Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Interpreter: A Literary Group

Robert and Gerry face to face:

Robert Craven
I have a question for Gerry McCullough; both 'Belfast Girls' & 'Danger Danger' are set in contemporary Belfast, how has the history of the province influenced your writing?

Gerry McCullough Immensely, Rob. Belfast Girls actually started life as a story set during the troubles. No one was interested! So I put it aside for some years, then brought it out again and re-wrote it as a post conflict book – and this time got it published!
Danger Danger is a more straightforward romantic thriller, but the atmosphere and influence of Belfast is strong here, too, with a trip to Zurich thrown in to add to the interest. I find I can write better when I'm writing about something I know about . (So what's new?) Though, I hasten to add, the actual plot and action are made up, entirely.

Gerry McCullough And thanks for the question, Rob!

Robert Craven you're welcome - 'The Troubles' affects both sides of the island even to this day...

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