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Linna Drehmel

Shah Fazli
Linna Drehmel, Welcome to our live Spotlight event, and thanks for coming here tonight, we have interviewed a few horror authors in the last few days and they all had their own stories and also reasons to write horror, everyone of them shared their real life experiences and also the stories they had written under different titles to make their readers find themselves in their world of horror, can you please share a little bit of yourself, we all know you are also one of those talented authors, what can you tell us tonight, please? 

Tricia Drammeh Of all your books, which is your favorite?

Linna Drehmel Out of my books? Oh my! Book two of the H.E.A.R.T. Saga : The Choice, is a favorite. It was very intense writing it. I also am rather fond of Runes In Time, there is one I wrote under another pen name called The Touch, I am working on a book right now called When You Fall that has just taken over my mind! Goodness I just love writing. I know this may sound arrogant but I love my work!

Tricia Drammeh It's not arrogant. If you're not proud of your work, you shouldn't publish it. I'm glad you love your work.

Tricia Drammeh Is there a particular scene you'd like to share (either an excerpt or summary)?

Linna Drehmel From which book? I would love to share anything!

Tricia Drammeh Your choice. How about The Choice?

Linna Drehmel I would love to!

Tricia Drammeh Also, Linna, do you have a website or blog?

Linna Drehmel “I do not know how much of this your small human brain can take before it does permanent damage. At this point in my plan you are no good to me dead or mind wiped. If you will not serve me like I ask, I can just let the pain take your mind then your life and I will call another to lead the HEART’s children back to me. Maybe it will be your bonded friend TynLexa, I may still be able to reach her mind because she once wore a control collar.”

Linna Drehmel Web site:
Linna Drehmel
The website for the author Linna Drehmel. This site shows the books and stories she has written, published and is currently working on. She also speaks of the things that inspires her work.

Linna Drehmel Blog:


Tricia Drammeh What do you do to promote and market your work?

Linna Drehmel I have joined many facebook groups so I will post links in all of my groups, I have an author page and my own fan group and I post in there too. I post links on twitter, and tumblr. I will write blog posts to promote. My good friend and writing mentor Lindsay Downs told me never to pass up an chance to promote myself in person so I also have business cards with my books and links that I hand out. And I simply talk about my work all the time! I had a fan come to me once and tell me that they love how I live and breathe my work and how I am not shy with talking about it. I think also a big thing in promoting is building up a reputation. You can post all the links you want but what good does it do if no one listens to you?

Tricia Drammeh That's wonderful. I know how hard it can be to get attention for your work when there are so many books out there. Which brings me to the next question... How important do you think it is for new writers to get feedback before publishing, and do you have beta readers review your work before submitting?

Linna Drehmel It is always good to get a fresh perspective on your work. As the author you live the story and you know very clearly where things are going but is it clear to the reader? This is were it is good to have a beta reader or two that you can trust to lay it out for you. I have a few. I have one British gentleman that is progressively reading my work in progress When You Fall. I send him five chapters at a time. He gives me his thoughts. I also have a lady in the States who beta reads for me as well as does a proof reading making little corrections here and there for me.

Tricia Drammeh I agree. I use several betas. Has all your work been published through the same publisher, or have you used different publishers?

Joseph Gelinas Linna Drehmel is there any books you look forward to reading?

Linna Drehmel All of my work is published through Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. I am very happy with them and I just cannot foresee ever wanting to take my work anywhere else. There is such a feeling of family with them as well as a high level of professionalism.

Linna Drehmel Many! I want to read the second book in Madison Daniels Ember series. I have a long list of Rue Volley books, I also know that Tad Williams has a new book coming out soon. I always love reading Poe and Oscar Wilde. *sigh* So many lovely books so little time!

Tricia Drammeh What is your writing process? Are you a plotter or a pantser?'

Linna Drehmel <----is a="" am="" and="" back="" br="" building="" characters="" charts="" culture="" docs.="" goal="" haha="" have="" i="" if="" new="" on="" outlines="" plotter="" profiles="" research="" stories="" the="" word="" world.="">

Tricia Drammeh I have spreadsheets. LOL But, I'm not a plotter. I outline AFTER I write each chapter just so I can keep up with what's going on. Do you write every day? Is there a schedule you adhere to?

