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Barbara Silkstone

Catherine Mahoney
Shah Fazli may be having internet issues, not sure if he will be able to interview. I am waiting for Tricia, maybe to appear. Barbara and guests should we continue with me a naive interviewer or reschedule for another day? I am here and interested as the guests are to hear about your latest release

Barbara Silkstone Yes... I understand he is having problems. I'm here in Florida... ready to chat if you'd like to continue.

Catherine Mahoney Okay I am here and we can continue, Barbara if you like. I know your guests and fans would be interested to hear about your latest release. It seems to be a witty and a pirate's adventure of trouble?

Barbara Silkstone That would be Wendy and the Lost Boys. That's not the most recent but it is the first in the Wendy Darlin series. Her ex-husband has a financial melt-down and turns into a wacky pirate to get even with the man who took him down. It's actually a comedy.

Catherine Mahoney So this is book one of two books in a series. Sweet comedy, need more stories like that. Where did you get the inspiration for this story?

Barbara Silkstone London Broil is the second book in the series. Wendy and her archaeologist boyfriend complete their hunt for the 13th Lost Boy. This time the icon is hidden somewhere in London. The third book ...coming out in late July... last Wendy and Roger on a tomb hunt in Cairo. More comedy.

Catherine Mahoney Exotic locations, that is a compelling setting, did you travel to these locations to write the setting?

Catherine Mahoney Also it seems you like to take the readers on adventures to solve clues? awesome, now I am intrigued to find out more.

Barbara Silkstone The first book takes place on a super yacht in the Mediterranean. I wish I was there. London Broil takes place in ... London. I love England and have spent tons of time there.

Barbara Silkstone Cairo... I wish I could visit but not right now. And yes... it is always a treasure hunt with over-the-top bad guys, mobsters, and pirates.

Catherine Mahoney I see the two came out on earlier in the year, are you planning to do a promotion or a trivia event, to bring attention to your stories?

Catherine Mahoney What was you favorite tourist sire in London? when did you visit England, and do you have family there?

Barbara Silkstone I will be publishing Cairo Caper in late July. Then I will promote all three books. The series will keep on running as Wendy has lots of "legs."

Catherine Mahoney That is great, it seems to be material to be completed as a play or theatre production, any plans to do so?

Barbara Silkstone I used to spend my summers there. All by myself. I would wander around muttering in my make-believe British accent pretending to be a Brit. I love Upper Slaughter in the Cotswolds.

Barbara Silkstone Wendy would lend herself to a perfect movie for perhaps Uma Thurman or Cameron Diaz. There is lots of physical comedy in the books.

Catherine Mahoney A creative mind is always talking to themselves, and able to develop stories like yours, kudos to you. I see you have many books at Amazon, what made you start to write, and is it a passion?

Barbara Silkstone Talking to myself...ah yes. I have been close to trouble for that more than once. Writing is my passion. I think I really determined to write when my 6th grade nun told me to stop. "No" can be a very inspiring word.

Catherine Mahoney All your rating are high, do you a fan club, or a blog, where readers can find out more about Wendy and the Lost Boys? and your other works?

Catherine Mahoney haha, so you are a rebellious student and writer, you own woman, kudos again. Would you like to post an excerpt to your book you are promoting tonight?

Barbara Silkstone Probably the best place to check me out... as you can't see me in my apartment is on Amazon. My Author's page. It has links to all my books. BTW, they are all coming out on That's great fun...hearing your words spoken by a professional actress.

Catherine Mahoney Wow, you have a free audio, the link is in my blog, but if you could post it here, and if there is anyone out there who like to ask Barbara questions, please jump in,

Barbara Silkstone I can do Alice in Wonderland. This is a scene toward the end where much like in the original Lewis Carroll Alice, she must defend herself in a kangaroo court. She's nervous and has no clear understanding of how the courtroom works. She's also very clumsy. Here we go:

