Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Interpreter: A Literary Group

I and Pauline again:

Shah Sight
Pauline, what kind of books would you prefer reading, if it is romance, for example, why Edge of Extinction is not written as romance, what is your book about, and what do you like about your book the most?

Pauline Edwards
In the past I have preferred to read action books by authors like Wilbur Smith, John Le Carre, lightweight thrillers by Dick Francis and things like that. Edge of Extinction has evolved over many years. At first it was simply a fiction biography of this strange man from the Amazon jungle, then I decided it needed something exceptional to happen and developed the current plot line of the village being in danger. There is a little tiny bit of romance in it ebcause

Pauline Edwards
Hit that return key again! As I was saying - there is a tiny bit of romance in it because that is part of life, people meet and react to each other. The main story, though, is about saving the village from being wiped out. What do I like most about my book? The reaction I have had from it. It's hard to believe that me, a very ordinary working girl, could produce something that other people have praised so highly. I never knew I had it in me! Tim even said it was 'Literary'. That I don't believe.

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