Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Merry Christmas

Shah Sight
Barbara Morton, let us tell you and through this special interview 'a very merry Christmas' to everybody that read this interview and to all our members. As I promised the question is very easy. Tell us please what do you like the most about Christmas and what makes you very happy? Do you love to drink a lot of wine or not?

Barbara Morton That is an easy one Shah...Real Christmas trees, lots of snow and the expression on little kid's faces when Santa's been :)

Shah Sight Thank you, second and last question. On the first day of Eid in our culture, once the Eid is officially announced we all, the whole family, suddenly get up, embrace each other, kiss each other, and greet each other which I find a bit odd and funny, what is there in Christmas that you find odd or makes you laugh, or you find it funny, what makes you laugh a lot in Christmas?

Barbara Morton Well, this isn't odd or funny, but it is a tradition which I think is quite quaint. In our rural community, everyone gathers around the village christmas tree on Christmas Eve to sing carols. We carry lanterns and share mulled wine and mince pies after. Folk come from the surroundings farms...catch up with news and then head home for Santa :)

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