Catherine Mahoney great loved Alice in Wonderland,

Barbara Silkstone 9:00 a.m. A bell rang and Leslie moved to his seat. The bailiff called the Court to order and the judge entered. We all stood.
The judge was female, about fifty-five, with a stubby body. She wore a long white wig like the judge in Alice in Wonderland. Bum luck pulling a lady-judge. I’ve learned that women are usually less compassionate with other women. She wasn’t going to be sympathetic to my flights of fancy. The worst part was she was probably in Leslie’s pocket.
As I slipped into position at our table my straight skirt rose up my legs. I tugged at the hem catching my bracelet on my pantyhose at mid-thigh. I struggled to free the gold links from the tougher than steel fibers of my run-resistant hose. My every movement succeeded in tangling me with myself. My right wrist felt permanently attached to my right thigh eight inches short of being obscene.
As the true horror of my situation sank into my brain, I watched the lawyers take turns going up to the podium to announce their names and whom they represented. Dallas Little was attorney for Leslie Archer. Glick waddled up to the stand, “George Blackstone Glick for the plaintiff, Algernon Green” he said in a big, booming voice.
“And for the Defense?” the judge asked.
I was sweating. I couldn’t stay in my seat. You had to walk up and announce yourself. I edged out of the chair bent over, hobbling, wrist on thigh, and skirt way up where it shouldn’t have been. I tried to act as professional as I could under the circumstances. I flashed the judge a self-deprecating smile.
“Alice Harte. I am here today in my own defense, Your Honor. I am pro se.” I couldn’t reach the microphone on the podium, so I spoke as loudly as I could considering my face was on my stomach.
The courtroom was silent; you could have heard a lawyer drop.
The judge looked flabbergasted. “Are you mocking me?” she snapped.
“Your Honor I have a problem. May I go behind the bench?”
“The correct terminology is ‘May I approach the bench?’”
I hunched forward, pigeon stepping toward her. There were twitters of laughter in the courtroom. The judge banged her gavel. “Silence. Ms. Harte if you are attempting to make a mockery of this court, I will not take it lightly. Now straighten up.”
The judge’s bench was a good three feet taller than my head. I waddled as close as I could and mouthed the words ‘Panty hose are stuck.’ She didn’t get it.
I figured if I could get behind the judicial platform I could take off my panty hose and roll them up with the bracelet and be done with it. The bailiff was one step behind me as I slipped around the bench and under the judge’s chair. I guessed he’d never seen anyone act that way in court before because he stood there dumbstruck and then broke into gales of laughter. The spectators joined him. The noise was so loud the judge’s gavel-banging couldn’t be heard. It was twenty minutes before they all got quiet and I felt secure enough to walk out from under the judge’s chair. I did so with all the dignity I could muster. I pretended I was Joan of Arc going to the stake.

Mary Endersbe Hey, Barb! I have always wondered how long it took you to write Wendy. There are so many little hidden gems and connections to the original fairy tale. Pure genius!

Barbara Silkstone Mary, Thank you. Those hidden gems are what sometimes take time. Wendy took about 8 months. Alice took years. Your first child always takes longer.

Barbara Silkstone Here's my Amazon page link for anyone interested. It will take you to all my books.Barbara Silkstone’s Amazon Author’s page Barbara Silkstone: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks,
Visit's Barbara Silkstone Page and shop for all Barbara Silkstone boo...See more

Barbara Silkstone Cairo Caper includes one of my wackiest inventions or hidden gems yet... "cam-a-poo."

Mary Endersbe I loved your reader for the audiobook of Wendy. Do you have an Alice audiobook out? And if so, is it the same reader? She was hilarious!

Barbara Silkstone Thank you. Nicole Colburn is great. I loved hearing her act my words. She is the narrator on London Broil and will be the actor on Cairo Caper. I have a different actress for Zo White and the Seven Morphs. She has a delightful "cartoony" voice. And an excellent reader for The Adventure of a Love Investigator and Cold Case Morphs. They are all in process. Some two should be out this coming month.

Barbara Silkstone Alice has a different narrator. She has captured Nigel Channing to a "t".

Catherine Mahoney The readers can purchase the books and audio tapes at the same place, Amazon, or not?

Mary Endersbe Haha! Nigel cracks me up! Have you ever thought about revisiting Wendy?

Barbara Silkstone Catherine, Yes they can purchase at Amazon.

Barbara Silkstone Mary, you mean Alice. Nigel is very funny. The man couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it. And yet, he was such a charming Brit everyone believed him.

Barbara Silkstone I haven't thought about revisiting Alice as I realized how much mischief Wendy could get into. I thought I'd run with her.

Mary Endersbe Oops, yes, Alice!

Barbara Silkstone I know... I get the girls mixed up at times. The only constant is Kit. He's in all their lives.

