Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Interpreter

‘The Interpreter’ is the story of Shabir Khan, an Afghan interpreter, working with the American NATO forces.

Come and experience what Shabir experiences every day, when his convoy is attacked by roadside bombs, suicide bombers, and rocket attacks. Come and live the life that Shabir lives every day, when his camp is mortared by the Taliban every now and then. Come and go through the horror that Shabir goes through, when the Taliban leader, Mullah Dozakhi – the Man from Hell - taunts him that he would decapitate him.

Can Shabir survive in Helmand, living away from his family? Come and see for yourself, take a journey with Shabir, and experience it for yourself. Come to the deserts of Helmand and see Shabir’s battle with the Taliban for one day, then imagine what he goes through ever day.

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