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Author Tom Ufert

Shah Fazli
Author Tom Ufert, It is a real pleasure Tom and everyone else who is following, it is always a joy to speak to you Tom, and thanks for giving us that joy one more time, we want to hear something from you at the start, anything, or anyhow you want to start, please? — with Author Tom Ufert.

Author Tom Ufert THANK YOU Shah for this wonderful opportunity again. I am very excited since our last time together because of all the promotional events I have experienced, the exposure nationally and internationally, as well as all that I've learned from fellow writers and mentors.

Shah Fazli Thanks Tom, tell us about all the good news about your writing, nationally and internationally, we know a little but we want to hear it from you please?

Author Tom Ufert First off I amvery proud tha just last week my book, Adversity Builds Character, was 1 of 80 American Indie works showcased at the Paris Expo through a joint venture between Killer Nashville Publishing & the U.S. Dept of Commerce. The week before that 1 of my 4 video trailers won 2nd place in an international video trailer competition sponsored by HMC, and just recently I was informed by AuthorsdB that I had achieved acclaim as 1 of top 50 most popular authors out of 1100+

Author Tom Ufert Regionally I've had 4 book signings (2 at Barnes & Noble) with each donating a percentage of proceeds to local AIDs charities in Dallas & Ft.WORTH, Texas as well as Tulsa, OK. Next month I will be doing 2 more book signings in my hometown - Shreveport, Louisiana raising money for another local Aids charity and the college chapter of Literacy Volunteers at my alma mater Centenary College.

Shah Fazli Why not, you are a wonderful author, what everyone loves about your writing Tom, is it that what we all love about you, or anything different?

Author Tom Ufert I feel pretty sure that what people like most is despite the life altering adversities I've faced...I NEVER SURRENDER(my life's theme). As for the writing...it's brutally honest and at times self-deprecating but always humbly aware of my good fortune thanks to God and the wonderful people I've been blessed to have in my life.

Shah Fazli Thank you, now tell us a little about Adversity Builds Character, something you have never said about it in other interviews, something new, please?

Author Tom Ufert Well..that's a tough one because I'm pretty forthcoming about it all. I would have to say that Adversity Builds Character definitely fits the old adage, "write what you know." Everything I write in the book happened as I've written it...there's no "sugar coating" and it all seems to be quite contemporary. From my experiences as a child being "sexually molested" by a trusted family male friend, to my constant struggle w/sexual identity while trying to stay "closeted" hoping to protect my promising career aspirations as a rising young Republican political star, to the anguish of watching the physical deterioration of my mother from MS and her eventual death in a mercy-killing suicide event...all of it plays into issues that society is dealing with as a whole.

Shah Fazli Thank you, what is the saddest part in your book, you think, or others think, and what makes it so sad?

Aileen Aroma Hello everyone, sorry Im late. Im here to support Tom

Author Tom Ufert There is no question...Chapter 9 "Good Bye Mom". It took me several years and much soul searching/self-reflection to put that chapter down on paper. It is, I think the most descriptive, and certainly the most heart wrenching. I've relived and replayed that entire episode every day of my life since 1985 when it happened 2 days after Mother's Day. Yet it is the most inspiring for me because my mom's act of desperation in the face of seemingly utter hopelessness is what keeps me fighting on...to NEVER SURRENDER. It is the driving spirit of the book, my life, and what I want most to pass on to others to inspire them to never give up.

Shah Fazli Thanks, now tell us about one or two more scenes in the book, are there any happy stories as well, tell us about one if yes please?

Author Tom Ufert Oh, and as far as others thoughts...the narrator of my audiobook, John Esposito, was so moved he had tore-record that section several times without crying...he really brought it tolife.

Shah Fazli Thank you Tom, I leave the conversation now, leaving it to others if they want to ask, for a few minutes, please ask everyone here if you have any question.

Aileen Aroma Hi Tom

Tricia Drammeh Shah, you're questions were wonderful and I can't think of anything else to ask, but I do want to tell Tom that he is such an inspirational person and that I admire him.

Aileen Aroma I just want to ask you one question... Tom, Have you always been this nice?

Author Tom Ufert Definitely Shah...I speak about the time when I was 13 and found my "happy place" on my adopted grandparent's farm in Erie, PA. IT REMAINS MY REFUGE IN TOUGH TIMES...we all have a "happy place" that keeps out the dark and dreary world. The last chapter where I describe the ultimate accomplishment after so many years of having to rely on others to live my life. "My New Life...What A View" relays how magnificent it was to be living on my own without depending on anyone to take care of me. However, here's a teaser...that's where the sequel will pick up and show that we all fall back down in our lives...It's getting back up that is the victory of the human spirit!

