Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Shah Sight
Valerie, tell us something about your book and also how you think it is doing in terms of ranks, sales, or you don't know as yet?

Valerie Douglas
I'm an avid newspaper and news feed reader. Nike's Wings came out of a comment I read once in an interview that the Mexican drug cartels were just as dangerous to the US as some of the terrorist groups. Better funded, better armed, and right on our border.
I wanted to write about that, to make people aware of it, but in an entertaining way. It's a great action/adventure thriller. I actually posted the link here because I thought it might fit here better, because of its subject matter.
Although I added it in Sept, it never quite caught on... I'm not entirely sure why, although I have some theories *wry smile*
It took a while, but specifically Amazon's new Kindle Direct Publishing Select, for it to get some attention. I was thrilled when it did, but absolutely astonished that it's now #53 in Kindle Store for Action & Adventure.


  1. Valerie, it feels that way to you, because we all love you, honey.