Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Interpreter: A Literary Group

Pauline and I:

Shah Sight
Pauline Edwards, what do you want to say to our audience about this New Year, what is your message, and what do you wish for you, for your family, friends, and anybody that can hear us, for the year 2012?

Shah Sight Thanks, what will you do differently this year to get even better results from everything or one specific thing in your life than last year, have you thought about it, do you regret anything that you think you should have done it differently last year?

Pauline Edwards I have no regrets, don't believe in dwelling on the past. Once something has happened it cannot be changed, although you can learn and not make the same mistake again. For next year I intend to work even harder at my writing and am thinking about launching an editing service. After a lifetime of boring jobs I have found something that I really enjoy.

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