Saturday, 8 March 2014

Roxanna Mitchell

Posted by Shah Fazli · 22 hours ago
Roxanna, Your interview will happen on the 27th, can you please tell me why you agreed to do this interview, what book or books are you going to talk about, are you excited about it or nervous?
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  • I live in Redondo Beach, California. I agreed to the interview because I want more people to know about me, what I write, why I write. Maybe I can stimulate others to begin writing their own stories. I will be talking about my debut novel, Perfect Score - a tetraology, part 1 published on Amazon, parts 2-4 currently being edited, the next in the Perfect series, Perfect Fit - nearly done, my submission to an anthology, Shades of Fear - proceeds benefitting pediatric cancer research and patient care and my future forays into non-fiction. Am I nervous? Of course I am. I LOVE to write but putting myself out there is kind of against my grain although I am VERY outgoing and quite talkative. Any other questions?

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