Linna Drehmel I write every night. Sometimes it is only a few hours sometimes I am still going when the sun is coming up! I just cannot write in the day time, too many distractions.

Tricia Drammeh Do you ever suffer from writer's block, and if so, how do you overcome it?

Linna Drehmel I have never suffered from that! I have the opposite problem. The ideas come so fast I have a hard time keeping up!

Tricia Drammeh That's a good thing. Writer's block can be very frustrating. Have you been writing since you were a child, or was there a certain trigger that kicked off your writing career?

Linna Drehmel I have always made up wild stories and wrote them down but It was about 4 or 5 years ago when I started to take it seriously.

Tricia Drammeh What projects are you currently working on? What's the next book pending publication?

Linna Drehmel I have a story in Dark Light 3 called The Machine that is very much a SciFi horror. I am working on a book called When You Fall. I think it is more deep SciFi but I am only half way done with it. When You Fall was inspired by two William Control songs and by Ashestoangels. I got this wild idea to turn the members of Ashestoangels into the characters. I asked the band members about it and they were very excited to be in my book. The lead singer/ song writer Adam Crilly has even given me permission to quote lyrics from one of their songs 'Wintervention' "Truth is you're never more alive than in the moments WHEN YOU FALL." of course that is where the title of the book comes from as well. I am also working with the lovely Rue Volley already on the cover for it and it will have a photo of Adam Crillly on it. This book has captured me so completely. I have made some really wonderful friends because of it I have a special tattoo on the inside of my right arm to symbolize how much I love the book I am writing, the song and honoring the musicians who inspired it.

Tricia Drammeh That sounds like an amazing project. I can see how important music is in your work and in your life. Do you sing or play an instrument? Or write songs?

Linna Drehmel None of the above! Nevertheless music is like air to me. I have to have air to breathe and I have to have music. Music is like a friend that will never leave me and does not judge. Always there inspiring me. My good buddy Madison Daniel has said, "Music is life and the written word is our soul." Such wise words!

Tricia Drammeh Which character was the most difficult to write? Why?

Linna Drehmel *sorry for the spoiler* at the end of book two The Choice there is a new computer personality called The Pulse. He was rather hard to write. The two other computer personalities were rather well developed and almost human like so they were not as hard but trying to write a character that is not human and almost like an infant was a real challenge.

Tricia Drammeh Have you ever scared yourself with a spooky scene or cried during an emotional scene you've written?

Linna Drehmel Scared myself nope, cried...OH YES! I loved my character Fredrik from the H.E.A.R.T. saga so much, it just broke my heart to torment him

Tricia Drammeh How do you reward yourself when you finish writing a book? Do you dive right into the next one, or do you celebrate a job well done?

Linna Drehmel I celebrate a little by having a sweet treat. But I also dive right into the next project.

Tricia Drammeh As we approach the end of our schedule interview time, does anyone have any questions for Linna? Comments?

Linna Drehmel Come on I dare you!

Tricia Drammeh Joseph Gelinas, did you have any more questions for Linna?

Catherine Mahoney they are not as brave as others fighting the creatures of the night. Will you or do you plan to have any future events or promotions to bring your books to more readers?

Catherine Mahoney have you thought to go on blog radio shows and such?

Linna Drehmel I go to as many conventions as I can. I am also headed to London in June on a special promoting project for my publishing company, in an effort to gain more attention of the UK market.

Linna Drehmel I love going on blog radio shows! They are such fun! I have done a few. I have been on Char Hardin's show a few times.

Joseph Gelinas Very cool

Catherine Mahoney

Char Hardin (Author page)
I'm a open book. Ask me anything.
Page: 394 like this.

Linna Drehmel That's her!

Joseph Gelinas One of our Judges

Catherine Mahoney So Joseph and Tricia is it time to break Linna free from the creatures and let her come back to the earthly realm and outside these four walls, and say Good Night or Good Day to her? It was a pleasure that was for sure. I think I might be shopping for some books.

Linna Drehmel Thank you for having me. This was great fun in spite of my internet problems.

Joseph Gelinas Thank you Linna Drehmel I wish you good luck in the Event

Tricia Drammeh Linna, it was a pleasure talking to you. Thank you Joseph, Shah, and Catherine

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