantly Undead: Book 1 of the Coffin Girls Witch Vampire Series)www.amazon.com
A sexy, female vampire with secrets. A sinfully-handsome witch prince on a missi...See More
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Mary-Nancy Smith Loved it Aneesa! Great job! Looks like you answered perfectly! Hugs!

Aneesa Price Thanks so very much Mary-Nancy. yah hun

Aneesa Price Thanks Stacey - am on tenterhooks lol - will let you know when I find out

Aneesa Price have a fab weekend too Stacey , Jaime and Mary-Nancy

Zrinka Jelic I've been lurking in the back but I'm intrigued by your story. Great interview.

Aneesa Price lol - only saw this now - weird... it popped up on my notifications months later. Thank you Zrinka

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