Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Steven Reeder

Shah Fazli

Why was your book a success in South Africa, but not elsewhere, or what do you think, do you give it more time, or is it a success already?

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Steven Reeder Shah, South Africa has been - up until now - the only place where it was published as a paperback book, and I have a very effective marketing system. Over 200 copies have been posted over-seas - To Brazil and Russia even - but the cost of postage is too high. From next month the book will be available as a paperback around the world, so we'll see how it go?
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Gino DiCaprio Steven, all you have to do is put a version of your book in and they will do the rest on your paperback, without worry on oversea. They deal with the biggest Distribution, in most stores around the world.
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Steven Reeder Gino, that is what I am now doing, not only for my novel but for Hedgehog Books authors. Even so, the effective marketing is what is going to make the difference to whether it is successful or not. And for that Hedgehog Films is busy with a series of videos that I believe will do the job.
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Shah Fazli

Thank you, what would be your tips to new writers on writing or marketing, what should they learn from you?

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Steven Reeder On the writing front: I think firstly that you should write the type of novel that you would normally read. Also write as if you are telling the story, don't over-complicate things and try to seem like a English Language genius: people don't generally want to read that anyway. Imagine the story in your head and simple write it down and when you have done that read it back to yourself and ask that sounded right. I keep my writing that simple!
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Steven Reeder One thing that must say: no-matter how good you think your writing or your book is, get a professional editor to work with you on the manuscript.
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Dianne Lang My internet keeps going down. Thank you so much for this time spent with you.
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Steven Reeder Dianne, it has been my pleasure. In-box me if you need help with the writing or marketing of books.
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Steven Reeder And ofcourse, read Adrenalin Rush!
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Dianne Lang Definately will be doing that. Thank you again.
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Shah Fazli

Thank you Steven for your time, hope to see you again, now our time is over, but the guests are welcome to keep asking if they want. It was a pleasure.

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Steven Reeder Thanks, Shah, It has been great to chat with you.
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Dianne Lang

I have 'met' a number of SA authors via FB. I am surprised that there are not more of us on here today. I seem to be hogging the page.

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Steven Reeder Hopefully there are more just reading the comments?
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Dianne Lang Perhaps ... maybe they don't want to identify themselves or they don't know what to ask a best selling author. Speaking to a best selling author can be intimidating.
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Steven Reeder I can't image why. I met Stan Trollope - multi international best selling writer - and he is the most approachable man you'll ever meet.
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Dianne Lang I have met a few myself, but there are a lot of would-be writers who are afraid of their own shadows.
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Steven Reeder I think if they could just get that first draught finished and find someone to encourage them with some good comments and constructive help, they might feel differently.
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Shah Fazli

Thanks, what else do you find interesting about your writing, and what do your readers think about your writing, anything you can tell us please? — with Steven Reeder.

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Steven Reeder I have always been into 'escapism' and love reading novels, so being able to take that one step further and design my own world to escape into is great. There is also a satisfaction to finishing a novel and being able to hand it to someone else and have them say 'I really enjoyed that'. So far I have only had one reader who didn't like the book. A writer from NY who writesin a very different style, so maybe that is not a bad thing?
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Dianne Lang

I can understand you taking real events and turning it around with some imagination to make it non-fiction. I have tried to write non-fiction for a few competitions but my head can't get around it. It seems that there must be a more creative brain to write non-fiction. How did you manage to find these characters and put a story to it?

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Steven Reeder I was asked to ghost-write the auto-biography of a very interesting man - CO of a special Forces unit of the British army, but it never happened. I wasn't really keen because it would have restricted my imagination.
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Dianne Lang Confirmation again ... we always are where we are supposed to be. Guess if you had done the CO's auto-biography, the Adrenalin Rush would not have happened.
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Steven Reeder No, this was after Adrenalin Rush was in print, but it would have been a time-consuming thing that would have put the new books back a while. In fact the editing and publishing of the new novel by Nick Whiteley put the new novel back a month, but that is the price you pay for taking on new business.
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Shah Fazli

Steven Reeder, Thanks for being our guest today, and welcome toSpotlight author interview, you said you have a best seller book in South Africa, can you tell us please what made your book stand out among so many other books, what is the main reason for this book or this story to get where it is right now, do your readers say what they like about your book?— with Steven Reeder.

