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Melanie Dent

Shah Fazli
Melanie Dent, Welcome back to Spotlight, can you please tell us about any changes in terms of your writing from when we interviewed you in the past?

Melanie Dent Well the books have not changedd much just the seris ttiles and I have been doing some fanfiction as weell

Shah Fazli Do you want to tell us about your fanfiction a little please, what do you mean by that?

Melanie Dent It is where you write stories about movies and/or Tv shows you like and you may things happen the way you wanted thm too plus less pressure as it is not your creation. I write about Downton Abbey.

Shah Fazli What is your main and serious writing project and what is it about please?

Melanie Dent Still the Lynchcliffe historical adult romance series and the series ttilee has changed slightly because people never got the cuckoo reference. Here is the revised description for volyume 1.September 1891
When a new mother tragically dies her grief-stricken widower places his daughter, Margaret, up for adoption with his childless employers, Lord & Lady Trevelyan, and she grows up not knowing her real father is living on the same estate.
April 1912.
When Lord & Lady Trevelyan are declared missing as a result of the tragedy of RMS Titanic Margaret is thrown on the mercy of relatives she had never known existed.
Margaret struggles to adjust to her new life and relatives. Then, following an instant mutual attraction, she begins to develop a relationship with chauffeur Lewis Franklin, who lost his own nephew on the Titanic.
Then secrets emerge. Secrets only previously hinted at. A spiteful grudge then leads to murder.
Margaret and the Lynchcliffe family must steel themselves to face the future while Franklin and Margaret must decide if they can have a future together.

Shah Fazli Tell us a little about yourself, about your love of writing in particular, from where it began, and where do think it is at the moment, for instance?

Melanie Dent I have written stories since I was a little girl. Thisseries came about because I wanted to do something in memory of a boyfriend who died in 2008. I have always loved reading too. I am pressing on trying to create another book of Lynchcliffe novellas.

Shah Fazli Please tell us more about Lynchcliffe?

Melanie Dent Lynchcliffe is an adult histroical romance series so not suitable for those under 18. It's about more than love and sex though; friendship loyalties secrets and friendships set against the turbulent events in early 20th century eg Titanic sinking first world war and Spanish flu pandemic. The romance between Margaret and Franklin the chauffeur is at its centre but there is afr moee to it than that. Bonds are established across class boundaries

Shah Fazli Yeah, can you give us some more of its romantic side please, what happens there?

Melanie Dent I will play safe in case there are some under 18s following this. This is Margaret's inititial impression of FRanklin. Margaret saw a five feet ten inches tall, slight yet muscular man with pale skin and a well fitting dark navy blue uniform. He had his fair hair cropped short and there was a faint scar on his left cheek. He was not handsome in a conventional sense but something about him caught her attention and she caught herself wondering what it would feel like to be kissed by him, held in his arms, pressed against his body.

Shah Fazli Thanks. Can you describe a scene of your story that always comes to your mind, and you like it very much, there might be many, but tell us about one please?

Melanie Dent Margaret & franklin's first kiss sticks in my mind but you are right there are many and we would be here all night if I mentioned them all. Franklin’s mouth continued to cleave itself to hers. She felt his need, his urgency as she matched it, kiss for kiss as she felt him press against her. His mouth felt hard as it moulded to hers and she felt weak and, afraid she might fall, tightened her arms around him. In reflex he tightened his hold on her. She could taste him; he tasted of honey and fine wine and she felt giddy with the taste. She felt herself tremble as she realised how much she longed to feel his mouth elsewhere on her body; her breasts and her sex were highly aroused and aching for him.
His mouth moved to her ear, which he nibbled gently, and down to her jaw and throat before he put his hand under her chin and lifted her face with the utmost care so that their eyes met.
“Oh, Margaret!” he sighed. “I wish I could be sorry for that. But I’m not and I never will be. I’ve wanted to kiss tha since the moment our eyes met. I’m a servant but I am also a man.”
“Don’t you dare ever be sorry, Lewis Franklin.” she declared. “I’m not sorry either. I will live on the memory of that for a long time.”

Shah Fazli Beautiful. What do people say about your writing, are you happy with what feedback you get?

Melanie Dent I have had varied responses. some love it and some hate it. I don't mind criticism as long as there is evidence people have actually read the book. Not many reviews yet on the revised kindle versions.

Shah Fazli Yes, of course, that is healthy not to mind criticism, which author do you love to read his work, and why, name us one or two please?

Melanie Dent I like John Holt's Tom Kendall private detective novels because he plots brilliantly and manages to surprise. The Marinski affair is the best one I think. I also adore Agatha Christie esp Poirot. I love Death on the Nile.

Shah Fazli Thanks a lot, what is the most tragic part in your story, and why do you think it is?

Melanie Dent When Lady lLynchcliffe hears her sister Lady Trevelyan is missing presumed drowned because they fell out years ago and now can never make up. Or so she thinks...

Shah Fazli Thank you, tell us more about Lynchcliffe, anything that you want, why do you love this story, yourself?

Melanie Dent I love the Lynchcliffe series because it shows the resilience of the human spirit to adversity. the depths to which humanity sinks and the heights to which it can rise and the enduring power of love against the odds. It also examiens loyalty and friendship and deals with grief. Think the whole spectrum of human emotion is in there at some point.

Shah Fazli What's your advice to people who are new in writing, what do you think a new writer can learn from reading your series?

Melanie Dent Keep writing and don't ever give up. Respond positively to criticism and helpful suggestions. Not sure what people can learn from Lynchcliffe because I cannot read it as an outsider. Persevere. If you are having trouble with your own stuff do fanfiction for a while but try to write something every day so you don't get. rusty.

Shah Fazli Great, what is your favourite colour, and if it is important for you to use colours in your writing?

Melanie Dent Electric blue. I use colours of course but don't consider them as vital although obviously consistency in character eye and hair colour is vitally important.

Shah Fazli Give us at least two links for your book where we can buy it please?

Melanie Dent
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Melanie Dent

Shah Fazli Thank you so much for being on Spotlight, we enjoyed it very much.

Melanie Dent This is a link to my lynchcliffe blog

Melanie Dent Thanks Shah. It was a good experience. Best of luck with the next one.

Babs Morton Enjoyed your interview, Melanie. Very interesting. Best of luck with Lynchcliffe and the fanfiction

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