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The Interpreter: A Literary Group

Phil and I:

Shah Sight
Phil Bolos, first of all, let us welcome you to this group. Tell us about Fiend, we are interested to know a little bit about the story in your own words, what is it about Fiend that you think people would love to read, give us an example please, if you want to, what do people say about Fiend, and why should people read your book?

Phil Bolos Thank you so much for having me! Fiend: The Manifestation is a horror thrill ride. It is the first part in a trilogy and is already getting some buzz. The story starts with a sheriff, Adam Dolton, in a northern Wisconsin town coming to terms with visions and dreams he has been having of the "man-in-black," a demonic character set on destroying the town. Adam wants to brush off the dreams as just that - dreams. But, when he has an unusual encounter with a woman at a diner, he learns that the visions are true, the man is coming and he has already begun his attack.

Phil Bolos While Adam deals with this new information, seven individuals from all walks of life find themselves waking up in a horrifying, tomb-like world full of monsters and other nightmares. The hook for the reader in this first novel is to solve the mystery of how these two stories are connected.

Phil Bolos What people will love about Fiend is that the characters are detailed and believable and the setting is incredibly visual. One reader stated that the story is a combination of the Joker and the movie "The Cell." Readers should pick up a copy of this novel because it is a break from the ordinary. Too many times we find ourselves reading a story a think to ourselves, "Oh wait...I think I already read this." Odds are we haven't, but the characters and storyline are too similar to other works. Fiend breaks that mold and takes you somewhere you have never been before.

Phil Bolos If you are interested in seeing what others have said about Find: The Manifestation, take a look at the Amazon page. The readers say it all!

Phil Bolos

Fiend - The

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