Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Interpreter: A Literary Group

Shah Sight
Robert, please tell us about your next book, what are you writing now?

Robert Craven Hi Shah, many thanks for the question. I have completed the sequel to GET LENIN, titled ZINNMAN which follows on 6 months after the adventure. Eva Moleanaar returns to thwart another plot and uncovers a wider conspiracy connecting the Allies to the Nazi High Command. A peripheral character from GET LENIN, General Rolf Metzger, comes to the fore in this and hopefully it’ll be another break-neck page turner. The rewrites will be starting early next year and the book will launch 2012 through Night Publishing. Then I’m turning my attention to a vampire novel, but that’s at an outline stage only.

Gerry McCullough Sounds good, Rob! Another question – what made you think of setting Get Lenin (and now Zinnman) in wartime Germany? An excellent idea, and very interesting – but what suggested it to you?

Robert Craven good question Gerry, I am fascinated by history & when drafting GET LENIN realised that WW2 still resonates today as a lot of the technology and media manipulation used then still applies to now. Certainly Germany at that period had honed propaganda to a fine art, especially through film newsreels, and taking those elements I tried to make GET LENIN both 'journalistic' and modern. ZINNMAN goes further into the war in Russia and German weapons development, especially one that could change the direction of the war. Lastly WW2 is still fresh in many people's memories & I think that's the appeal. It's a juggling act making a German army unit sympathetic and Eva working as a ruthless spy.

JCarson Black I am working on a thriller called ICON. It is the second of three books contracted by amazon's thriller imprint, Thomas & Mercer. My editor has given me a lot to do and as a result, I'm keeping my head down and working, working, working! ICON is about a movie megastar who escapes a rehab center in the Arizona Desert, and now people are coming to kill him...

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