Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Interpreter: A Literary Group

Dawn Interviewing Me:

Dawn Gray
Shah Sight, I see a lot of short stories on this group page that you have done, would you care to share with us how you write such powerful words

Shah Sight Thanks Dawn. I think, it is because I think a lot. These short stories would not come along on their own, it takes a lot of time of thinking and being aware of you surrounding, the people you live with, the environment you are in contact with, the breath you take in and out, the things you see, and the sounds you hear, all these would play big roles in building these short stories. I love them, and they are with me every second, when I go to sleep, when I wake up, when I look around, when I talk to people. They are me and I am them, I am a piece of my thoughts, and my thoughts are a home for these words.

Dawn Gray Do you find that when they need to be written down that there is no stopping the creativity even if it is just a line or two?

Shah Sight Yes, but in a way they have to say a lot about a lot of things. You know that we don't only create books by words, but we have built up the whole world by the power of these worlds. It doesn't matter if you write a whole book or you create a few words. Remember Einstein thought of probably a few words first; he couldn't think of a whole book all at once, and then he invented Electricity.

Dawn Gray There is a lot of power in words. If someone approached you and said that your words changed the way they viewed the world, how would you respond?

Shah Sight Thanks, Dawn. I don't know how much it would change some people's lives, but in practice I see a lot of changes in people who live around me, I can give you hundreds or thousands of examples. As I said these words are the other sample of the way we think, we see, we walk, we eat, we make friends, we write books, we invent, and we build up this world, so I wouldn't be surprised if my words could change one, two, or hundreds of people's lives. Remember what we are in the old age is what we learn from our parents in our young age. I am sure you believe that if we have bad parents, we might not have any better life than our parents.

Dawn Gray Thank you so much for your time Shah. I really appreciate you talking with me on the Interpreter today.

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