Wednesday, 4 January 2012

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Let's see what Lisa has to say:

Shah Sight
Dear Lisa, "The Inscrutable Mrs. Winchester and Her Mysterious Mansio", what is this about, some of us probably have an idea but most of us probably have no idea what it is all about, now you tell us something, in your own way?

Lisa Selby Thank you Shah. It is about Sarah Winchester, the heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. fortune. She married the son of the inventor of the Winchester Repeating Rifle. They had a child who died when she was a month old. In 1881 her husband died. The story goes that she went to see a psychic, believing in such things, to contact her husband. The psychic told her that the people who had been killed by the Winchester repeating rifle were responsible for both the death of her baby daughter and her husband. She was told to move west and find a house that she could build on continously so as to appease those that had been killed by the "Rifle that Won the West". If she stopped building she would die. She moved to San Jose, California in 1884 and bought an 8 room farmhouse. It was said that she held seances every night at twelve o'clock midnight to converse with the spirits and to get the plans for building the house. The number 13 was supoosed to be her lucky number and incorporated it into her house in many ways. She built stairs that went to a ceiling, doors that opened on the second floor with nothing below if you stepped outside, but the garden. Doors that opened onto 1/4 inch of storage space, skylights that gave a view of the floor below. She had several spider web pattern leaded glass windows in her house. She had 13 lights in a chandelier, 13 hooks supposedly used for her seance robes. Thirteen daisies in each panel of her stained glass windows in her bedroom. But is this the truth or myth? I have tried to come to some conclusion about this 160 room mansion, with 13 bathrooms, 13 bathrooms, a seance room, an aviary, a greenhouse inside her Victorian manison. The book is avaliable on Thanks for the question Shah. I appreciate the opportunity to share my novel on your The Interpreter Facebook site.

Gerry McCullough Fascinating title, Lisa!

Lisa Selby Thanks, it was the only way I could describe the story.

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