Author Tom Ufert Wow, Aileen and Tricia...you're the best supporters...THANKS FOR COMING.

Author Tom Ufert Please ask me anything...that's what we're here for.

Shah Fazli Aileen Aroma asked if you are always this nice?

Catherine Mahoney Definitely, have to recharge and think in a positive frame of mind to be a fighter and enjoy a new day

Author Tom Ufert Aileen...I honestly have to say NO. I've always thought of myself as a pretty good person, but to be honest, my ego and self-diiusional quest for political notoriety have gotten the best of me. Furthermore, my addictions to alcohol/drugs/ and sex made do things I'm not proud of and take me to a very dark place where I didn't even recognize myself in the mirror. MY ADVERSITIES HAVE MADE ME A BETTER HUMAN BEING and certainly more honest & charitable.

Catherine Mahoney I realized that too, more darkness we experienced the more the ego is shed and we come to see our true selves, and that part wants to be more in the light and transformed into a nicer person.

Aileen Aroma Thank You so much for being so honest Tom! You are truly inspirational. I could learn something from you

Author Tom Ufert Catherine that is right on target...In 1992 I was diagnosed MS, had an incomplete spinal fracture from a near fatal car accident, and was diagnosed HIV+ ALL W/IN 3 MONTHS! My positive attitude, my faith in God and the support of others in my life kept me from a caustic life of total depression.

Catherine Mahoney I understand from experience, not like yours, but dark, and pity only hurts the heart, mind and soul, so we have to fight and change our thoughts and look at it not as a burden but a gift to go inside ourselves and discover hidden potentials and gifts.

Author Tom Ufert I believe it was Nietzche who wrote, "only when a man stares alone looking at his reflection in the dark abyss, does he find his true character."

Catherine Mahoney Wow that is inspirational, so sharing that, thank you learn something new every day.

Aileen Aroma Not a lot people would transform into a nice person with all the experiences you have had to face. You should be very proud of the person you have become and be honored for those you are helping now

Shah Fazli http://shahsightshop.blogspot.de/search?q=adversity+Thanks everyone for taking part. The interview is open for as long as there are questions and comments, and for as long as Tom is happy to answer.

ShahSight Literary Book Shop: Search results for adversityshahsightshop.blogspot.com

Catherine Mahoney I lost track of time, Tom would you like to continue or conclude your interview?

Author Tom Ufert Catherine I can honestly say that because I've been on "both sides of the fence" --- feeding/taking care of my mom when I was 10 and then being fed and having someone else lift me, clothe me, clean me up after "accidents"...certainly gave me a different perspective. My book stresses 2 major points...1, anyone's life can change in a split second and 2, miracles happen every day if we only take the time tonotice.

Author Tom Ufert Aileen I am...and so very loudly in the book.

Catherine Mahoney literature is a valuable tool to enrich one mind, with stories, lessons and transformation, Tom I would declare your story is of transformation

Author Tom Ufert We all, at some time must realize, we're all connected and we all need each other. Where do we want to be when our world collapses around us...all alone, or in the warm comforting/loving embrace of others saying "IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY."

Catherine Mahoney So true, a warm body and reassures is what we come into the world for,

Catherine Mahoney a unity of love and sharing

Author Tom Ufert I have no plans except this wonderful exchange of ideas. I'm here as long as anyone wants to be.

Catherine Mahoney I have another engagement, but it has definitely been a pleasure, and I will get back to you with a review in next day or so. Good night all

Author Tom Ufert My new blog sight, "Where Is John Doe?" attempts to draw out of obscurity those acts of human kindness that are so often overlooked or never even mentioned, so as to give proof that the human species is still capable of extraordinary things...in God's image as we so often strive to be.

Author Tom Ufert I can't thank Catherine Mahoney enough for all the support work she's done preping for this event. Furthermore, Shah Fazli has always been an outstanding supporter and good friend in helping me get my story out. People like Aileen & Tricia give me great hope and inspire me to keep "rolling on!" Furthermore, major shout outs need to be given to Ron Comstock (my friend/photographer/cover designer), Matthew Q. Dawson (a friend/mentor) & his incredible team at Author Solutions...not to mention my life partner and love of my life, Lester VanHuss. All of them have really helped support me in y endeavors!!!

Author Tom Ufert Well I guess that's it...THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support and friendship. Shah THANK YOU MY GOOD FRIEND FOR THIS WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY! I wish you all peace, prosperity, happiness and divine blessings all the days of your lives.

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