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The Interpreter: A Literary Group

Dawn Gray
Melissa M Ringsted is a person that reviews and edits the work that we authors do. Most aren't recognized and pushed into the background, letting the authors take the spotlight. However, I believe they are our shining stars. I would love to ask a her, what do you look for when reviewing a novel?

Melissa M Ringsted Dawn, I'm honestly not picky AT ALL when reviewing a book, but I do not do erotica, only because authors need all the reviews they can get. I believe in "paying it forward" which is why I also keep my editing costs so very low. So that indie authors can still afford a nicely edited book.

Dawn Gray How long does it take you to review a book, for instance, if I send you a copy of my book now, when will I get the review, do you review from e books or it has to be paperbacks?

Melissa M Ringsted I review Ebooks. I'm currently a little backed up and looking to "hire" more reviewers. I'm testing some who applied as we speak

Shah Sight Melissa, do you charge people who send their books for reviews, I suppose it takes a lot of your time, and now you are hiring someone to help, how do you earn your living after having to give so much of your time for reviewing other people's books?

Melissa M Ringsted I do not charge for the reviews. I just receive the book as a "gift" and that is my payment. It does take a lot of time between reading the book, typing up the review and posting it on my blog, my FB page, Amazon, Goodreads, B&N and Smashwords if applicable. I work pt in a restaurant and do my editing from home, so it lowers my cost.

Dawn Gray Do you come across a lot of projects that need major edits before being passed on to publishers?

Melissa M Ringsted Most of the works that I edit needed an editor, but that's not bad! I even notice mistakes in the big name books, like Patricia Cornwell! It's normal for an author to just write, and it's my job to fix it. With a healthy dose of OCD fixing it makes me happy! :)
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Shah Sight How long have you been in this business, and where do you see yourself in terms of your work, is it getting bigger day after day, as you have to now hire people?

Melissa M Ringsted I've been editing on and off since high school. I'm {{almost}} 35 now, so about 15 yrs. I've only been reviewing for a year. My "business" is definitely getting bigger! I honestly can't say where it will go though because business comes in waves! For the sake of myself, and my family, I can only pray with all that I have that it will go up!

Dawn Gray I have had the honor of being reviewed by you and I must say that I don't believe that I, as a writer, could do what you do. I find that everyone has their own writing style and couldn't be a judge of other writers. What would you say is your favorite thing about reviewing?

Melissa M Ringsted Meeting all of the amazing authors, helping them out via a simple review, and finding new books that, without reviewing, I wouldn't have found!

Dawn Gray Thank you so much for your time Melissa. Shah might have more questions for you. I have to say its interesting to get the perspective of the other half of our writing team.

Shah Sight Can you name some books that you really liked, and tell us why did you give them five out of five stars review?

Melissa M Ringsted There have been, I think, 6 true 5 star books I've done in 2011. 2 were "chick lit" books by Lorena Bathey, and the other 4 were paranormal. The are: Compulsion, The Conduit, Inheritance, and of course Dawn's The New Queen Rises.

Melissa M Ringsted All of these were for their writing style. There might be a few more, but these are the ones that are forefront in my mind. Thank you so very much for having me!!

Dawn Gray Thank you Melissa! I feel blessed to be part of such and elite group.

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