Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Interpreter: A Literary Group

I and Peter:

Shah Sight
Peter Hindley, Happy New Year, and welcome to this group. Let us express our great pleasure for having you with us. Surely most of our members know you well, but some may not, who are you, which part of the world you have come from, and then give us one reason why you think more men or more women would read your book, what do you think, who are your target readers, and tell us how many of your books have been published so far?

Peter Hindley
Happy New Year to all and thank you for the welcome; a great way to start what I am sure will be a very interesting year for us all.
To answer some of your questions about me and the book; yes it is just one at the moment but I have started on the sequel. Who am I? today I am not too sure as life is somewhat hectic to say the least. Well I was born in Kent, England and lived on the outskirts of London and Kent until march 2007 when I left the UK for a "quiet" life in southern France; it was my intention to have time for myself and finish 'The Perfect Crime a story of truth or fantasy'. I bought a place just outside a small village, within walking distance of the bakery (a grave priority in France) but then found myself welcomed and accepted by the inhabitants and as a result my life is far from tranquil, but I love it and count myself very fortunate. Many adventures have presented themselves, but that is natural if you keep an open mind and watch the signs around you.
Now the book: It was started when my brother unexpectedly died, in several places within his house in 2002. This was not the only strange occurrence so I started to make an accurate record of events, and there was plenty to report. Last spring bought a piece of news that made the perfect ending to this edition and seek publication. My brother's daughter, Susan, has been helping me with much of this, as she is with the sequel as the story continues to unfold.
The subject may sound grim but it has its humour, it is a journey of discovery for the readers and they may not be sure whether it is fact or fiction when they start, they will by the end. It should be compelling reading and certainly it will make you think, take stock of our world.
Who should read it: Possibly every adult because it has something relating to everybody's life. Human nature is exposed for all to see. Yes, it does develop into an exposée as the story takes its many twists and turns. The UK legal system, Police, government ministries and their workings (they, and others, have all played their part) are laid bare. It is an education.
Why should the book be read? It hopefully will act as a catalyst to improve our lot; I do hope so. It is the book for the new era; 2012 is the start. A remarkable journey with my brother.
A Remarkable Journey with my

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