Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Interpreter: A Literary Group

My Interview With Tee:

Shah Sight
Tee, please name your published books, of course you like all of them, but if you prefer one or two than others, tell us the reason please?

Tee Gee Ok honey First is The Eye of Erasmus... a time travelling lover with attitude until he meets the love of his life - a beautiful young psychic woman. Secondly came Shasta Summer which comprises two books. Summer in the present when she discovers she has a past life as a woman called Shasta. In the second book she regresses into her past life to try and change fate and of course to stop her lover from being murdered.

Tee Gee If I had to choose one book, I couldn't, but choosing a character is easy. Old Erasmus is my favourite. He time travels by thought alone.


  1. Wow that took me by surprise.
    Thanks hon.
    Share and tweeting I will do.
    Tee x

  2. And I share lots of love with you,Tee.