Monday, 6 August 2012

Author Interview - Kathleen Tighe Ball

Shah Fazli
Kathleen Tighe Ball, Welcome. We are so excited to hear from you about yourself, and also about Texas Haven, tell us please what exactly you mean by Texas Haven, what is it about, and what is the genre, please talk to us about your characters in a way that we get to know them a little, as if you are introducing them to us, tell us about who is bad and who is good, and maybe their names as well? What do people say about your characters in the book?

Kathleen Tighe Ball Texas Haven is a contemporary western romance. Advertising for a wife seems like the answer to all of Burke Dawson's
problems. He wants a wife and kids without emotional attachments, but he has
no idea how much havoc one woman can cause.

Annie Douglas has her heart
set on her hunky cowboy's love and she isn't about to stop until she gets it.

Kathleen Tighe Ball ‎"This is the second novel I've read by Kathleen Ball and I must say, she did it again. She had me falling in love along with her characters. Kathleen stirs up, in me, such raw emotions when I read her novels.
Her characters, true to life, had me crying and laughing along with them"

Kathleen Tighe Ball I like to write with great emotion and memorable characters Texas Haven Had Annie Douglas fresh from NYC looking for something to do with her life and Burke Dawson is a Texas rancher looking for a wife that wont leave him. His ex-wife Alice appears on the scene and creates all types of trouble for the couple

Kathleen Tighe Ball By the time everything calms down Texas has become a Haven for Annie- a place where she can love and feel loved a place she belongs

Kathleen Tighe Ball I moved to texas 6 years ago- three years ago I was facing an empty nest and I thought I'd try writing- I was honestly surprised that people liked what I wrote- I signed 5 contracts this year

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