Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Interpreter: A Literary Group

Shah Sight
Kenneth, we all know what eTLC stands for, how did you come with this great idea, we find your site very useful to many authors, can you tell us how many authors have taken part so far, if you know, are you involved in any kind of writing yourself, if yes, do you have any book of your own?

Kenneth Wayne Thanks for the shout out. eTLC was started as a way to help people find interesting books by indie authors. We felt that it was just a little too daunting to browse on Amazon and the big sites, so thought a less cluttered venue was a little easier to utilize. Currently, there are 211 great books posted on eTLC including two of my own (Clip and An American Branch), plus two anthologies in which I have contributed stories (Words to Music and Rainbow Lights Ablaze). Come to eTLC and check them

The Electronic Text & Literature
Three stories about two neighbors who meet as young children and grow up together on Long Island during the late 60′s and early 70′s. The comforting and loving world they live in changes around them as their families fracture . . .

Kenneth Wayne BTW, here's our link on facebook:

The Electronic Text and Literature Cloud
Use eTLC to discover the work of independent (indie) authors. The majority of writing on this cloud is available in a digitalized format, which provides indies a viable medium to distribute their work. Our focus is self-published material since we believe it remains closer to the "vision" of the writer than work reshaped by publishers with "elusive" marketing goals.

Kenneth Wayne If you want to submit a book to be posted on eTLC, just go to

The Electronic Text & Literature
Send your submission by clicking .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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