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Maryann M Johnson

Shah Fazli
Maryann M Johnson, Welcome, and thanks everyone for joing this event, we have a qustion from Margaret Skea as well that I will ask later, please tell us something at the sart of this interview, anything that you like us to hear from you?

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Maryann M Johnson Well, thank you. I'm just excited to finally be able to tell people who I am and what I do. It's being my dream.

Shah Fazli Ok that is great, we were looking forward to that as well, now Question for Maryann from Margaret Skea - what drives you to write, Maryann? - do you have something specific that you really want to get across in your writing? or is it primarily about telling a good (entertaining) story?

Maryann M Johnson I love to write. It's the only thing that takes my mind away from the rest of the world. I write to entertain and probably inspire others as I myself have being inspired.

Shah Fazli Tell us now please what do you write, and why do you think it is entertaining for others to read?

Maryann M Johnson I write mostly romantic stories. And poems too. I like to write supernatural stories more. Magic, vampires, werewolves. I guess most people would like a thrilling story with a happy ending.

Shah Fazli That is true, do you want to please tell us a little about your supernatural stories, later I will ask about the rest, what is there in these stories please?

Maryann M Johnson Well, I'm writing a trilogy. Magic And Love. The completed book one 'LUCY' is about a nerd-turned-beautiful girl who falls for a popstar and likewise too, finds out she's from an ancestry of magic and ends up using this power to fight of twin vampires in her school. The book two MERLIN:FACING THE FUTURE is about Merlin sent to the future to find a sorceress, Carmen who happens to be Lucy's sister. He needs her help to defeat Morgana and they end up falling in love... I haven't come up with the book three yet.

Shah Fazli You're not a pubished author yet, are you, how are you approaching publihers for your stories, have you been in contact with any, and how is the book business in your country, can you get them published there?

Maryann M Johnson I'm not a published author. Books can be published here. But I just haven't found any editor or publisher. And my parents are no support either. So I'll waiting till am older, i guess.

Shah Fazli Oh, that is sad, but it's possible, not to worry so much, now tell us a little about you poetry and drawing please, you are a very talented person?

Maryann M Johnson I wouldn't say I'm that talented. I only write poems that rhyme and are in stanzas mostly. But i've been drawing for sometime now. Only inmovable objects or pictures mostly. No life drawings. I'm still a novice.

Shah Fazli Thank you, can you read one of your poems or post a short story here, is that possible please?

Maryann M Johnson I guess. Hold on please.

Catherine Mahoney Hi I just wanted to give you a link, where you can post your stories, by chapter or full, maybe if they receive attention, Mom and Dad will be more attentive to your pursuits.

Login -

Maryann M Johnson THE BREAK UP- NEW.

I knew the moment I saw him
It was all going to be over.
He was my first love
and my second lover.
He meant the world to me,
with him I was worry free.
But today being valentine's day
I knew he would end it anyway.

My heart sped up as I sat,
looking nervously at him.
He was wearing my favourite hat,
but his face looked grim.
Then he opened his mouth to say,
he wanted to break up today.
I tried to be all-smiles
as I felt tears rise to my eyes.

The love of my life was dumping me,
for a girl he met in Germany.
He said he still cared deeply,
but he'd fallen out of love with me.
I could feel my heart shattering,
telling myself this couldn't be happening.
My tears were ruining my makeup
as this was my first break up.

Shah Fazli Thank you, tell us about your personal life as well please, how is everything for you there?

Maryann M Johnson My personal life is stressful. I'm having coming up exams known as JAMB and NECO these coming months. I'm the first born and all responsibility is on me, house chores and such. I wouldn't say I'm sad, just tired. But this day has being good.

Shah Fazli Thanks a lot Maryann, now I leave it to others if they want to ask questions.

Catherine Mahoney So would you like to conclude the interview, or have the guests ask questions, like what are you plans when you graduate from school?

Catherine Mahoney now , you are familiar with the Indie Community, you should join some groups like Indies Unlimited and others to learn more about the craft of writing and seek publishers, editors, beta readers, and do not give up on your dreams, no matter who stands in your way. Also double check all promotions and offers and not sure ask me, or Mr. Shah, before committing to anyone.

Maryann M Johnson I'd like to continue the questions. The only thing I see myself doing after college is get my books published. Or maybe before I graduate. Though I'd like to be a writer for magazines and newspapers.

Maryann M Johnson Thanks alot for the advice. I'l do that

Catherine Mahoney Okay there is the Fivver site and more that you can offer services, or intern for a publishing house, best way to learn the craft better. Divine Caroline is another emag, there are out there, be careful, anyone asking for money up front stay away.

Maryann M Johnson Okay. Will remember that.

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Maryann M Johnson I don't seem to be getting any questions besides yours.

Catherine Mahoney earn money for your talents and show your parents, I will stop, the guests may be waiting or left.

Maryann M Johnson Okay. Thanks alot again.

Catherine Mahoney Does anyone have any questions for Maryann?

Catherine Mahoney It is Friday night, here, everyone is off doing their own thing, thank you for coming, and hope you discover others who can help your with your dreams, and dare to dream, do not give up.

Catherine Mahoney

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Maryann M Johnson Thank you again. Too bad I can't watch youtube on my phone. Bye then. Thanks Shah.

Catherine Mahoney I will, if you want me to send you a upside photo of you, I can attach to your messages.

Maryann M Johnson Yea i'd like that.

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