Catherine Mahoney You live in Florida, what a wonderful state, alligators, beaches and such, do you have a favorite writing location, a get away to think of these creative witty stories?

Barbara Silkstone I just lock myself in my apartment. It overlooks a little lake. Nice and quiet.

Barbara Silkstone Sometimes I think I'd like to live in Scotland. It is sooo beautiful. Then it drops below 50 degrees here and I change my mind.

Catherine Mahoney Sweet, it seems you have written for many years, what was your first story and where did the inspiration come from?

Catherine Mahoney Scotland gets cold at times, do you have plans to go overseas again?

Barbara Silkstone I originally wrote horror. But then life got in the way. Then I started Alice which took me along time to write. I wrote a school newspaper in Catholic School. It was underground. The nun found out and sat on my paper. Literally. I had to beg for it. She smacked me with a ruler. That really inspired me to go for it.

Catherine Mahoney You love fried chicken and skydiving, adventurous, planning any other sporting events in the present future? does your activities dire your muse to want to write?

Barbara Silkstone I will go overseas again. Maybe when Cairo Caper is a best seller I will celebrate by visiting Scotland again.

Barbara Silkstone I recently broke some vertebra in my back. So... I'm cooling my jets right now.

Barbara Silkstone The silly things that happen to me in my real life are my muse.

Catherine Mahoney Do you plan to create a book with characters and post pictures in them too? Oh I know that feeling, need to take it easy. Therapy and stretching later on.

Catherine Mahoney So you see the humour in everything, that is good, smiles, and everyone smiles with you.

Barbara Silkstone Nothing more frustrating than having a story to tell, time needed at the computer, and you can't sit for long.

Barbara Silkstone Catherine, I do truly think life is a practical joke. We won't get the punch line until we die. It's waiting for us in heaven. A big laugh.

Catherine Mahoney Defiance was your flame that ignited your writing, congrats for being a daring creative artist. Maybe you can use a tape recorder or soft ware program to transcribe in?

Catherine Mahoney I am glad that you are strong, I believe as others do, that life is a game and we are the pawns, depends upon our beliefs and actions, what path we choose.

Barbara Silkstone I'm thinking about the tape recorder. And yes.. there is nothing that lights my fire like someone saying you can't do that.

Barbara Silkstone Life is not to be taken seriously. It's just too silly. No matter how painful we are going to laugh at the end.

Catherine Mahoney So challenge yourself, or Mary we will, take your next story and speak into a tape recorder and have it transcribe, it is a therpay goal. You will heal faster, I believe

Barbara Silkstone I might just try that. Thanks!

Catherine Mahoney I am too adult to challenge you, not, we would like to see more of your amazing stories come to life.

Barbara Silkstone Thank you. I will keep you posted. I know Fedora Fingermann from Cold Case Morphs is working on another case right now. So stay tuned.

Catherine Mahoney I love this editorial remark: Silkstone’s writing has been described as “perfectly paced and pitched – shades of Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiaasen – without seeming remotely derivative. Fast moving action that shoots from the hip with bullet-proof characterization.” about your stories.

Mary Endersbe I'm with Catherine on that! If you need someone to transcribe a tape, I think I can help you out!

Barbara Silkstone Thank you. That is a wonderful compliment. The highest compliments are from readers who are going through a bad time. They tell me my books helped them laugh through the pain. I love that. It validates me.

Barbara Silkstone Mary, Thank you!

Catherine Mahoney Sounds wonderbar, Barbara do you want to conclude or give me excerpts since you are healing. See i am psychic I thought Mary would come to the rescue. I did transcription along time ago, definitely a challange.

Catherine Mahoney Yes those are the best stories, it is like packing a suitcase or calogone take me alone time away, lol

Barbara Silkstone Catherine, Mary, thank you. I think we can conclude now. I'm so sorry Shah's internet was not working. We have to get him better service. Have a wonderful evening. This has been great.

Barbara Silkstone Calgone .. sounds good.

Catherine Mahoney We can reschedule another event after Mary transcribes your next best seller, and you are in better health. We are sending positive light, energies and healing towards you for a quick recovery. Thank you for sharing your witty stories and I do reviews if you are looking for any.

Barbara Silkstone

Catherine Mahoney I will let him know that you missed him here tonight. It was a pleasure and thank you Mary as the blogger was being a bratty child tonight, for coming to the rescue.

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