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Steven Reeder Morning, Shah and thanks for inviting me. Adrenalin Rush; why it stands out? Not really sure, it is a well written and well researched novel - I'm quoting a review - and I have marketed it extensively, which is the reason most novels do well - marketing. The people who have read the book and commented on it say pretty much that plus they seem to enjoy the characters and the story/plot.
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Shah Fazli Thanks, can you tell us a little about your characters please?
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Steven Reeder Shah, my characters - I like to create characters that are 'real' rather than super-hero types. They have their problems and they are never perfect. Some of them can be a bit bad.
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Steven Reeder I try to make them so that the reader can identify within them someone that they know.
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Shah Fazli What was the most exciting part for you, writing your story or getting it published, and what made it so exciting?
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Steven Reeder Shah, writing the book was fun, but there is a great satifaction for any author when he or she sees their work on a shelf in a major retail store for the first time.
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Steven Reeder The new novel - out in May or June - is slightly different in that I wrote it by taking events from my days in the army and turning them into a novel. Not that it is non-fiction, you understand, but it is inspired by those events.
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Shah Fazli Thanks, tell us a little about this book, I mean the best seller, about its story, the setting, etc?
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Steven Reeder Shah, the story is set in the UK - modern time - and involves a retired motor racer who get dragged into industrial spying and kidnnaping all because of his sudden interest in a beautiful girl (Natually)and ends up having to save the day for everyone. Along the way he survives hardship from terroists and some surprings people.

Steven Reeder You can read that by visiting the Amazon site -

Adrenalin Rush is a highly aclaimed, fast-paced action adventure novel set in En...See more
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Shah Fazli

Brilliant, can you describe one scene from the Adrenaline Rush for us, who is there, where it takes place, and what happens please?

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Steven Reeder I started the novel with a piece taken from the middle of the story and used it as an attention-grabber. And it is our hero escaping from a desert fort - doesn't know where - after a confrontation with men who he assumes are terrorists. The characters in that were fun to create - I find creating bad men more fun than the good guys.
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Dianne Lang

Will your other books have the same characters or are they all different stories?

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Steven Reeder Dianne, I try to have different characters in each book, although in one of the books I'm working on now there is a character from Adrenalin Rush who reappears.I hate sequells
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Dianne Lang

Do you spend a certain amount of time writing each day? How do you put time alone into your life so that you can write (three books at once?)

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Steven Reeder Dianne, to be honest, no. I know many author sit down every day and commit to writting a certain number of words, but I find that I can't do that. Most of my writing gets done in my head - mainly my subconcious - first, and when it's ready I type it onto the pc
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Dianne Lang I understand. I also can't just sit down and write by the clock, there has to be some inspiration to do it. I joined this discussion this morning really just to say that I am very impressed with what you have achieved. Not only is your book well marketed, but to put a publishing firm into place is nothing short of a miracle.
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Dianne Lang That was not a question ... just a statement. Sorry ... seems I am already breaking the rules.
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Steven Reeder Thanks, Dianne, sometime I look back at when I started and how ignorant I was about the novel/publishing business and wonder at how far I've managed to come.
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Beverly Young Di, where can I buy your book o9n the Transkei? The one with the pics? xx
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Dianne Lang Inbox me Beverly. This is Steven's interview and we should stick to the program ... at least try. I have already broken the rules.

Frank Gawel asked a question.
24 March at 09:03

What made you start..?..

Frank, I'm glad to hear it. If you want a signed copy, inbox me and I'll sort so

Truth,..I have not read it yet..but I will..

Frank, I was challanged tod o, haha, but I had always wanted to write a novel.

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Dianne Lang

How does one submit a manuscript to Hedgehog Publishing?

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Steven Reeder Dianne, in-box me and tell me about your manuscript, simple as that.

Steven Reeder Hedgehog Books deals mainly with South African authors and helps them not only get published but retail the books too and make some money.
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Dianne Lang I am thrilled to hear that Steven ... about helping SA writers. It has been a tough road for SA writers to get anything published. So ... thank you from all of us.

Steven Reeder It is my pleasure.

Steven Reeder Frank, I'm glad to hear it. If you want a signed copy, inbox me and I'll sort something out for you.

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