Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Interpreter

The Russian army left Afghanistan in 1989. Dr Najib, the last pro-communist president was also gone, after remaining in power for another three years. In 1992, the Mujahidin entered the city, from the north, east, west, and south of the city.  Different groups of the Mujahidin controlled different parts of the city. And from there the bloodiest war was about to begin.  Bloodshed was to become an everyday routine for the Mujahidin.  Looting, rape, imprisonment, and torture were to take place in every corner of the city.  The four or five largest parties of the Mujahidin started fighting each other in every street and house of the city. Schools and the university were changed to garrisons.  The museum was looted.  The banks and other public buildings were raided by the Mujahidin and were looted. They fought each other for years to come, until the Taliban rose in the southern parts of the country.  It was then that the Mujahidin was to begin worrying about their future.  Most of them surrendered to the Taliban without any fight.  Those who didn’t surrendered were either killed in the face-to-face fights or were captured and were hung from trees.
The Taliban took over ninety five percent of the country, in a short time, in swift victories in all the provinces of the country.  The Taliban gained the people’s support by punishing the Mujahidin.  People gave them food and money and encouraged them in their uprising against the Mujahidin.  In less than two years, the Taliban entered the capital of Kabul.  The Mujahidin sat back in the northern parts of the city and another long and bloody war was about to take place.  The Taliban attacked the northern parts many times but they were badly defeated, losing thousands of their men.  This war lasted enough for the people of Kabul and Afghanistan to know the real Taliban.  People began to hate the Taliban. 
The Taliban and Al-Qaeda planned an attack on the Word’s Trade Centre, and also a suicide attack on the Mujahidin’s prominent leader, Massoud.  Massoud was assassinated and two days later the World Trade Centre was also attacked.
The Mujahidin lost their leader and the hope of being able the resist the Taliban, without their leader.  Three thousand innocent men and women lost their lives, in the New York attack. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban celebrated their victories against their Mujahidin rivals and the US.  It was then that another painful and long war was about to begin.  The US and its NATO allies sent their troops to Afghanistan.  The Taliban were pushed out of the country.  The Mujahidin helped NATO in their fight against the Taliban.  The Taliban crossed the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan and regrouped there.  They came back into Afghanistan and started their random rocket attacks and small arms fires over the NATO forces and Afghan Government.
Go through ‘The Interpreter’ and see for yourself the ongoing war and the hardship that our people are facing.

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